mined; treasure mind

Soulcards 2 Deborah Koff-Chapin

One card reading with the intent that the image drawn will stimulate us all to move into our highest purpose, and create the most benevolent outcome for all earthkind.

Question: What treasure mined from the depths of Gibbous Moon in Scorpio will be  highlighted as Sagittarius Moon moves to conjunct North Node ? 

Let the image speak to you.
Then you will have your answer…


Emotional Strength

Emotional Strength

Ok, the sky is alight with T-squares. 
Deep breath everyone, deep breaths.
Hot focal points
Uranus – Neptune – Pluto

Moon into Sagittarius 5:04pm CST,USA

Moon will conjunct N Node while in trine to Mercury and Uranus
Sag Moon is lighter and now the emotions will free up a bit

Moon will form a kite with Venus and Jupiter opposing
Take the high road of Sag Mind
…to feel love, be loving…
Start with yourcreativeself

feel the primordial egg – your path of destiny – crack open and unroll before you
Juice up the creative gusto
the gates are about to burst open

Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius conjunct N Node of Destiny
expand your mind

SEE it :: then BE it.

Use this time to do magickal works of expansion and exploration
knowledge, luck, publishing, the outdoors
are all favored

Gibbous Moon is conscious deliberate action
 Sag Moon SEES and FEELS the universal truths
this Sag Moon feels the higher vibrations
higher mind is set to universal wavelengths with this kite

New doors are opening in your house of Sagittarius

:: Prepare ::
Moon moves to trine Mercury and Uranus all in Fire



attitude = altitude

Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines

Building, long-term, hard work and patience. 

Sacred Valley Trail, Peru

Practical, skillful and ambitious.  

Nazca Lines from Sky

Steady, persevering, and responsible.

Nazca Lines from Earth

ANALYZE what you HAVE and USE it.

Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn mottos.

Mercury Rx sends it back over Uranus, Sun.

Mercury Rx in Aries in mutual reception with Mars Rx in Virgo.

Look for your houses of Aries and Virgo, the analyzation is getting cranked up a notch.

Moon moves to conjunct North Node of Destiny in Sagittarius bringing expansive ideas and visionary goals into focus, optimism is sky high.

Venus conjunct Jupiter today, benefics in tandem = luck Luck LUCK.
Grand Earth Trine = work it !

blessed be~