Birds of a Feather

Fifth House
Natural house of Leo
Sun Rules

Leo house in the natal shows 
where we shine, it is where we
create and
express our will.

It is where we are proud, courageous and bold !

Fifth house is the exuberant house
of fun,
creativity, children
games and sports.

Amusement parks,
golf courses, gambling casinos
are all fifth house.

The cinema, the theater stage
show business
boxing, bullfights
horse racing
all play in the fifth house.

Fifth house is romance and love affairs,
it is saloons, promiscuity
roulette wheels, the lotto
and high society.

Speculation, stock brokers, raffles,
and chances
all live in the fifth.

Fifth house rules the back
the electrical heart beat
courtship and vacations
it is where and how
you find, create and express joy.

Dukno Yoon

Eleventh House
Natural house of Aquarius
Uranus Rules

Eleventh house is the house of
eccentric viewpoints
progressive thought and intuition

it the house of
our own mind, taking our own lead
it is where we demand freedom
to blaze a new trail.

Eleventh house is alliances, companions
people of like minds
social acquaintances
and angels.

It is colleagues, clubs, counselors
and hopes regarding society
at large.

Eleventh house is the ankles,
the calves and shins.

local and international
memberships, humanitarian causes
and utopian ideals
live in the eleventh.

The vibrations
of all life on earth
the electromagnetic energy grid
all live in the eleventh.