Tuesday April 3 CST, USA
Moon enters Virgo 8:53 am
Venus enters Gemini 10:18 am

Wednesday April 4 CST, USA
Mercury stations direct 5:11 am

Friday April 6 CST, USA
Full Moon in Libra 2:19 pm

Tuesday April 10 CST, USA
Pluto stations retrograde 11:25 am

Friday April 13 CST, USA
Mars stations direct 10:53 pm
Quick thoughts…
When Moon enters Mercury ruled Virgo, Mars Rx (in the sign of service) is holding the door open.   Sensitivities get a zippy influx of passion, but are in compromise with higher ideals and someone else’s vision.  You may feel excluded, or misunderstood.   Compromise and balance (Venus) is not jiving with what you feel you need.

Venus is soon to enter Mercury ruled Gemini, leaving the comforts of homey Taurus for the lands of scattering and chattering air sign Gemini.  Gemini Venus is a flirty, witty and easily distracted Venus but curious, playful and lots of fun. Quiz your friends about good books, movies and newsy news and they will spill and share all the goodies with Venus in Gemini. (Good time to keep your lip zipped if you have love secrets to keep – energies are in flux ~ Venus is fresh and Mercury stationing !)

Energies surrounding stationary periods are in flux and often wildly so…
This is especially true as Mercury is unaspected at this time, or operating without a planetary station to tune in on …but… ~> Mercury IS playing wildcard in Pisces, the cosmic tuning fork ~> so anything and everything may be springing forth.
Dreams, visions, memories, favorite song you haven’t heard in forevah…!?
Who knows with Neptooney ?
Whatever they are, enjoy them… cosmic messages are on their way…

haha and the Moon is growing closer to FULL, a time of revelations ~
incoming !  You have mail !

Don’t get too excited, this Libra full moon brings ego hits / compromise from men or authority, with a possibility of great strides in love and relationships that may surprise you.

Again more opportunities arise to renovate your personal health / help you give others and improve your self-worth in the process.

Keep your mind enthusiastic, optimistic and focus on your highest philosophical (North Node in Sagittarius) visions for the greatest success.

Pluto and Venus are big players (each a focal point of their own T-squares) at the time of this full moon and that means regeneration of what you love and value.

Tuesday April 10, 11:25 am CST, USA
Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn at 9’34”
Uranus is in Aries at 5’28”

Squaring up, obstacle course.
Suit UP.  Get your game ON.
These two planets are Major Players , Movers & Shakers.
This will be a wild ride, get ready to Rock N Roll.

They are kicking around in Cardinal signs ready to rumble.
Cardinals initiate.

Uranus rules Aquarius – Yang.
Pluto rules Scorpio – Yin.

Uranus is lightning fast  in Aries.
Pluto grinds on & On & ON  in Capricorn.

Aries wants change.
Capricorn wants status quo.

Wear a smile, fake it if you have to.
Be ready for switch ups, pack your emergency chill out gear whatever that is.
Stay positive and get your mojo working.

Pluto stations direct on September 18th at  6’57” Capricorn – – so get set, get your head right for months of mega major growth.  This is a good thing !

Pluto stations Rx on Tuesday April 10 in trine to Mars Rx, in trine to Jupiter in Taurus and quintile to Saturn Rx in Libra. That’s mega steady earth, what we can touch and what we have built.

Add a Pluto sextile to Chiron and we have opportunities to expand on the ideas of others the Scorpio way (mine & ours) and others the Pisces way (ours globally and infinitely).

Friday April 13 CST, USA
Mars stations direct 10:53pm

So finally some forward progress  ( and happy Virgos lol ).  Direct motion in tandem with trines to Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is a sweet little biscuit tossed in from the cosmos to sweeten the deal.

Mars stationing direct in Mercury ruled Virgo while square to Venus in Gemini and opposite Neptune ?
You might wanna lay low until the Martian energies settle – keep the love, $ , and fantasy gab low key, make the energies work first, talk later.

aka: Engage brain before putting mouth in gear.

peace out Plutonic people~