beloved star

Go with the flow.
Seen in charts with lots of mutable energy or a Pisces / Neptune vibe.

My mind has been dwelling on soul contracts of late. . .high octane New Moon Solar Eclipse on Scorpio Neptuner is delivering 3rd house mail in spades.  I am inundated with weird Neptunian eclipse thinking – brimming with 11th house KNOWING . . .
yet not knowing . . . just going with the flow

Neptune in my chart touches nearly everything and it is square 8th house Leo Jupiter, the ruler of my Sagittarius 12th house.  I have a strong Sagittarius vibe, have dated primarily Sagittarians, I am not only hot to teach, I am also hot for teacher.

The ruler of the 12th house and its aspects will help explain soul contracts you have made for this life.

While I am at it – yes – there are 12th house secrets, vulnerabilities and cages.
 Also to be found is resilience, overflowing compassion and ingenious escapes.

+ You put fire on the 12th – and you got yourself a Jedi.

If you were born (Sun in 12th) between 5-7am, you are Hour of the Rabbit in Chinese astrology Rabbits hours are reflective, discreet, artistic and diplomatic.  Rabbits are refined and easygoing, yet often detached and solitary.

A nice way of saying space case with a tendency to avoid direct confrontation.

Let’s go deeper into Soul contracts:

What sign is on your 12th house ?
Look to the ruler of your 12th house sign. 
What sign / house is that ruler it in ?
What decan does it live on ?

Are you getting a fixed vibe on a mutable house ?  Cardinal on a mutable ?
Also, if you have a packed 12th house – what are the planetary energies living there ?
Where is your South Node (hint: always opposite the North)

This will help you unravel the past life that has lead you to the life you are living today, and the soul contracts you are living, breathing and fulfilling now.

Here are my deets as a guide to the above:
 Sagittarius on 12, Jupiter rules and lives in 8th house Leo on the decan of Mars (just looked that up today and you can lay a sure bet I find that very interesting).
 Jupiter lives in Leo (fixed) on the 8th (natural house of Scorpio, fixed) is conjunct Venus, Fortuna and squaring Neptune (YaY eclipse ! lol) in 11th (natural house of Aquarius, fixed) on the house of Scorpio (fixed).   South Node in Libra 10; you probably knew my name last life – this life – pseudonym, hermit Jedi chick living in BFE.

So sex, drugs and rock n roll are ahem core issues.   Fixed = deeply ingrained habits held over for several lifetimes.  Fixed vs. fixed, just as fun as it sounds like.  Mine is a test of self- will.  I also have a void of course Sun at 29 Virgo that is conjunct Uranus Pluto.  Sun conj Uranus Pluto is an aspect of ‘ya think ?!?‘ followed by life answering – HA ! ‘Think Again.’   It’s the perpetual ego hit, but Sag on 12 keeps on walking (12th rules feet, Sag rules thighs, running) forever optimistic and hopeful.  It helps having the 8th packed with benefics too.

Soul contracts in my life are with teachers / lovers who are elusive yet ever – present.
I am lucky enough to have secret protection (Sag on 12) when I need it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, secret protection – you KNOW who you are.
 When I quit drinking, let go of trying to escape / control others and turned my Sag Mars quintile Uranus into astrological writing via North Node in Aries 4, (3rd house Aries Saturn Rx trine Sag Mars) my life improved immediately when I turned my Plutonic power inward and learned how to control mySELF.

I hope you make your way out of you own labyrinth with help from my light to you when all other lights go out.