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stardust horizon fireHorizon Fire

Sunday 17
Full Moon 25 degrees Taurus
10:16am CST, USA

Virgo going going gone ! 
Mars approaches my natal Pluto/Ura/29 Sun stellium + I am TOTALLY Virgo-ing out.

Yes this is a primo Full Toro Moon and with apologies for the slowing in posts, I am working out the kinks at home. I am having my family over for the grateful day for the first time in 10 years, cleaning like a fiend, a bazillion and one things to do.  Moon passed my natal Toro moon, and grows to full in my 4th aka house of home trine plenty of neat freak in 9Digging in + powered by 3 extended version director’s cuts of LotR of course.  I am soon off to drag in some wood in for TTT while I string up lights & some Star Trek ships.  YaY !

Sun is in Scorpio opposing Toro Full Moon – check where these signs land in your chart and apply the principle of balance between the house of desire (Scorpio) and the house of have (Taurus). Houses here.

Also of most fantastical groovy note is >>>>

Capricorn Pluto conjunct Venus and asteroid TARDIS time/love & regeneration.

Forgemaster Hephaestus is conjunct Chiron as it goes direct in Pisces – craftsmanship, skill in re-creating your fulcrum – that which delineates hurt from health.  Being versatile – in both communication and learning leads to understanding and balance between differing points of view.

Happy full moon all, I am off, but not before popping in this groovy tracking map of comet ISON.  Here.  Check it out – is wicked cool !  Also see pic in my twitter feed, plus star chart here for skygawkers.

may the force be with you

3 thoughts on “home, heart & hearth

  1. Great post!

    The Full Moon in Taurus will illuminate the 11th house of my natal chart.

    The 11th house is the “key” to manifestation, so I could definitely use a dramatic shift of fortune to expand my life situations to bring in — an abundance of new resources, people, money, and luck!


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