What we speak becomes the house we live in.
– Hafiz

Sagittarius (higher comms) Moon (home) moves to oppose Jupiter in Gemini and square Chiron and Mercury in Pisces.  Chiron also squares Jupiter leading to changes surrounding faith, short and long distance travel – both physical and mental – think changes re: life philosophy. 

How or what do you feel in your life – do you like it ?
If not change it !
Get your mental, emotional and spiritual game ON !

Moon throughout the day will trine everything Aries: Uranus, Sun, Venus and Mars.
Venus and Mars are hot to trot: actions will be emotionally supported: Fire to Fire.
Free your mind.



In honor of the incoming Sag Moon
11:34am CST, USA
I’m off to the FUNHOUSE wanna come along . . . ?!
Sag Moon loves fun and frolics

Venus rules comics, cartoons and laughs.
Leo Venus is love of tigers and lions and warm fuzzies.

She is coming up to square Mars in Scorpio
so perhaps she is revving UP for some hot furries instead, lol ?!?
Got your eye on someone ?
Friction is happenin’ that’s for sure !

Venus attracts, but Mars loves the chase.

I’m your friendly astrologer
here to deliver Groovy randoms
to take our brains off the ginormous yowie
– yeah THAT one –
The exact T-Square
read here
Mercury opposite Uranus both square Pluto.
some fun
childhood mashUPS

off on an adventure.  cute.

older, not  grown UP

Manifest your dreams into reality
Saturn trines Neptune.

weird fact
puffs below are called dandelion clocks
Saturn rules clocks
Moon rules seeds, Uranus chases

Building Saturn trine Neptunian vision
great for creative work
daydreaming makes problem-solving a snap
Follow your bliss

ps. this is me at the mo
will be at full throttle capacity asap
thanks for your patience

Soul to Soul

Stevie Ray.

A1 incredible talent, stunningly groundbreaking blues guitar.

Not surprisingly, Stevie had Neptune as focal planet of a powerful T- square.

Libra Neptune (music, guitars) square Jupiter (exalted) and Uranus (highly innovative) tightly conjunct in Cancer (emotive, blues); Neptune square Mars (exalted) in Capricorn.  Serious powerhouse for gut – wrenching ::: put you on your knees ::: blues.

Libra Sun and Neptune soaking up and pouring out the creative Venusian arts.
Moon in Sagittarius big enough for a Texan to roam far and wide.

Strong Scorpio – also not surprising – Mercury conjunct Saturn – spot on communication Soul to Soul.  
What is blues if not karma served up on a platter, mmm . . . ?
Pluto is packin’ heat from the house of Leo which rules the heart.

Venus also in Scorpio – love and sexual desires stroked into a lush musical fabric textured, dense and complex . . . most definitely.
Specialized talents, spiritual gifts : Sun quintile Jupiter and Uranus – hugely innovative intuitive creativity.  Mercury quintile Mars : powerhouse passionate drive to communicate intense experiences via his instruments – guitar and voice.
Mars quintile Saturn (while exalted in Capricorn) : penetrating artistic achievement – fame long-term recognition for work and craft
Saturn quintile Pluto : mysterious warrior / lover, seductive earthy tantric guitar vibe   

Stevie battled his addictions – sensitive Neptunians often do, and Stevie’s guitar sings his sorrows so seductively . . .


mined; treasure mind

Soulcards 2 Deborah Koff-Chapin

One card reading with the intent that the image drawn will stimulate us all to move into our highest purpose, and create the most benevolent outcome for all earthkind.

Question: What treasure mined from the depths of Gibbous Moon in Scorpio will be  highlighted as Sagittarius Moon moves to conjunct North Node ? 

Let the image speak to you.
Then you will have your answer…


Eye of the Tiger

Ray Harryhausen

I love Love LOVE Ray’s work.  Own a bunch of it, just watched Jason and the Argonauts again last week.  I have been wanting to look up his astro deets, his stop – motion work is simply incredible. He calls it Dynamation.  I have done claymation films myself, and it takes  f  o  r  e  v  e  r   !   Worth it though, it’s amazing to see the finished product come to life.  SoOo on to the astro:

Boom ! 
Cancer Sun conjunct Pluto at 7 degrees, conjunct Venus at 6.
(Powerful imagination leading to groundbreaking artwork)

Cancer stellium in trine to Uranus Rx in Pisces. 
(Fantastical genius)

Cancer stellium sextile Saturn in Virgo.
(Precision with puppets – Saturn rules)

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Leo.
(Dexterous communication of creative fantasy on film).

Jupiter in Leo trine Moon in Sagittarius.  Note: Leo stellium.
(Visionary use of fluctuation in creative pursuits).

Mars in Libra trine Uranus Rx in Pisces.
(Amped up genius artistic urges in the fantasy realm.)

Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus Rx in Pisces.
(Stop – Saturn – motion art on film)

A zillion thanks Ray – best creature features evah !


3 of cups weekend

Saggo Moon and going to enjoy a bit of reading.

Mercury (reading) is coming up to conjunct my (good times x 2 ) Venus Jupiter conjunction and Mars is sextile my 9th house of higher learning, an easy-going Saggo moon and right on time I want to kick back and relax, do a bit of reading on Labor day weekend….
Todays sky gifts: Mars quintile Jupiter / Jupiter quintile Neptune.

Earth trine of Sun conjunct Venus/ Jupiter / Pluto.

Could do some Cappy Pluto work, but the benefics (Sun,Venus and Jupiter) trump this time…gonna read awhile, watch a movie….
I hope you enjoy your weekend as well~