…let go…

Tuesday November 13
New Moon
Total Solar Eclipse 

21 56′ Scorpio
4:08pm CST, USA

Wednesday November 14
-Mercury into Scorpio 1:42am
-Moon into Sagittarius 4:52am

-Chiron Direct at 4 59′ Pisces 2:37pm

Friday November 16
-Moon into Capricorn 4:35am
-Mars into Capricorn 8:36pm CST,USA

Wheel of life is tick tick tick ticking away like gears in a clock !

So much going on – it is essential to stay grounded – too much time in the brain pan leads to spinning wheels and frustration.  Finding myself counting my breaths, my steps and otherwise focusing on the planetary aspect zone.  I’ve been immersed in divinatory studies and tonight plan some down time for myself.
How are you doing eclipse peeps ?  


Chiron has my interest as it will be stationing direct at 4 degrees in trine to Saturn in Scorpio also at 4 degrees.  

Chiron was a centaur, wounded, who took it upon himself to learn herbal arts, healing and gathered much knowledge in his quest to heal himself – which he shared with his students.  He was a teacher, philosopher and helped many others overcome difficulties through acute understanding of his own pain, his own wound.  

Chiron stationing in tandem with Saturn a contact : trine : brings a healing of the past.
Past fears
Past trials
Past pains
Past suffering
::: be free of all of them:::
They have been studied while Chiron was in Rx motion – looking inward.
It is time to let them go.

Personal responsibility towards health will be strongly felt –
towards our personal vehicle

our collective Earthy vehicle
 and all Earthkind, humans as well as all creatures who share this world with us.

Walk the middle path.


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