Twin Tricksters

Mercury in the natal chart is
communication and perception
how you think, learn
sight, hearing, self-expression

Mercury is closest to your solar force
he / she
is the messenger of
your ego

Mercury is dual in nature
androgynous, curious
adaptable, alert and anxious

Mercury rules youth, siblings, neighbors.
Written words, travel, maps
ambidexterity, jesters and bees.

Autographs, cars, bubbles !
breathing, contracts and detours
are Mercury in motion.
Mercury is well placed in intellectual air
fast, thoughtful and social

Mercury in fire is
outspoken and inspiring

Mercury in water is
thinking based in feelings

Mercury in earth is
practical, slow and steady
Mercury rules calculation, dialects, critics
fingers, forgetfulness and hay fever.

Mercury shows where you are
curious, intricate and ingenious
it is your house of ideas. 

Mercury can indicate
insomnia, mimics, and tricksters.

Mercury sees patterns, mirrors,
it rehearses, reiterates,
Verbally and Nonverbally.

Mercury is subtle,
it brings tidings of temperature and tricks
vertigo and violets.

Mercury rules the tongue, traffic
and whispering.