Hands-on Healing

imageMary-El Tarot

Upcoming Chiron direct has led me to dig a little deeper into healing. 
Good healers tend to have the Sun in a fire sign or Scorpio.  Uranus and Neptune strong indicate absent or faith healing, the kind of healing used in reiki attunements across time and space.

Naturopaths are strong in Virgo and Scorpio, they tend to have natal charts that show adaptability and magnetism.  Magnetic healers tend to have Scorpio strong at birth, with Sun or Rising, or Neptune in good aspect to Venus and Mercury, Jupiter trine Moon, or Mars in the 12th in good aspect.  Also note hands are Mercury ruled.

Symptoms of the ill often fluctuate with the magnetics of both the body and the earth, worsening at night when the Moon (feeling) is the stronger luminary force.  Also because healing often is taking place with the assistance of another, know that those with harmonious rising signs/6th house/Saturn aspects will indicate compatibility and therefore, greater healing exchange.  The energies will support one another, allowing greater trust, energy exchange and speedier healing to occur.

I drew a card with the question:
What need we know to help us heal with Chiron’s direct motion ?

We must free ourselves from the prisons of our own minds.  The reverberations of doubt that echo must be shaken.  Change your perspective, see your situation from a different vantage point.  Perception shifts will open the door to knowledge that will change you forever.  Keep your eyes on the outcome, not the distractions that slow your progress.  Know thyself.  Be true to your brave heart.
Chiron moves in square to Sagittarius Venus, quincunx Uranus in Aries.  Higher seeing experience/knowing meets fresh new mindsets ala Aries.  Be the change.

imageNext question:
Easier said that done.  How do we begin to go about it?

Know their are wheels within wheels of Fire.  Creation, destruction, transformative power manifested on the material plane so we may experience and grow. This is the hero’s journey we call life.  Inspiration, sweat, blood and tears that form and shape the energy of our souls. We live, we learn.
Rise above everything, see the world from a divine perspective.  This is you and your life: falling on occasion, once again rising to meet your destiny, your true greatness.

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.
Serbian proverb

Just keep swimming
Gneiss Moon


say-it-outloud-1New Moon in Virgo coming Monday (interp here) so I thought it would be a great time to mention not only thoughts (Mercury rules; also Gemini and Virgo) but also voice (Taurus and Venus rule voice; Venus also rules Libra).  Click image 2x for biggie size.

New Virgo Moon chart is Venus ruled and Venus is in the 11th (Uranus rules, natural chart) in exact trine to Uranus Rx in the 7th (Venus rules, natural chart).  Venus is also squaring Mars/Saturn exact conjunction in the 2nd (Venus rules, natural chart) indicating an obstacle to overcome, an inner need to change habits & get creative with problem-solving.

Venus is also quincunx (inconjunct) Chiron in the 6th (Virgo rules, natural chart).  The wounded centaur turned healer, herbalist, philosopher, teacher, leader and mentor of heroes looks to change UP via health or character – likely BOTH.  Venus and Chiron can inform each other from completely differing perspectives – Leo Venus WILL create, Pisces Chiron will BELIEVE.

Old cuss Capricorn Pluto is quincunx new birth Leo Jupiter – Unlearn what you have Learned.

I know.
Can’t go two days without a Yoda quote around here.  (or Han & Leia for that matter)  heh.

Also worthy of note: Gemini Hephaestus (2212) is square Virgo New Moon from the 8th – Mercury rules both signs.  Asteroid Hephaestus signals forgiveness, craft, cunning and skill.  Blazing a trail and rising to create your destiny – despite rejection – despite emotional and physical difficulties. These aspects support re-forging your life via hammering though personal ‘perceived’ difficulties by better using the power of thought and voice.

Think about it !  You can achieve maximum manifestation by setting your mind, heart and voice to the correct vibration from the start !

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  – Marianne Williamson

Peace & Love
Gneiss Moon

poles of perception

The observant few will note this lecture is 6+hours. 
haaa No, I do not think anyone but the McKenna freaks will give it a go, but it IS loaded with mind expansion ideas.  I fall asleep listening to lectures all the time, packed 9th house, Mars in Sag at the backdoor.  Facts seep in while I sleep.

I think of Uranus square Pluto as the Shaman square Wizard transit.
We are working out our personal power expressions, honing our skills, sharpening our blades, streamlining our moves.

Terence is a 12th house Scorpio Sun Venus Jupes, I dig him.  He barely takes a breath in this, dude has plenty to say about journeying.

A bit from Ralph Metzner who is speaking at the intro.  I paraphrase here, but it’s the first 4 minutes or so…

He disagrees with Jung who said alchemists project their unconscious into matter.  Metzner says ancestral mythologies are consciously projected, what we have been taught is already surface material.  Our projections are a combination of both conscious and unconscious.

What he says after I find fascinating because it speaks to the psychic boundaries needed when you are a sensitive, psychic, empath.
Whatever you call it, you are tuning IN.

Think water houses Cancer/Moon, Scorpio/Pluto and Pisces/Neptune.

Projection and perception are the two poles or processes of intention.
We need to cultivate reception or more specifically apperception – or the ability to assimilate what is incoming via Fully Conscious Perception. (Uranus)

Discernment between what is coming from within and what is coming from without (Saturn is the closed door) keeps the psychic healthy, our intentions & manifestations impeccable.


Curing Chronic Cairns

Thunderbird Moon Art Card by Joe WilsonMoon  Joe Wilson

So yeah, hope everyone out there is doing fabulous for Full Lunar Eclipse, tax season, Uranus square Pluto nearing Rx station, though if you are just hanging on by a thread, you are not alone. 
I am having my share of body issues with some heinous Saturn/Neptune transits. Feeling exhausted by the slightest effort when my brain is finally whirling with clarity and wants to write, complete and explore a million ideas is not my idea of fun, but I am rolling with it as there is no other option at this time. 

Or is there ?

No big secret Virgos are health conscious neat freaks, but being one of the late 60’s variety, I am really socking the life lessons away with this perfecting square.  Venus is moving towards Chiron which is another whole Chronic emotional / spiritual / mental health issue I have been working on for. what. seems. like. ever.  So I will share what I have been reading watching and learning of late on my own healing journey…

In the interest of Lunar and Solar – one is a bit woo woo; the other more science based.
Both are worthy of exploration and end up meeting in the middle.
Truth is truth after all

First: Theta Healing (founded by Vianna Stibal)
Theta is REM dream sleep (4 – 7.9 Hz) primo for healing and access to unconscious mind and deep behavioral changes.  I wrote re: Theta here in Deep in the End Zone.

This healing modality works on 4 levels.

CORE – beliefs from conception to present
GENETIC – DNA / cellular memory going back 7 generations
HISTORY – past lives, morphogenetic fields, group memories
SOUL – completely individual past life memories

I love how in the video below Vianna says that each pain or health issue serves some life purpose – consciously or subconsciously we are creating it.  Very similar to the old astrology axiom:

The body is the end terminal for difficulties.  If handled on the mental and emotional levels, they need not manifest on the physical level.  Individual vibrating to highest self saves pain and suffering.



Vianna takes a Theta journey through 7 Planes of Existence, directly tapping into healing from source.

1  non-organics
2 organics
3 humans animals
4 spirit
5 duality: negative entities, egos – angels, Council of 12, ascended masters
6 Cosmic Laws –  here on a previous post, Vairagya
7 Pure Energy of Creation

There is of course, gobs more in her books, this is just a peek to get you thinking.
I’ll pop the 7 planes meditation in the comments.

Sun Joe WilsonSun Joe Wilson

Next up is Dr. Lissa Rankin, the daughter of a doctor who is an MD herself, she had a Saturn Return (right around age 30) from hell that changed her whole life path.
She wrote Mind over Medicine.

Saturn kicks asses to the curb – BIG WALL, BIG TEST – been there, done that.
Do the work, don’t give in, get stronger – Life becomes so much more authentic.

Lisa highlights a need for a whole healthy life


health surrounding the

Inner Pilot Light
Work & Life Purpose
Financial Health
Mental Health

Health in all these areas will lead to PHYSICAL wellness.  Symptoms disappear as we become less stressed, more relaxed and happier.   Seems obvious, yes ?  I love to hear it from a Doctor’s standpoint.  Fantastic !  So two vids from her as well.  Love the story she tells below about the happy gardener, wine-maker who beat the odds given him.

Happy Healing !
Balance and Grace and Peace on the Planets

LoS LyonsCairns
Salmon Fest – Lyons, Co.  09.2000


Red_Heels_by_HallucinogeniusRed Heels by Hallucinogenius

Seems I won’t ever tire of strange feet pics/posts, eh ?  Weird foot pics is de rigueur, Aqua on Venus ruled 2nd, Venus square Neptuner in 11th.  My tastes in art runs the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I have been working more at my day job, wacky hours, less posting and now my lingering foot issue has worsened.  Neptune rules feet; Aquarius, ankles.

I am having an issue with my right ankle and it shows in my transits:
T. Saturn on biggie Neptuner in Scorp 11
T Neptuner square natal Mars in Sag. T.
Uranus direct applying square to Prog Mars in Capricorn in 11.
Prog Moon in Aqu square Mercury in Scorp.

feet mugs 009Artist unknown near Louisville, KY ? – bought in record store years ago.

Here is where it gets frustrating – Neptune loves to play hide and seek.

Neptuner in hard aspect is a test between delusion, illusion – – healing, transcending via healing arts.  Health wise, Neptooney makes misdiagnoses and hard to pinpoint symptoms/cures very likely.  (I have already had weird migrating foot pains this year – very odd – I reiki, they wander.) 

My natal Neptune is under (hard) square (in fixed signs) indicating not only stress, but also that I am facing something I avoided in a past life.  I know there is much I am still processing from this life as well. 

Psychosomatic: emotional and mental stress manifesting in the body.
In every chart, there is always a way out of difficulty, both in the natal and by transit.

In my natal I have plenty of Plutonic energy to shapeshift.
Currently T. Uranus is trine my natal Mars in Sagittarius by the backdoor. 

feet mugs 004
I am off to do some shamanic work, rogue reiki, sound healing, etc….

If I am not posting as much, you know why. 
I am off to sculpt my emotional, mental, physical, spiritual healing across all dimensions of space and time via Plutonic energy.

Look to Scorpio & Pluto in your natal for where you can shift your metamorphosis into high gear. 




Chrysanthemum Parthenium / Tanacetum parthenium

Masculine, Venus, Water

Primary: Libra, Taurus
Secondary: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Common names: Febrifuge plant, Featherfew, Featherfoil, Flirtwort, Bachelor’s Buttons

Medicinal:  analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, aperient, aromatic, bitter, nervine, stimulant.

Magickal: Carried for protection against illness.

Feverfew comes from the latin ‘febrifugia’ which means driver out of fevers.
It is used for inflammations and hot swellings.  It is helpful for both migraines and rheumatoid arthritis.

Feverfew has an ancient reputation as a pain reliever.

Migraine sufferers indicate Feverfew is effective in reducing both the number and the severity of migraines.

Headaches can be caused by stress, grief, anxiety, glandular deficiencies, too much white sugar, coffee – and they can also be triggered by odd smells and allergies.

If you have Saturn in the 1st house, Saturn in Aries, or Mars in hard aspect to Saturn, you may be more likely to suffer from headaches.

To be most effective, the leaves of feverfew must be taken daily as a preventative rather than when the headache begins.

Ways to prepare it:
Chew fresh leaves daily.
Simmer 5 leaves in 2 cups boiling water for 15 minutes, sip 2-3 times daily.

I encourage you to do your own research about feverfew before using.
Here’s a bit to get you started…

National Institute of Health

* I am not a medical doctor, informational purposes only.


Rocket Fuel

Get your mitts.
I’m pitching theory.
Thoughts and feelings are disjointed, so this post will be as well.

A friend posed this question today: What is your favorite sound ?
Didn’t even have to think about it, I knew in an instant.

What is your answer ?

Pause for the cosmic divinity of the macro made micro.
Then look at your natal and see it written in the stars.

Mercury rules sound.  Venus rules favorites.

Where do they live..?  What does that sign rule ?  What do these planets aspect ?
You can take it from there.

You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine…


SoOo I know we are all dealing with a head full of past. 
To what degree you are dealing with it depends on your chart.

South Node is dovetailed nice and neat between Jupiter and Venus Rx.
Retrograde anything looks over the shoulder at the past.

When Venus retrogrades, she turns her gaze to past loves, past $$, past creations – while conjunct Jupiter, an enormous amount of brainpower is directed towards visionary philosophies – in Gemini the THINKER, our brain gerbils are running the Venus turnpike supersonic style 24/8. Yes, Beatles ref.

Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Gemini is nitpicking the hell out of our philosophies.
(Yes, there is Jupiter hell, Jupes is not always happy-go-lucky: if the aspect is harsh, extravagance can kill you.)

What is worth keeping as we step into the future…?… the Martian blade culls the brainwreckage of past flotsam & jetsam brilliantly as Venus Rx, South Node and Jupiter sextile Uranus.  Uranus will shake the past off – unexpectedly, brilliantly, lickety-split !

Genius interpretations of metamorphosis – fresh beginnings are scattering in visionary ways in all directions !   

Bungled Jungle

ALL thoughts are wired for weird and running amok at the mo.

Everyone is lotusing.

Cancer Mercury moves to trine Uranus – whatever you are feeling ~ and whoa. Cancer Mercury has been giving the feelings a good think/wank – is ready to hit the ground running when Saturn and Venus station direct.  And Mercury enters fire in trine to Uranus in fire – that is the think tank on steroids ~>

Monday 25th
Saturn stations direct 3:01am CST,USA at 22 degrees Libra
Mercury enters Leo 9:24pm – a fire sign, thank goddess !

Wednesday 27th
Venus stations direct 10:07am CST,USA at 7 degrees Gemini

:::This is your captain speaking:::
Saturn stations direct in Libra in 1 – Venus stations direct in Gemini in 3
:::atmosphere is unstable in the houses of air:::
:::energies are in flux:::

The Plutonic metamorph in progress will kick it up a notch or twenty – SNAP !
Grab your cleats, cinch up the straps get your brain in gear ~ stay positive !


I gave myself a ginormous motha of a tarot reading today from the Book of Doors.
It was stunning. 
Again – one card blew my brain a 180.

Mercury coming to trine Uranus
Uranus square Pluto Rx

Some background….my former husband came over yesterday so we could have a ceremony and release the ashes of pets.  Four boxes of dead pets { 2 labs (bro/sis), 2 tortoiseshell kitties } were in my basement – seriously is this not totally apt for the current astro ?   Why keep dead pets ?  I know it sounds weird, but first he wanted me to wait, then I moved, then I worked 7/7 for 3 years, organizing is finally on the agenda.  It was time.

This multi-Virgo (Virgo rules pets) was a bit of an emotional wreck, so I called a gal who fancies cats like me, I knew she would get it – she is always so nice to my friends.  It turns out she was in a sacred earth place – one of my favorite places on earth – I forgot the time, it is a sore spot of longing I try to distance myself from, I purposely do not dwell on many things.

Next thing you know (my natal Sag Mars quintiles Uranus, which tr. Mars was conjunct) out of my mouth popped something that surprised me.
Totally unplanned – out of Uranian  left field of course  – yet somehow perfectly timed.

So I awoke this am aiming to embark on a massive divination session, fueled with plenty of cold-brewed java.
Here is the card that came up when I asked the sacred earth energies  to reveal themselves.

For those of you who know – you know who you areyou will understand.
For those that do not, I am not going into it.  I will however, tell you about the card.

Family of Earth
Hapi ::the hidden one::

An influx of positive energy  bringing renewal. 
Uranus in Aries, anyone ?

The fluidic energy of astral work. 
Perienne and I were just speaking of breath; fluidity of Aquarian / Uranian ethric, astral energies.

The joining of opposition in harmony.

Hapi the god of the Nile is inscrutable.
‘He cannot be brought forth from his secret abodes, for the place wherin he is cannot be known.’

How very Aquarian: fluid, cerebral, zings of insight & intuition from the astral plane.  Aquarians KNOW but they can’t tell you HOW THEY KNOW, they just know it from balls to bone.  Yes, Matrix ref.

The Kings represent North and South Egypt – double gods.  Twins.
The North god wears a papyrus crown, the South god a crown of lotus flowers.

When shown as one god, he holds both the papyrus and the lotus vases from which he pours the Nile, representing the constellation Aquarius.

Is this not the octaves of flowing communication ?
Mercury rules Gemini – Uranus its higher octave rules Aquarius.
Mercury is coming to trine Uranus.

The knot pictured is a symbol called the ‘haty’, it produces the flow of the Nile, which conveys vital energies – symbolized by the lungs, breath, heart and the blood to the North and South.  ‘this is the center of respiration, the ligature of ‘spirit’…with the living and nourishing fluid of the blood.’

Mars trines Jupiter and Venus Rx – and South Node in thinking, breathing Gemini. We are breathing in our Sagittarian North Node quest ::: releasing the Gemini South Node wreckage.
Virgo Mars
the blade is packing our Jupiter baggage into the future, get me ?
Travel light and positive ~ * higher vibrations * ~

Be vigilant of thoughts – thoughts create future action.
When Mercury reaches Leo the intellect will be in trine from fire sign to fire sign.
Action will be taken – be fair, think wisely before engaging hyperdrive.
Mars is in earth and ready to manifest thought, as is Pluto – we are in overdrive people !

That is the heart of the matter. 

Gemini rules lungs – left and right.
Leo rules the heart – left and right ventricle.

Balance.  Duality.
Saturn exalted in Libra stationing direct; lessons learned.
Venus stationing direct in Gemini; love and fairness hardwired in the brain – check.

Lower mind Gemini grows into the opposite sign – higher mind Sagittarius.
Reading and study morph into exploring and experiencing.

The personal will of Leo grows into the opposite sign –  the will of earthkind Aquarius.
Electromagnetics of the heart morph into electromagnetics of the earth, the etheric electromagnetic connection between all life, everywhere.

The South node dovetails between benefics  Jupiter and the freshly baked Venus. Venus was recently infused with the vibes of hope :: the Spiritual Sun/Son – the center – of respiration in Gemini during the occultation of Venus.

The union of lungs (air) and heart (fire) :::
 The union of thought and loving actions manifesting together for all earthkind.

It occurs to me that Uranus square Pluto is the rocket fuel we need to get our sorry South Node asses off planet to the new horizons of a better future via North Node in Sagittarius.

Allons-y !