Focus on UNITY


If you are a life path 1, you are the root force of life, birthing new life from seed.  Number one is ruled by the Sun, symbolizing the life force, spirit, the center of self.

Ones are full of new ideas, challenges, demanding freedom of action and thought.  They want to be captain of their own ship, first across the finish line.  Ones have strong willpower, and operate on pure raw energy.  One is a positive, masculine, outgoing number of pioneers.

One = UNITY.  

When vibrating low, ones can be domineering, impatient, ruthless, selfish and too impulsive.  High qi ones are innovative and creative, they initiate and inspire others to succeed as well.  

Ones work best alone, they are very driven to succeed – they advance in life through sheer determination, competition can bring out the best (or worst) in them.  Ones hunt for new opportunities, they actively broaden their horizons – quick and decisive, they are ahead of the game.  Ones are focused on the finish line – eyes on the prize !
live long and prosper

3 thoughts on “Focus on UNITY

  1. Fantastic image.
    I am a one life path and creative, original ways is always where my mind is at. “This is a fascinating concept. Where can I take it?” Competition just makes me want to run away. I like working alone the best as I can explore my own trajectory without having to explain my impulses. I quickly disregard ‘what is’ to pioneer a new approach. I have a balsamic moon and have that sense that what I feel now will have value in a future time. The Hundredth Monkey syndrome is my balm. 🙂

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