Emerging with gratitude


Numinosity Mandala – Cristina McAllister

Tuesday 19
Chiron direct
7:07am CST, USA

Thursday 21
Sun into Sagittarius
9:48pm CST, USA

Weird 24 hours.
Full Moon and Mars over my natal Virgo stellium: Sun/Ura/Plu is working a charm.
Transit illustration for you… 

The 25 degree Full Toro Moon fell in my 4th (home, family) in Toro trine my natal Uranus.  I got a call (Uranus, surprise) my brother (Mercury rules oldest sibling) was injured in the thigh by an arrow (Mars rules blades, arrows, accidents) while hunting (Jupiter rules hunting, thighs).

Transit Uranus is in my 3rd (rules siblings) trine my natal Mars (men, accidents) in the house of Sagittarius (hunting, also luck, benevolent) which in turn is quintile (the uncommon, blessed) my natal Uranus in Mercury ruled Virgo (oldest bro).  He was lucky the arrow didn’t hit any major arteries.  He is okay, will improve after plenty of rest.

I was going off to see him this am, (he was airlifted [Uranus] to a hospital near me) but there were tornado warnings (Uranus) all over my state, sirens going off, herding cats to safety, just nutty/weird.

In my brother’s chart Full Toro Moon opposed his natal Chiron, squared (obstacle) his natal Mars Rx (accidents). Transit Uranus Rx is applying to his natal Sun which squares his Jupiter in Sagittarius (hunting).  

Chiron is about to go direct on his natal Mercury, the trickster.  He was hunting on a bum knee, which was not such a good idea.

His (over) eager enthusiasm to explore Jupiter is Rx as of November 7, will most definitely be turning inward rather than outward (retrograde highlights inward focus) for the rest of hunting season.

Also of note: Mars is sextile Jupiter, aka an opportunity to merge the energies, a chance for success.

Our family (Jupiter is in Cancer, family) is grateful (Jupiter rules) he is okay.

Yet another weird thing. 
My TV wouldn’t work no matter how I tried earlier today, and I did try all sorts of things for about a good 45 minutes. 
Storms over, bro got home okay – it started right up. 
Mars has yet to cross my stellium.
I may wear a helmet.