Desires on parade

Firebird and Phoenix by Markova Dasha

Tuesday April 10 CST, USA Pluto stations retrograde 11:25 am

Friday April 13 CST, USA Mars stations direct 10:53 pm

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Pluto is SEX.
Pluto is FORCE – the drag you kicking and screaming like it or not GAME CHANGER.
Pluto is DEFIANCE.
Pluto is INTENSE.
Pluto rules anything small or miraculous.
Pluto may be small but take it from someone who has it hooked up with BOTH luminaries – Pluto’s packin’ one hell of a punch.  Underestimate it at your own peril.

Pluto is the light burning from behind the eyes – the DIVINE WILL.  Pluto is the higher octave of Mars the aggressor.

Mars is the PERSONAL WILL – the physical energy behind the natal chart – it is your blade, your weapon, the traditional ruler of Scorpio.

Mars and Pluto are kicking into gear this week – POWER IS FLUCTUATING.

Pluto is a generational planet, moves slowly and will stay in one sign from anywhere from 11-30 years (average 21 years).

Mars is a personal planet moves through a sign on average every 2 months.
Mars has been in Virgo since November 10, 2011.
Mars kicks the door in on Libra on July 3.
Eight months of aggressive Virgo nit-picking self – flagellation will be ovah.
Hallelujah AMEN !

Not only will Capricorn and Virgos feel this shift – Scorpio (Pluto rules) and Aries (Mars rules) will likely feel it as well.

In the natal, also find any planets in Scorpio or the 8th house to see where Pluto kicks that planetary energy into high gear.  ie: A Moon in Scorpio or Moon in the 8th is akin to Moon conjunct Pluto.
  I am a late 67 Virgo stellium.  Mercury at MC, with 9th house Sun conjunct Uranus and (8th house) Pluto, Pluto trines my Taurus Moon in 4th.

Sun is the center, the ego, the spirit, it rules the heart and the creative spirit.
Pluto conjunct Sun in my experience is continual life-long ego hits – one right after another.  Sun conjunct Pluto is a regeneration of who you are at the visible level – what others see.  A regeneration of how the self expresses the creative spirit, it is WILL POWER.

Contact with Moon is just as powerful – it is POWERFUL INSTINCTUAL DESIRES and a need to plumb the emotional depths.  It is the subconscious brought to the surface to breathe deeply of fresh air and it ain’t always pretty.  We humans are a twisted little bunch ~ beautiful, but twisted.  Contacts to Moon means fluctuation of personality, family and home, restructuring of security, powerful insight into the psyche – it is emotionally wrangling – the discomfort zone 24/7.

Where Pluto lands you will always find CHANGE and MAJOR GROWTH.

Pluto in any aspect reveals a struggle, a force of atomic change that will completely destabilize and restructure that planetary energy.  Pluto rules atomics – positive or negatively charged atoms are called ions.  When you feel better after a thunderstorm, or after you smudge with sage, that is Pluto at work changing energies on a sub-atomic level.  Expect the same energies at work when dealing with Pluto and Scorpio in the natal chart.

Plutonic energies are shifting in the house of Capricorn.
Martian energies are shifting in the house of Virgo.

Find your Capricorn and Virgo houses (also Scorpio and Aries houses) and apply the below to your chart to see where you will be feeling the shift in energies.

Here’s a very general guideline:
1/7 = self/others
2/8 = mine/ours
3/9 = learning/teaching
4/10 = home/career
5/11 = personal will/ will for others
6/12 = personal health & work/ universal health & service

If you need a quick fix and release from overwhelming desires – disengage. (click)
Pluto stations retrograde on Tuesday (USA) in trine to Mars Rx in Virgo and trine Jupiter in Taurus.  That’s gonna tap the primal instincts and crank up the volume on the libido.  Especially true since Moon is trine Sun and Uranus from free – wheeling Sagittarius.

Emotions and instincts are expansive and we are communicating them. Mercury is coming up to dance with Uranus in Aries again, so surprises are on the way from men in your life.  Communications with women or lovers are favored with a quintile between Mercury and Venus.

questions and comments welcomed…


dexterious complexities

To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funneled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system.  What comes out the other end is a measly trickle of the kind of consciousness which will help us stay alive on the surface of this particular planet.  To formulate and express the contents of this reduced awareness, man has invented and endlessly elaborated those symbol – systems and implicit philosophies which we call languages.
~Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception

Newborn Mercury direct in Pisces today, energies are in flux a bit until the dust settles.  (Case in point, first edition of this post vanished.)  The Pisces house in your chart will be getting an influx of ideas, a need to express and communicate.  Also look to your natal Mercury and the aspects it makes – energies there may be sputtering a bit until Mercury finds its groove.

Where does your Mercury live and how does it operate ?

Is your Mercury fire and active shoot from the hip / lip Mercury…or in earth and slow and a more steady and practical Mercury ?  Is your Mercury in air and intellectual, socially aspiring…. or is your Mercury in water and intuitive, emotional and romantic ?

Is Mercury in a cardinal sign and initiating action; in fixed and building slow and steadily; or in mutable and flexible, adaptable ?

Where is Mercury in relation to the horizon ?  Above the horizon makes Mercury extroverted, below the horizon it is more introverted.

Mercury Rx in the natal is an introverted Mercury that needs encouragement to bloom fully.  It will be inwardly very active until circumstances in life will force it to become extroverted later in life.

Mercury rules perception, language, maps, logic, how we learn, dexterity, sight, smell, traveling, neighbors and the right cerebral hemisphere. 

The right cerebral hemisphere is non – verbal, intuitive.  It thinks in terms of pictures and patterns – it is inclusive, whole sight.  Right brain does not think in terms of numbers, letters, words or reductions and categories.
(The left hemisphere is ruled by Mars; Aries rules both hemispheres as a whole.)

Stop & Think.
Where is your Mercury ?
Where is your Mars ?

……thinking…….in pictures………tune in the right brain feelers….

Does that flesh out your whole brain  a bit for you ?

I’ll grease the gears by using myself as an example.  Mercury in Libra (Cardinal Air) at MC, sextile Jupiter.  I speak well, and often, lol.  I prefer speaking over writing, because my Mars is in Sagittarius (Mutable Fire, Mars above horizon in 11) quintile lightning fast Uranus.  Uranus rules complexities, Mars desires – now !

Saturn Rx lives in Aries, my 3rd (Gemini house – Mercury rules) of communication and while Saturn Rx (trines my Mars) steadies my mind and writing ~ it is like rather like trying to funnel the cosmos (Sag is my 12th house sign) through the eye of a needle when I write.  aka. brevity..?..define brevity..!?

So when you leave here…please ponder your right brain Mercury.
The quiet, intuitive, pattern – seeing, inclusive Messenger.
….and see where it leads you…..


beyond logic

Death Valley Dunes Sunrise by KPieper

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense.
But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

from The Sayings of Muad’Dib by the Princess Irulan

Lucie Debelkova

The trance state of prophecy is like no other visionary experience. It is not a retreat from the raw exposure of the senses (as many trance states) but an immersion in a multitude of new movements.

Things move. It is an ultimate pragmatism in the midst of Infinity, a demanding consciousness where you come at last into the unbroken awareness that the universe moves of itself, that it changes, that its rules change, that nothing remains permanent or absolute throughout all such movement, that mechanical explanations for anything can work only within precise confinements and, once the walls are broken down, the old explanations shatter and dissolve, blown away by new movements.

The things you see in this trance are sobering, often shattering. They demand your utmost effort to remain whole, and even so, you emerge from that state profoundly changed.

The Stolen Journals

meditations on time logic intuition and chaos~

The Secret Life of Chaos

attitude = altitude

Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines

Building, long-term, hard work and patience. 

Sacred Valley Trail, Peru

Practical, skillful and ambitious.  

Nazca Lines from Sky

Steady, persevering, and responsible.

Nazca Lines from Earth

ANALYZE what you HAVE and USE it.

Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn mottos.

Mercury Rx sends it back over Uranus, Sun.

Mercury Rx in Aries in mutual reception with Mars Rx in Virgo.

Look for your houses of Aries and Virgo, the analyzation is getting cranked up a notch.

Moon moves to conjunct North Node of Destiny in Sagittarius bringing expansive ideas and visionary goals into focus, optimism is sky high.

Venus conjunct Jupiter today, benefics in tandem = luck Luck LUCK.
Grand Earth Trine = work it !

blessed be~

Dig in.

Sequoia – photo : Ron Niebrugge

Full Moon in Virgo on Thursday March 8th at 3:39 am, CST, USA.

It is a day of energies in tandem :

Mercury and Uranus in Aries
(fire- active thinking, communicating and intuition)

Full Moon and Mars Rx in Virgo
(Feelings coupled with an inward focus of personal will and desires)

Venus and Jupiter in Taurus
(earth- steady growth with $$, creativity and love)

Sun will be opposite (Full) Moon and Mars Rx in Virgo
(revelations in both the houses of Virgo and Pisces, questions will be answered regarding these houses that have been on the table since the last new moon)

Venus and Jupiter will be opposite Saturn Rx in Libra (positive co-operative change, finding balance in relationships, even if it is only something You decide for Yourself.)

Mercury and Uranus in Aries will be square Pluto in Capricorn
(Progressive ideas, changes taking place- action taken regarding long-term goals)

Venus will be sextile Neptune in Pisces
(possibility for grand creative plans manifested on earth – you have to activate them !)

Neptune in Pisces will be trine Saturn Rx in Libra. (build the dream you wish to create- be exact !)

Grand Earth Trine
On Wednesday, March 14th – all at 9 degrees – exact – 12:50 am, CST, USA.

Venus is coming to conjunct Jupiter in Taurus (benefics, both) they will be trine Pluto in Capricorn and Mars Rx in Virgo.

Grand Earth Trine energy is a harmonious, beneficial and co-operative expression of energy – the planets involved are moving energies in the same nature Earth it signifies a time for growth on the material plane.

Taurus rules finance and possessions, financial and self – worth.  Venus is love, money and creativity – it will be conjunct the planet of expansion and luck, Jupiter in the house of finance.  They are in trine to Pluto the transformation energy in Capricorn the sign of big business, career and ambitions.  They are also in trine to Moon and Mars, which puts an emotional kicker behind the Mars Rx in Virgo.

Mars Rx in Virgo energy – I have witnessed of late – is no doubt a more thoughtful, delayed Mars energy because it is in the house of the discerning eye, Virgo  perfectionism.  Instead of single-minded pursuit of one vision / one action, the Mars Rx energy I have experienced is sorted at the get go – meaning it is not full thrust in one direction, but compartmentalized prior; it feels like only so much energy is available, or allotted to each task.

Virgo is Mercury ruled, Mercury is the mind – channel it carefully as thoughts become tangible things, Mars Rx is the mind put to detail and the energy follows inward. It has expressed itself to me in fits and starts of productivity, multi-tasking and bouts of monkey mind – nip the negative and replace with positive – being flexible is key.  Virgos can be rigid, but the house of Virgo really needs to compromise with (opposite sign) and draw upon the classic Pisces surrender for this passage of Mars Rx and Mercury Rx.

Keep a firm grip on the positive and go with the flow.

Mercury Retrograde Monday, March 12 – 2:49 am, CST, USA.

Mercury going retrograde will bring it back to meet Uranus for a second time, it’s higher octave.  Gut feelings and intuition on a personal inward level will be high, revelations on the inner plane of self will be forthcoming and very enlightening.

Look to your house of Aries for more clues – Mercury and Uranus will be forming new solutions, creating brainstorms, and changing the way everything ~ eyesight and second sight ~ is SEEN.

Mercury rules maps, and Uranus intuition – follow your hunches.
Sun will be trine Moon – Venus conjunct Jupiter – what does your heart tell you ?

Mercury Retrograde in the house of Aries and Mars Retrograde in the house of Virgo brings the 2 planets into mutual reception, they will be working well together in tandem, in each others houses to find the best personal solutions to actions (Mars / Aries) and communications (Mercury / Virgo) on a personal (and global) level.

Mercury Rx / Aries is more thought out and less knee-jerk, yet still shooting sparks and taking action – Aries is the I AM – this and the house of Aries in your chart is where to look.  Mars Rx in Virgo is action compartmentalized and detailed tweaking on the mental plane.

When these two planets are in mutual reception they will be working together in your Aries and Virgo houses to streamline and re-evaluate mental and physical actions on the material plane.

Who am I, where am I going, how will I get there, and what can I do for you along the way..?

Be mindful of your thoughts, for when Mercury begins to slow and begin retrograde, its energies are in tandem with Uranus – both square Pluto the power of divine will.

Thoughts are set to manifest rapidly into the material plane.


Supernova Virgos

Rassouli – Birth of the Sun

How ya doin’ Virgos ?  Got Mars ?  lol.  yeah.  A generation of late 60’s Virgos are feeling the heat like me.  Mars retrograde all over the Sun Uranus Pluto conjunction. Fun times !  

Birth is ruled by both Pluto and the Sun.

The Sun is life.

Pluto is divine will, inner energy, sex, struggle, helplessness, death, research, mines, psychoanalysis, nuclear energy, morphing.
(Morpheus is the mythological shaper  of dreams, he would transmute his form to enter the dreams of humans.)  The definition of transmutation is to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature – especially to a higher form.

Pluto brings (re) birth – – but. only. after. labor.

Initiate change, or you will be forced to change.  Wherever Pluto lands in the natal, or by transit, some part of your life will die and be reborn over and over and over again.
You will be forged, re-made. (click)
Better. Stronger. Faster.

Pluto is the inner furnace – the fire in our bellies. Divine will and energy of life turned inward to create metamorphosis.

Mars is the outgoing flame, the desires expressed.  Personal will and energy turned outward in relentless drive and forward thrust.

Pluto rules Scorpio and is the higher octave of Mars (which was Scorpios traditional ruler).

Yet, the Mars above us in currently retrograde in Virgo.  Retrograde motion is the energy of the planet turned inward, it is a time of appraisal and action on the internal landscape regarding all things Virgo.

Late 60’s Virgos know there is a rolling boil, a silent powerhouse of energy in the Virgo house at the moment.
Sun is nuclear, Pluto is nuclear, Uranus is magnetic, awake and cracking in Aries and Mars Rx (rules Aries) is breathing down our necks !

Virgo is ruled by Mercury – – with Mars Rx in her sign, the inner dialogue is working overtime (Saturn Rx will be finding balance in Libra soon too) analysing and sorting, creating order out of mental chaos.  The blade (Mars Rx) is sharp, lightning fast, and efficient.

Now about Sun (birth) and Pluto (rebirth).

I started thinking about the volcanic fire in Virgo bellies and thought nuclear.

Pluto rules atomics, and the Sun is nuclear, magnetic.
When a star dies, it expands to become a red giant, then shrinks to a white dwarf.

If a white dwarf is in a binary star system, it can collect matter from the other dwarf star. Its mass slowly and steadily increases, the pressure at the center becoming so great that fusion occurs. If it exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit, then the white dwarf star explodes in a thermonuclear supernova.

The energy of the explosion synthesizes new elements, particularly those heavier than iron. These fresh, new elements are then sprinkled into the surrounding gaseous medium, enriching it. Therefore, later generations of stars formed after the supernova contain more heavy elements than previous generations. In fact, the enrichment of the gas in our region of the Milky Way reached such a point that a sufficient quantity of heavy elements existed to give rise to life, as we know it, here on Earth. (source: click)

Life, death and rebirth macro style.

The first law of thermodynamics states :
energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form.

Supernova remnant captured by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory


want one

and a hang too.
xo hee

Check out more songs on their webpage: Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys

A Hang or in Bernese language hand  is played with the hands.
Hands are ruled by Mercury and Gemini – Mercury is conjunct Sun in Aquarius. Aquarius rules cutie pie dreadlock hippie boys ..!

Only a few hundred hangs are made each year by one couple in Switzerland.
They are hemispheres (Uranus rules halves) of hammered steel (Mars rules steel).
Drums are Mars ruled, music is Venus and Neptune (both in Pisces now).

Venus is exalted in Pisces, and Neptune rules Pisces, so art music, films and anything mystical are fantastic seas for feel good vibes now, even more so than usual ~


Venus and Uranus opposite Mars Rx / Moon opposite Pluto on the wheel of life.
Flaming arrows zip ! zip !  the missives are hard to miss, yeah ?!

Are people getting in your face ?
It will pass.

For the life of me I don’t know why people are always comparing apples and oranges.  My way  is the only way  etc…  My lead singer is better than your lead singer… (Although, I must confess, I do love it when Rick Nielsen says that ! )

Why do people say things like “How will Julian ever live up to Cynthia ?”.
Well they don’t, but you get my point, right ?
See how strange it sounds ?!
Julian doesn’t have to live up to anyone but Julian Lennon.
We are all here to learn and grow and become a better version of ourselves ~
Live and let live.
We each walk our own path, ya dig ?

May the road rise up to meet you and the wind always be at your back…
Peace out ~

shiny !

Sabi Sabi

Venus in Pisces is coming to conjunct Uranus in Aries – both opposite Mars Rx.
Strange friends, odd creations / partners, unexpected kindness and bizarro ideas are up to bat !  Sounds great to me ~

Venus creeps up on the Uranus Pluto square as the Moon grows full.
The bars will be full of hot to trot loonies on the prowl, so what are we waiting for ?
Full Moon soon in generous Leo… flash a smile and you may score some free drinks !
Mars is retrograde in earthy Virgo, in a tug-o-war with love and surprises – promises to be interesting…Neptune is fresh in the water and itching to party, have fun and keep one eye on your exits !

February 7
Saturn Rx: 29 degrees Libra – 8:04 am CST, USA
Full Moon 18 degrees Leo – 3:54pm CST, USA

Saturn set to go retrograde on the last degree of Libra – relationships, $$, creativity-all rewind, replay, do-over.  Someone turns shy who was outgoing, partnership terms are on the table, second thoughts – all normal for Saturn retrograde as the energy of achievement turns inward.  (Saturn direct on June 25 at 22 degrees of Libra.)

Bright shiny Full Moon in Leo ?
Good Lord, the Sun and  Moon will be shining out their @$$, lol.
And rightly so !
haha I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, love Love LOVE the cats.
Playful, creative, and friendly Full Moon coming right up !