Hands-on Healing

imageMary-El Tarot

Upcoming Chiron direct has led me to dig a little deeper into healing. 
Good healers tend to have the Sun in a fire sign or Scorpio.  Uranus and Neptune strong indicate absent or faith healing, the kind of healing used in reiki attunements across time and space.

Naturopaths are strong in Virgo and Scorpio, they tend to have natal charts that show adaptability and magnetism.  Magnetic healers tend to have Scorpio strong at birth, with Sun or Rising, or Neptune in good aspect to Venus and Mercury, Jupiter trine Moon, or Mars in the 12th in good aspect.  Also note hands are Mercury ruled.

Symptoms of the ill often fluctuate with the magnetics of both the body and the earth, worsening at night when the Moon (feeling) is the stronger luminary force.  Also because healing often is taking place with the assistance of another, know that those with harmonious rising signs/6th house/Saturn aspects will indicate compatibility and therefore, greater healing exchange.  The energies will support one another, allowing greater trust, energy exchange and speedier healing to occur.

I drew a card with the question:
What need we know to help us heal with Chiron’s direct motion ?

We must free ourselves from the prisons of our own minds.  The reverberations of doubt that echo must be shaken.  Change your perspective, see your situation from a different vantage point.  Perception shifts will open the door to knowledge that will change you forever.  Keep your eyes on the outcome, not the distractions that slow your progress.  Know thyself.  Be true to your brave heart.
Chiron moves in square to Sagittarius Venus, quincunx Uranus in Aries.  Higher seeing experience/knowing meets fresh new mindsets ala Aries.  Be the change.

imageNext question:
Easier said that done.  How do we begin to go about it?

Know their are wheels within wheels of Fire.  Creation, destruction, transformative power manifested on the material plane so we may experience and grow. This is the hero’s journey we call life.  Inspiration, sweat, blood and tears that form and shape the energy of our souls. We live, we learn.
Rise above everything, see the world from a divine perspective.  This is you and your life: falling on occasion, once again rising to meet your destiny, your true greatness.

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.
Serbian proverb

Just keep swimming
Gneiss Moon

Finding the Navel


centaur artist unknownChase Stone

Chiron Direct 13 Pisces November 23
Chicago 5:45pm
Edinburgh 11:45pm
November 24
Wellington 12:45pm

Pisces Chiron stations Direct in square to Sagittarius Venus, in sextile to Capricorn Pluto, quincunx Aries Uranus.  Balance is sought, the opportunity to cultivate harmony via transformative relationship work is favored.  Houses Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries feel the stress & make adjustments.

This Venus operates healing through Sagittarius realms of higher learning, independent thinking, philosophy and adventures far and wide.  Note I am not only referring to physical travel, for Sagittarius Venus takes creative mental vacations as well.

Be Visionary.

We address values, compare and contrast healing methods/situations.  What energies help/hinder, heal/wound – and by that, yes I mean people.  Venus sees sides, Pisces Chiron has none, save One.  That which is formless and that which is tangible begin to shift into balance with Chiron moving direct.  We have to relate to others, how best to do so when the energies clash ?  Venus says find the middle, the navel, the love/peace.

We feel/see from where the change needs to come, adaptation/improvisation are working inventive solutions (Chiron quincunx Uranus).  Sacrifice of one thing will lead to the growth we need elsewhere – aka healing.  Transformation of health/character will lead to healthy regeneration.

Chiron stationing quincunx Aries Uranus – we KNOW what needs healing, where the wound is buried. This transit encourages us to find the courage to address it – head on.

Make it so.


Emerging with gratitude


Numinosity Mandala – Cristina McAllister

Tuesday 19
Chiron direct
7:07am CST, USA

Thursday 21
Sun into Sagittarius
9:48pm CST, USA

Weird 24 hours.
Full Moon and Mars over my natal Virgo stellium: Sun/Ura/Plu is working a charm.
Transit illustration for you… 

The 25 degree Full Toro Moon fell in my 4th (home, family) in Toro trine my natal Uranus.  I got a call (Uranus, surprise) my brother (Mercury rules oldest sibling) was injured in the thigh by an arrow (Mars rules blades, arrows, accidents) while hunting (Jupiter rules hunting, thighs).

Transit Uranus is in my 3rd (rules siblings) trine my natal Mars (men, accidents) in the house of Sagittarius (hunting, also luck, benevolent) which in turn is quintile (the uncommon, blessed) my natal Uranus in Mercury ruled Virgo (oldest bro).  He was lucky the arrow didn’t hit any major arteries.  He is okay, will improve after plenty of rest.

I was going off to see him this am, (he was airlifted [Uranus] to a hospital near me) but there were tornado warnings (Uranus) all over my state, sirens going off, herding cats to safety, just nutty/weird.

In my brother’s chart Full Toro Moon opposed his natal Chiron, squared (obstacle) his natal Mars Rx (accidents). Transit Uranus Rx is applying to his natal Sun which squares his Jupiter in Sagittarius (hunting).  

Chiron is about to go direct on his natal Mercury, the trickster.  He was hunting on a bum knee, which was not such a good idea.

His (over) eager enthusiasm to explore Jupiter is Rx as of November 7, will most definitely be turning inward rather than outward (retrograde highlights inward focus) for the rest of hunting season.

Also of note: Mars is sextile Jupiter, aka an opportunity to merge the energies, a chance for success.

Our family (Jupiter is in Cancer, family) is grateful (Jupiter rules) he is okay.

Yet another weird thing. 
My TV wouldn’t work no matter how I tried earlier today, and I did try all sorts of things for about a good 45 minutes. 
Storms over, bro got home okay – it started right up. 
Mars has yet to cross my stellium.
I may wear a helmet.

home, heart & hearth


stardust horizon fireHorizon Fire

Sunday 17
Full Moon 25 degrees Taurus
10:16am CST, USA

Virgo going going gone ! 
Mars approaches my natal Pluto/Ura/29 Sun stellium + I am TOTALLY Virgo-ing out.

Yes this is a primo Full Toro Moon and with apologies for the slowing in posts, I am working out the kinks at home. I am having my family over for the grateful day for the first time in 10 years, cleaning like a fiend, a bazillion and one things to do.  Moon passed my natal Toro moon, and grows to full in my 4th aka house of home trine plenty of neat freak in 9Digging in + powered by 3 extended version director’s cuts of LotR of course.  I am soon off to drag in some wood in for TTT while I string up lights & some Star Trek ships.  YaY !

Sun is in Scorpio opposing Toro Full Moon – check where these signs land in your chart and apply the principle of balance between the house of desire (Scorpio) and the house of have (Taurus). Houses here.

Also of most fantastical groovy note is >>>>

Capricorn Pluto conjunct Venus and asteroid TARDIS time/love & regeneration.

Forgemaster Hephaestus is conjunct Chiron as it goes direct in Pisces – craftsmanship, skill in re-creating your fulcrum – that which delineates hurt from health.  Being versatile – in both communication and learning leads to understanding and balance between differing points of view.

Happy full moon all, I am off, but not before popping in this groovy tracking map of comet ISON.  Here.  Check it out – is wicked cool !  Also see pic in my twitter feed, plus star chart here for skygawkers.

may the force be with you

…let go…

Tuesday November 13
New Moon
Total Solar Eclipse 

21 56′ Scorpio
4:08pm CST, USA

Wednesday November 14
-Mercury into Scorpio 1:42am
-Moon into Sagittarius 4:52am

-Chiron Direct at 4 59′ Pisces 2:37pm

Friday November 16
-Moon into Capricorn 4:35am
-Mars into Capricorn 8:36pm CST,USA

Wheel of life is tick tick tick ticking away like gears in a clock !

So much going on – it is essential to stay grounded – too much time in the brain pan leads to spinning wheels and frustration.  Finding myself counting my breaths, my steps and otherwise focusing on the planetary aspect zone.  I’ve been immersed in divinatory studies and tonight plan some down time for myself.
How are you doing eclipse peeps ?  


Chiron has my interest as it will be stationing direct at 4 degrees in trine to Saturn in Scorpio also at 4 degrees.  

Chiron was a centaur, wounded, who took it upon himself to learn herbal arts, healing and gathered much knowledge in his quest to heal himself – which he shared with his students.  He was a teacher, philosopher and helped many others overcome difficulties through acute understanding of his own pain, his own wound.  

Chiron stationing in tandem with Saturn a contact : trine : brings a healing of the past.
Past fears
Past trials
Past pains
Past suffering
::: be free of all of them:::
They have been studied while Chiron was in Rx motion – looking inward.
It is time to let them go.

Personal responsibility towards health will be strongly felt –
towards our personal vehicle

our collective Earthy vehicle
 and all Earthkind, humans as well as all creatures who share this world with us.

Walk the middle path.