# 9

imageLudovica Wing Shuen Price

is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Nine is culmination, completion, attainment, the beginning & the end, complexity.  Nine represents understanding, humanity, universal truth, compassion and benevolence.

Symbolism /mythologies of the number nine include:

Odin’s nine days/nights sacrifice on Yggdrasil (Hangman, tarot)

nine realms

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Nine realms (above, click for bigger)
Nine Virtues
9 Virtues
City of Nine Gates
Nine months of human gestation
In human gestation, the sperm tail has nine twisted threads, which after uniting with the egg form a centriole which is a circle of nine parallel tubes.

Pregnancy_ChangesNine Chinese dragons
Nine kitsune tails  (See asteroid Inari.)
The Ennead of Heliopolis, Egypt
enneadNine twists in the river Styx.
Nine lives (read: 80)
Nine-round death meditation
Nine Choruses of Angels
Mesoamerican Nine Lords of Night
Nine Muses
Ninth House
John Lennon (a 6) was oddly surrounded by nines, also here.

Nine Ring-Wraiths & The Fellowship of the Ring. <~ Yes, ALL 9 + interest.
Nine sacred woods of Beltane
Nine is the triple triad of 3×3, the Triune of the Goddess

In Kabbalism, the ninth sephiroth of the Tree of Life is yesod aka the magickal link between mind and matter, the foundation and support of our existence, a great fundamental force for good/evil/transformation.

Cabalah%20of%20the%20Hebrews%20redrawn%20webNine is unique in being the only digit which, when multiplied by any other digit, always reproduces itself – for this reason, nine symbolizes indestructible matter and immutable truth.  Nine is the number of spiritual and mental proficiency, the root of all things.
Nine is the number of the circumference (circle), divisions of 90 degrees create 360 degrees for the entire circumference(see sacred geometry video, GMA fb page)

Nine is a dense composite of vibrations of all the numbers before itAces are pure energy (see Robin Wood pic below) opposed to the slower, textured energy of the nines.  See how short and sweet the interp for one is here.  Arriving at the point where I could write the interpretation for nine took considerably more effort than it did when I was writing one, I guarantee you.

Nine is attainment, achievement and the ending of a cycle as the next number (10) is again reduced to 1.  Nines carry the energy of calculation prior to culmination.  Nines are knowledgeable masters and visionary leaders capable of great influence on their environment.

imageGenerous to a fault, these idealistic humanitarians sacrifice money, time and energy to improve the welfare of all.  The vibration of nine is equipped to be responsible for more than themselves, they carry a heavy burden for many.  They are selfless, tolerant and philosophical rather than materially focused.  Nines are open and understanding of many walks of life – knowledge coupled with compassion reigns supreme.

Self-awareness is the signature of this vibration, they have lived through the energetic expressions of numbers 1-8. These folks teach life’s lessons, have great empathy and dedicate themselves to helping others succeed through counseling, mentoring and the healing or creative arts.  Serious students of life, they have an amusingly eccentric edge and are often gifted with highly intuitive powers due to energy recognition/transmission.

Amin Tela
Gneiss Moon


Sacred Geometry Oracle – John Michael Greer

Quickie draw for Saturn North Node of Destiny in Scorpio
Leo Mars squares them, meaning our actions leading toward out futures are churning internally. Metamorphic deep six emotional depth charges are playing out while the higher realms fire off brilliant synchronicities in the brain pan via Uranus Rx trine Mars.

Left distillation; right crux, spirit message.

The Human Canon:
We are all geodestinies.  
Living in a body made of cells with points and parts making out an internal universe – this geometry unfolds ever outwards and inwards. See Scale of the Universe
We are all connected.
If you fall close to the human average, the distance from your head to navel reflects the distance from your navel to the floor.  See Leonardo da Vinci

Geometry is sacred, spiritual, simple.

This card pulled for Saturn (work, time, structure, achievement) and North Node of Destiny or where we are bound to learn the most now indicates there is a fundamental unity in the universe.  In the universe at large and in your own on a personal scale.

Chaos and balance; positive and negative; light and dark are indeed parts of …

See both the small and the big picture of your life.
We have the reins to change our lives in each and every second of our lives.  Lessons are brought to our feet until we learn the solution, then we are able to move on.
What is holding you back but yourself ?
Examine this.

Compare your natal North Node to Scorpio North Node.
Also look to your natal Saturn.
We are always slower, overcompensating and working harder in that natal house/sign. 

eg: My natal NNode is in late Aries.  Saturn Rx lives in Aries as well.  I occasionally random poll readers asking questions about what they are looking for, enjoy most, just general input.  Without fail Aries North Node says fuq that, not right for ME.  I ask knowing it will help lead me forward if only by process of elimination.  No politics, no murderers – yes creatives, yes s/heroes, yes Earth, nature.
That is Saturn NNode in Scorpio is it not ?  
Streamlining desires toward future outcome.

Have to punch in coordinates before you hit light speed in the Falcon.

Crux, spirit

Integration – how you choose to express your SPIRIT onto the MATERIAL PLANE.
Examine this.

peace and love

Running on Empty

Wherever Uranus and Sagittarius sit in your natal chart is where you need absolute freedom of expression and exploration. 

Aries house is getting a healthy dose of kick it out individuality via Uranus transit.
Communications, thinking, dualities; love, art, money and peace of mind are in expansion mode via transit through Sag. 

I have Sag on 12, the house of cosmic spirituality and mysticism; Uranus on the 9th, the house of philosophy, religion and higher thinking.  This is why I refuse traditional religious constraints of any kind.  Spirit is infinite. . . impossible to define in finite human terms.  Though I certainly do enjoy a healthy scientific exploration of the micro / macro multiverses.

Zero; emptiness / full of possibilities – the void / nirvana simultaneously.
Zero / googolplexian
I do love polarities – flipsides of the same thing – keeps life interesting !


om mani padme hum

Evolve into love

Full Moon in Taurus 6 degrees
Monday 29 2:49pm CST, USA

We are almost Fully Looney, people ! 
Or are some of us already there and then some ?!

Full Toro Moon is for HOooOowling – Toro rules the throat – so let’er RIP !

Hallelujah Venus off my late 9th house Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto stellium and bunglefuq progs: Virgo Venus / Uranus [exact] with a sidekick of Pluto [opposite transit Uranus on prog Saturn – which squares prog Mars in Cap to which Pluto is applying].

Recently visited my mother…guess what happens when you put two stressed out Plutonics in the same room. 

OoOoh waitress ? wtf is my Xanex horse tranq ?!

I spent the morning in tears, Virgo processing events of late.

Chrysalis stage anyone ? – deceptively silent – behind the curtain: atomic meltdown.
Shifting / grinding brain gears – BIGTIME unavoidable mental metamorphosis – didn’t realize I was holding my breath until it passed – then WHAM release.

Mars opposite Jupiter Rx – both in AIR – brought internet sparring over some idiotic Doctor Who cartoon that implied the companions were common carbon copies of one another – interchangeable arm candy.  Yet another slight to all women everywhere.
Hey, smack it up on my page – fair game – If I disagree, you’ll know it.  If I agree you will also know it.  I may be blunt – but I am honest.

Show ain’t over yet – Full Toro Moon is in my lunar house (opposite my natal Neptune) with SuperMoon eclipse to follow Nov 13 ON my Neptuner.

This is my NINE year – culmination – solar return is Cardinal heavy, North Node of Destiny smack on ASC with Pluto as focal planet of a T-Square with Sun opposite Uranus.
Lock and Load Baby – this is dead straight on shakedown street. 
I suspect many of you are feeling the CHRYSALIS POWER SURGES as well, yes ?
Do tell…I would love to hear your experience of Uranus square Pluto thus far… 

I apologize for sliding into astro home plate in the bottom of the 9th – been a bit busy – but now I’m back in the game !

Venus into Libra

Sunday 28
8:04am CST, USA

Ahhh…a light fluffy frothy Venus whipped into a perfect curly Q with sprinkles.
* Lovely ! *
Sweets, scents, art, beauty, friendliness, charm and diplomacy all sit sweetly in the
Libran parlor.

Venus loves to freely flit and flirt in this intellectual, communicative AIR sign, her home – she rules this house beautiful.  She is polite, polished, matchie- smatchie, and wants you the same.  Her sense and sensibilities will suffer greatly if a fugly shoddy – or horrors !  outdated ensemble should stumble across the doorstep on date night. 

She is bubbly, outgoing and honestly enjoys the company of others – the exchange of ideas and concepts revolving around art, social equality and how to balance and beautify everything is a sure-fire win.  She is in love with love, romance is key as is being thoughtful and considerate.

Librans can be incredibly indecisive – fair warning – they often like you to choose dinner and arrange plans so they won’t have to fret over it.  I had a Libra friend that looked at 7 painted color swatches on the wall for years – at last visit – still no choice.

They are great minglers at parties, the hostess with the mostest serving up a smile so sweetlyThey are emotionally straightforward and will work to keep a relationship running smoothly, they dislike chaos and discord Saturn is exalted in Libra – fairness and stability in a mate is especially treasured.
Heads up !
Libra into Venus means she is opposite Uranus Rx in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn right off the bat.

You have mail !
Someone most likely a woman delivers a surprise revolving around creativity / love / money.  Communication resolves past issues, propels you forward into your future – fresh ideas are incoming regarding emotional matters held over from the past : childhood, siblings, or close relatives. 

Men / mentors step up to the plate to assist your healing in some form or fashion, offering stability and guidance. 

A whole new way of seeing and thinking develops from these exchanges – actions needed to forge ahead will become obvious.  Growing pains likely, but in the end they are signs of your revolutionary evolution into your divine rebirth. 
Spread your wings and  F L Y . . .


Cosmic Goose Egg


0 is the integer immediately preceding 1.
Zero means empty – it is the absence of quality or quantity, the nothingness of death and the totality of life, it is the void and it is nirvana.  Zero is the monad, the mystery, the eternal divine essence, the unified field.  It is the silent potential for either positive or negative.  Zero is a doorway, a portal, an empty vessel holding space, the Alpha and the Omega, the breath of God.  The shape of the zero indicates ascent and descent, evolution and involution.

 In most cultures, 0 was identified before the idea of negative things (quantities) that go lower than zero was accepted.  Zero is an even number, it may or may not be considered a natural number, but it is a whole number and hence a rational number and a real number it is neither positive nor negative. 

Zero is ruled by Pluto.  It indicates profound transformation and rebirth.    Zero after a number increases the power tenfold for each successive zero.

When zero is present before the final breakdown of one digit, it indicates power, potential and an innate understanding of others, an understanding of the human potential for either positive or negative.   Zero indicates gifts of spirituality, divine intuition, and the ability to help others through perceptive problem-solving and keen insight.

When zero falls after another number, consider its power strengthened. 

For example, 10 would indicate not only an innate superpower to achieve personal goals, but also an ability to encourage others to fulfill the qualities of the number one.  People with zero present in their numbers need to guard against giving too much, they need to retain personal balance while also following their natural inclination to assist.

Zero corresponds with The Fool in the tarot deck.   Visionaries, wanderers, mystics, faith of the innocents and risk-taking are all symbolized by the number zero.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

eternal eight


Tibetan endless (eternity) knot symbolizing Samsāra, or continuous flow.
Birth, life, death and rebirth. 
All existence, is bound by time and change, yet ultimately rests serenely within the Divine and the Eternal.

Eight corresponds with
– Eight Limbs of Yoga
– Eight Vasus
– Eight petal lotus

– Eight Auspicious Symbols
– Eight-fold path 
– I Ching (64= 8×8 configurations) 
Ogdoad, the eightfold primeval forces of chaos in Egyptian mythology
– Eight beatitudes
– The ages of man: baby teeth at 8 years, puberty at 16, loss of sexual virility at 64.

The square of any odd number, less one, is always a multiple of 8.

Eight is ruled by Mars, it is a number representing power, strength, effort, success and regeneration.  Eight is a number of leadership, management and accumulating wealth

Those born with eight life path are inspired visionaries who tend to focus on structures and long-term goals.  They naturally seek positions of influence, being good team leaders and a good judge of character.

Financial success is often the reward of hard-working eights, yet reversals of fortune are also common – they are the survivors, they are very resilient, they regenerate.
 Many athletes are eight life paths, they are driven to achieve power and influence and are determined to win.

Status conscious eights need to guard against arrogance, intolerance and impatience.  Low vibration eights tend to be reckless and domineering, which leads to conflict and isolation from family and friends.  The strength of will of the eight life path is best applied towards philanthropic gains as well as personal gains.  Eights need to balance work with spiritual pursuits and family matters, creating a solid foundation to rely upon if career setbacks occur, or financial gains are lean.

When eights use their gift of leadership for the good of earthkind, they are a powerful force of progress; when their innate power is diverted towards solely personal gain, power corrupts.

allons-y !



Seven is an intellectual, metaphysical number that symbolizes choice and spiritual development.
Seven is a yang number representing an outgoing, expressive energy.
Ruled by Uranus, seven is the planet of liberation, freedom, rebellion, change, electricity, polarites, intuition, invention and eccentrics.

The number seven is mysterious and different, in that it is a prime number – it cannot be obtained by multiplying two smaller numbers together.  Seven corresponds with the tarot card The Chariot : moving forward through opposing (polarities) forces.

Seven corresponds with:
– seventh day of rest after creation
– seven days of the week
– seven days of Mercury in each sign (approximately) : lower octave of Uranus
– seven years of Uranus in each sign (approximately) : higher octave of Mercury

– seven days equals a moon phase (approximately) 4 x 7= 28 days in a month
seven rays

– stages of a female life : baby teeth at seven months, lose them at seven years: puberty at (2 x 7= )14 years: menopause at (7 x 7=) 49 years.

Seven life paths are mysterious, (sometimes considered aloof) seeking solitude in order to study, write and research.  They often experience many turning points and cycles of change in their lives; sevens re-evaluate.

The vibration of seven represents analytical and intellectual thinking, highly creative problem solving, and for this reason, many sevens rise to be innovators and inventors in their chosen field. They are capable of great concentration and insight, seeing into the unknown with surprising clarity.  They require space and solitude to cultivate their philosophical thoughts and hone their intellectual discoveries in privacy.

Sevens need to guard against too much isolation, independence and being too stubbornly closed off to others.  They need to hold fast to their unusual viewpoints while also remaining open to sharing them with others.  Sevens excel in learning, analyzation, meditation – they are hard-wired to grow intellectually and spiritually, often taking a great interest in occult and metaphysical studies.


seed of life and love


The Seed of Life is a stage before the Flower of Life which produces the Fruit of Life. The Fruit of life is the blueprint of the universe; it contains every atom, molecular structure, life form and eventually everything in existence. The Seed and Flower are heavily associated with the Biblical prophet Enoch and the Archangel Metatron that Jewish mystical medieval literature states that Enoch became.  The seed of life was completed on the sixth day of creation.

The six sided hexagon is fashioned by bees in honeycombs – it is the most efficient form of storage with the least amount of materials.

Water crystals freeze into hexagonal shapes.

Water memory of the word Eternal.
Masuro Emoto

Water memory of the words Thank you.

Six is both the sum (1+ 2 + 3) and the product (1 x 2 x 3) of the first three numbers, for this reason, 6 is considered ‘perfect’.

The six days of creation in Genesis parallels the sum 1 + 2 + 3;  on day 1 light was created; on days 2 and 3 Heaven and Earth were created; on days 4, 5 and 6 all living creatures were created.  The 7th day was a day of rest.

The number six is ruled by Venus, giving six the vibration of compassion, social consciousness and balance within flux.

Those with life path six want to maintain harmony in the self, family and community at large – they are creative, loving healers and seek to be of service.  This is a number of adjustments – sixes make great counselors and teachers, who walk the path of truth and justice.

Sixes are here to learn personal balance – how to avoid over-sacrifice and a tendency to try to save the world.   Blessed with an abundance of creativity, charm and charisma, sixes are well-liked and have many friends.  Having an innate talent for business, they are savvy in the fields of material supply and demand and money comes easily to those sixes who use these talents.