Revolve, Evolve

imageWild Wood Tarot

Question: What would animals of the world like to tell humans so that we may collectively move into our highest most benevolent outcome ?

Answer: Time to make decisions & choose priorities.  New challenges means developing new tools, ways of thinking that suit the new sitch.

Bows wear out, arrows warp over time changing their accuracy.
They are no longer true.
Note Leo Jupiter T-Square focal point with Taurus Full Moon – Sun opposition.

Have faith in the next step – shared power & respect for all life.

Make it so.

peace out
Gneiss Moon

Whisperings in the Wood

FullSizeRender 13Dark Goddess Tarot

Full Moon incoming in Taurus opposing Venus/Sun.
This card popped up when I asked what the Goddess (Venus) would have us know that we cannot see.  I asked for a card to enlighten us all.

Baba Yaga IX (Hermit)
Russian Witch of the Wood

Baba yaga has boney legs, iron teeth, a large distinctive nose and a house that follows her wherever she goes.
Sounds very Moonish/Cancerish yes ?  A shell of golden mean insights await us with this lunation, dive into the well of Venusian navel gazing.  (Venus rules the navel.)

As the Uranus Pluto square increases we are indeed called to re-examine bonds and contracts we make/made with others and also ourselves.  Wise council is indicated – be with your own power – the knowledge and wisdom that is your path alone.

Distractions and challenges are full of rewards for experience brings wisdom.
Trust your own momentum, Saturn need not bring stagnation but instead count on focus and determination.

Virtue, honesty and integrity are forest wild, the pure laws of Mother Nature rule here.  She is the wisest old crone of them all.

Follow your hearts intuition over authoritative dictates.
Show respect to the ancients (storm/mountains/stream/fire) and they will assist you in your journey.  Offerings to trees and wood are beneficial at this time.  Listen to the wind whispering through the trees…you will find your answer there.

peace & love
Gneiss Moon

Gold Vein

Kate Balay olive fairy book Kate Baylay – Olive fairy book

Full Moon 14 Taurus
Thursday November 6
4:23pm Chicago
Click here for calendar

Full Taurus Moon is heading into negotiations with Sun, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio. Peace talks, awareness and yes, often someone on the other end of the wheel poking you repeatedly with the aggravation stick.

Mars is applying within 3 degrees of Pluto at Full Moon while Venus is in Scorpio.  Desires take the head – front and center.  Desire to join resources/power boost.  Ownership of stuff, shared stuff, power struggles over all.

Sensuality, creativity is lively & peppered with flair and drama as the luminaries square Jupiter in Leo.  

see me See Me SEE ME Jupiter in Leo is the Lunar obstacles Gold Vein to Go For – the inner frustration/faith that will lead to the most personal emotional growth.

Leo house boosts willpower, inspired by creative self-expression.
How, What, Why and Who do you love ?  Desire ?  Venus on the barrel head.

Your Taurus house is getting the insight of a Full MoOon very soon.
Messages straight from the Power Octaves – Mars & Pluto.
Heads UP

Gneiss Moon

home, heart & hearth


stardust horizon fireHorizon Fire

Sunday 17
Full Moon 25 degrees Taurus
10:16am CST, USA

Virgo going going gone ! 
Mars approaches my natal Pluto/Ura/29 Sun stellium + I am TOTALLY Virgo-ing out.

Yes this is a primo Full Toro Moon and with apologies for the slowing in posts, I am working out the kinks at home. I am having my family over for the grateful day for the first time in 10 years, cleaning like a fiend, a bazillion and one things to do.  Moon passed my natal Toro moon, and grows to full in my 4th aka house of home trine plenty of neat freak in 9Digging in + powered by 3 extended version director’s cuts of LotR of course.  I am soon off to drag in some wood in for TTT while I string up lights & some Star Trek ships.  YaY !

Sun is in Scorpio opposing Toro Full Moon – check where these signs land in your chart and apply the principle of balance between the house of desire (Scorpio) and the house of have (Taurus). Houses here.

Also of most fantastical groovy note is >>>>

Capricorn Pluto conjunct Venus and asteroid TARDIS time/love & regeneration.

Forgemaster Hephaestus is conjunct Chiron as it goes direct in Pisces – craftsmanship, skill in re-creating your fulcrum – that which delineates hurt from health.  Being versatile – in both communication and learning leads to understanding and balance between differing points of view.

Happy full moon all, I am off, but not before popping in this groovy tracking map of comet ISON.  Here.  Check it out – is wicked cool !  Also see pic in my twitter feed, plus star chart here for skygawkers.

may the force be with you

Evolve into love

Full Moon in Taurus 6 degrees
Monday 29 2:49pm CST, USA

We are almost Fully Looney, people ! 
Or are some of us already there and then some ?!

Full Toro Moon is for HOooOowling – Toro rules the throat – so let’er RIP !

Hallelujah Venus off my late 9th house Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto stellium and bunglefuq progs: Virgo Venus / Uranus [exact] with a sidekick of Pluto [opposite transit Uranus on prog Saturn – which squares prog Mars in Cap to which Pluto is applying].

Recently visited my mother…guess what happens when you put two stressed out Plutonics in the same room. 

OoOoh waitress ? wtf is my Xanex horse tranq ?!

I spent the morning in tears, Virgo processing events of late.

Chrysalis stage anyone ? – deceptively silent – behind the curtain: atomic meltdown.
Shifting / grinding brain gears – BIGTIME unavoidable mental metamorphosis – didn’t realize I was holding my breath until it passed – then WHAM release.

Mars opposite Jupiter Rx – both in AIR – brought internet sparring over some idiotic Doctor Who cartoon that implied the companions were common carbon copies of one another – interchangeable arm candy.  Yet another slight to all women everywhere.
Hey, smack it up on my page – fair game – If I disagree, you’ll know it.  If I agree you will also know it.  I may be blunt – but I am honest.

Show ain’t over yet – Full Toro Moon is in my lunar house (opposite my natal Neptune) with SuperMoon eclipse to follow Nov 13 ON my Neptuner.

This is my NINE year – culmination – solar return is Cardinal heavy, North Node of Destiny smack on ASC with Pluto as focal planet of a T-Square with Sun opposite Uranus.
Lock and Load Baby – this is dead straight on shakedown street. 
I suspect many of you are feeling the CHRYSALIS POWER SURGES as well, yes ?
Do tell…I would love to hear your experience of Uranus square Pluto thus far… 

I apologize for sliding into astro home plate in the bottom of the 9th – been a bit busy – but now I’m back in the game !

Venus into Libra

Sunday 28
8:04am CST, USA

Ahhh…a light fluffy frothy Venus whipped into a perfect curly Q with sprinkles.
* Lovely ! *
Sweets, scents, art, beauty, friendliness, charm and diplomacy all sit sweetly in the
Libran parlor.

Venus loves to freely flit and flirt in this intellectual, communicative AIR sign, her home – she rules this house beautiful.  She is polite, polished, matchie- smatchie, and wants you the same.  Her sense and sensibilities will suffer greatly if a fugly shoddy – or horrors !  outdated ensemble should stumble across the doorstep on date night. 

She is bubbly, outgoing and honestly enjoys the company of others – the exchange of ideas and concepts revolving around art, social equality and how to balance and beautify everything is a sure-fire win.  She is in love with love, romance is key as is being thoughtful and considerate.

Librans can be incredibly indecisive – fair warning – they often like you to choose dinner and arrange plans so they won’t have to fret over it.  I had a Libra friend that looked at 7 painted color swatches on the wall for years – at last visit – still no choice.

They are great minglers at parties, the hostess with the mostest serving up a smile so sweetlyThey are emotionally straightforward and will work to keep a relationship running smoothly, they dislike chaos and discord Saturn is exalted in Libra – fairness and stability in a mate is especially treasured.
Heads up !
Libra into Venus means she is opposite Uranus Rx in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn right off the bat.

You have mail !
Someone most likely a woman delivers a surprise revolving around creativity / love / money.  Communication resolves past issues, propels you forward into your future – fresh ideas are incoming regarding emotional matters held over from the past : childhood, siblings, or close relatives. 

Men / mentors step up to the plate to assist your healing in some form or fashion, offering stability and guidance. 

A whole new way of seeing and thinking develops from these exchanges – actions needed to forge ahead will become obvious.  Growing pains likely, but in the end they are signs of your revolutionary evolution into your divine rebirth. 
Spread your wings and  F L Y . . .


altitude adjustments

Trees by Toni Demuro

Gibbous Moon in late Aquarius moving to conjunct Neptune, Chiron in Pisces.
(see Moon times below)

Growing pains were likely on the agenda as Aquarius Moon is passing a square to Mercury and soon will square North Node of Destiny, both in Scorpio.  Squares bring the most inner tension, but deliver the most growth as well. 

I physically felt this Moon square, as Mercury was also preheating a planet in my natal on the upcoming eclipse degree (22 Scorp) as Venus sextiled it – 2 day splitting headache rendering me essentially useless at basically everything.  I was incapable of making a decision -even as slight as what’s for dinner- when I am usually incredibly decisive.

Moon into Pisces
Wednesday 24 6:00am CST,USA

Day / night dreaming your path to health is primo as Moon enters Pisces and trines Sun and Saturn in early Scorpio.  Emotional and spiritual healing is especially favored as Pisces and Scorpio are water houses, and Moon is water as well.  Saturn in trine makes Mooneptunian dreams manifest – be mindful of your thoughts, feelings.  Subconscious and conscious are energetically in synch and emotional insights and power surges are likely.

Full Moon in Taurus 6 degrees 
Monday 29 2:49pm CST, USA

Taurus, you have mail !  This Full Moon puts Sun in Scorpio in peace talks with Toro Moon from across the wheel.  Desires vs. what you already have.  Altitude adjustments are off the scale, digging deep to cultivate peace of mind via purging the old and outworn.  Think love, money, power and restraint.  Venus and Pluto are rulers of these houses.  Transform.

Aquarius and Leo will be feeling squares from the Scorpio party – settle in folks, you are in transformation station.  Personal progress and metamorphosis is underway !

Toro house gets Scorpio types handing over test after test – to revise and rework via compromise, mirroring behavior we disapprove of that we need to change in some way in ourselves.