poles of perception

The observant few will note this lecture is 6+hours. 
haaa No, I do not think anyone but the McKenna freaks will give it a go, but it IS loaded with mind expansion ideas.  I fall asleep listening to lectures all the time, packed 9th house, Mars in Sag at the backdoor.  Facts seep in while I sleep.

I think of Uranus square Pluto as the Shaman square Wizard transit.
We are working out our personal power expressions, honing our skills, sharpening our blades, streamlining our moves.

Terence is a 12th house Scorpio Sun Venus Jupes, I dig him.  He barely takes a breath in this, dude has plenty to say about journeying.

A bit from Ralph Metzner who is speaking at the intro.  I paraphrase here, but it’s the first 4 minutes or so…

He disagrees with Jung who said alchemists project their unconscious into matter.  Metzner says ancestral mythologies are consciously projected, what we have been taught is already surface material.  Our projections are a combination of both conscious and unconscious.

What he says after I find fascinating because it speaks to the psychic boundaries needed when you are a sensitive, psychic, empath.
Whatever you call it, you are tuning IN.

Think water houses Cancer/Moon, Scorpio/Pluto and Pisces/Neptune.

Projection and perception are the two poles or processes of intention.
We need to cultivate reception or more specifically apperception – or the ability to assimilate what is incoming via Fully Conscious Perception. (Uranus)

Discernment between what is coming from within and what is coming from without (Saturn is the closed door) keeps the psychic healthy, our intentions & manifestations impeccable.