as the crow flies

CrowMurat Sunger

Crow Totem showed up just a few minutes ago, Mars rules crows.

Mars has been on my mind lately for more resins (omg ironic typo) reasons than one.  Neptune is square my natal Sagittarius Mars by the backdoor, in addition to biggie natal Neptuner. I am positively steeping in fog and mysticism
I am here ::: not here under this transit.

Eg. my gal pal had to rewind 3 times before I could hear a line in Game of Thrones last night.   wtf ?!?  I was listening….it’s just Neptune fuzz – gotta deal.  I do seem to be handling the low energy better + divination has skyrocketed, even for me.

There are 5 species of crows, one of which is the raven.

crow hitching a ride Hyeongchol KimHyeongchol Kim

CROW appearing signals CHANGES.
They live in the void, seeing past, present and future simultaneously.
They unite the light and the dark – the inner and the outer worlds.

Crow is one of the smartest of all birds, CROWS USE TOOLS.
They have been observed both manufacturing and using a hooked tool made by plucking and stripping a barbed twig.

Crow is a cool totem message since my Sagittarius Mars (tools) trines Aries Saturn (USE); transit Mars is opposite natal Saturn.

Crows deliver spirit messages from the world beyond the veil. 
Crow is a member of the songbird family due to its voice box structure.  Crows have potential vocabularies as large or larger than parrots via mimicry.  They have an extensive vocal repertoire including: alarm, feeding, rally, comeback, fight calls and courtship calls.  Crows mate for life.

Crows are experts at adapting to survive.  
They are omnivorous scavengers, eating almost anything they can swallow.

Crows are sentinels clever, watchful, keen-eyed students of the worlds around them – both physical and spiritual.
Crow helps unfold the ancient mysteries, open the gates to the supernatural. Crow Wisdom in tandem with silence and contemplation will deliver the spiritual balance needed to become a true practitioner of personal power and magick.

Crows are shape-shifters who can bend the laws of the physical universe.
They have the ability to grasp complex ideas and philosophies.

Elder spirits bring crow prior to a test – if the test is passed, a great message will be given to the seeker.  To the alchemist, the crow stood for the condition produced when all the elements had been separated out.

Crows have attributes of: trickery, skill, cunning, bringing knowledge, magickal illusions, mental shape-shifting.

One final message for all my readers from crow:
photo 49
Cool Crow Augury here


Know Thyself

John Collier-priestess_of_DelphiJohn Collier – Priestess of Delphi

Myth has it that to find the center of the world, Zeus sent out two eagles at opposite ends of the Earth – they collided at Delpi, leading Zeus to declare Delphi the omphalos or navel of the world.  Delphi’s initial fame later spread well beyond Greece as the site received Mediterranean-wide recognition as the premier divine oracle.

On Mount Parnassus in Greece, an oracle was recorded as present from as early as 1400 B.C., though the Delphic Oracle associated with Apollo reached the height of fame near 1600 A.D.  The sanctuary at Delphi was constructed in the 8th century BC, and the final prophecy given around AD 393, after Roman Emperor Theodosius ordered the closure of all pagan sanctuaries.

According to Diodorus Siculus the first oracle appeared to a shepherd of the region who stumbled upon a chasm or fissure in the rock.  The shepherd and his goats began to feel and act strangely.  The shepherd fell into divine trance and began to foretell events.  Word of the site spread, leading others to flock to divination mountain.

Greece is ruled by Capricorn and Virgo.
Mountains are Capricorn; fissures are Uranus/Pluto; gasses, divination are Neptune.

Ancient authors claim that bird-watching and entrail-reading, two of the most popular forms of divination, actually began at Delphi. Fortelling by the casting of lots (stones, bones, dice) and the interpretation of flames – a form of divination called Pyromancy  were also common at Delphi.

Delphic Oracle Kylix by rhe Kodros painter 440 to 430 BCEDelphic Oracle Kylix by rhe Kodros painter 440 to 430 BCE

According to the Homeric Hymn to Apollo the site was eventually conquered by Apollo.
In Greek mythology, Apollo (Apollon) is the god of divine light who drove the sun across the sky in a chariot.  Apollo is also god of prophecy and oracles, song and poetry, music, healing, archery, and the protection of the young.  He is usually pictured with a wreath and branch of laurel; bow and quiver; raven; and lyre.

Apollo slayed the holy serpent / dragon named Python (the rotting one) given to Delphi by the Earth Goddess,
 Gaia.  Python was Gaia’s ransacking son who stood guard while the sibyl gave prophecies.  After Apollo cleared the countryside of Pythons widespread destruction, he served an eight year penance as a cowherd, only to return with his priests from Crete – his cult was called Delphinios aka dolphin or porpoise – hence, Delphi was born.
Note: To commemorate the triumph of Apollo over Python, Delphi organized the Pythian Games – athletic events (precursor to the Olympics) which were held every four years.

Apollo_Killing_the_Python Hendrik GoltziusHendrik Goltzius

Curiously, Delphi may also derive from the greek words delph hollow, or perhaps delphis, womb – ironic in that Delphi was the only Apollon temple where females were allowed to give the gifts of the god via oracle. The Pythia was originally a young virgin, but later a wise crone – if the female was married, she had to relinquish family for temple work. 
Upon Apollo’s arrival, the matriarchal decrees of the priestesses of Gaia, were tempered by the presence of his chosen priests.  Apollo killed the serpent (some think the snake represents matriarchal power), keeps the oracle, and the Oracle is then known as a Pythia in honor of killing the serpent who guarded the sacred Castilian springs

The Pythia would fast, cleanse in the sacred spring, enter a chamber in the lower temple, adyton (inaccessible room), where she would inhale the pneuma, or sweet smelling vapors.  Historical accounts claim the Pythia was trance-induced (channeling) by vapors from a chasm below the temple or from chewing laurel (bay) leaves, which she is often depicted as holding.   Worthy of note: in greek, pneuma is synonymous with divine breath, or spirit of the gods.

LaurelBayLaurel aka Bay leaves:
Masculine, Sun, Fire – diaphoretic, emetic, narcotic, stomachic

Do not consume the leaf.  Lore tells that chewing bay leaves and breathing the steam rising off a simmering pot of laurel aids in all forms of divination.  Bay can often be found in incense and dream pillows.  Bay is an excellent purifier, a guardian against sickness, when planted near the home it wards off negative energies.  Use bay leaves in cooking to enhance psychic abilities, speed healing, clear psychic sludge, promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Öèôðîâàÿ ðåïðîäóêöèÿ íàõîäèòñÿ â èíòåðíåò-ìóçåå gallerix.ruCamillo Miola (click to enlarge) The (Delphic) Oracle

The Pythia, a virgin from the local village selected in ceremonies that established her as Apollo’s choice, sits atop the sacred tripod as the Delphic oracle. To the left is the omphalos, the most sacred object at Delphi, regarded as the center of the earth.  A plinth on the right bears an inscription describing Apollo’s conquest of Delphi with the Cretans, who became his first priests.

The prophetess went to the tripod on the sacred seventh day of each month, the day of Apollo’s birth, nine months of the year, to await the god’s inspiration; her inspired utterances were later interpreted by a priest. The ancient Greeks considered the Delphic oracle, both Apollo’s divine prophecy and the prophetess through whom it was spoken, the final authority on almost any matter, whether religious, political, or social.

temple-of-apollo-at-delphi-giovanni-ruggeroGiovanni Ruggero – Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Pilgrims and envoys to the Oracle formed a procession that climbed the Sacred Way to Apollo’s temple, where they would pass three temple inscriptions:

Nothing in Excess
Know Thyself
Go bail and ruin is at hand

The Pythia’s response from deep trance was rendered into classical hexameter verse, then passed along to the seeker.  The Delphic Oracle reached popularity on a grand scale, advising all: heads of state, philosophers and common people from across the Mediterranean and beyond.

Historical and mythological timelines of the Oracle here.
Catalogue of Delphic Responses here.

oracle matrixAsteroid Pythia 432 – This asteroid (discovered 12.18.1897) has a 5 planet Sagittarius stellium of late degrees Sun, Mars, Venus conjunct with early degrees Saturn conjunct Uranus opposing Pluto, Pythia and Neptune conjunct in Gemini all Rx.
Long distance communication, moral codes and higher philosophy is most definitely the name of the game with this asteroid.

I was curious, popped in the latter asteroids listed below though they had not yet been discovered or named – Apollon and Delphine dovetail neatly between Libra Moon and Jupiter all trine Pluto, Pythia and Neptune while in square to Capricorn Mercury.  Sedate, balanced proclamations, good common sense, feminine instinct, understanding coupled with truth-seeking travelers flocking to the tricky, Mercurial Mountainous earth sight.
Sagittarius Mars quintiles Libra Jupiter – Men and Women + Goddess and Gods working together to provide divine guidance.

Pythia obviously indicates where psychic power rises in your natal chart – in addition it indicates where on earth you channel your best, brightest intuitions with the help of Gaian energies.

Asteroid Apollo 1862 – This asteroid (discovered 4.24.1932) has an Aries stellium of Mercury, Mars and Uranus as well as a T-Square: Taurus Sun focal planet square Leo Jupiter opposite Aquarius Saturn.  Solid creative exuberance lead by an impulsive child-like curiosity.  Cancer Pluto squares all that Aries, while Jupiter trines it – explosive impulses lead the way to whammy emotional transformation – via women, the public, the masses; Jupiter has faith enough to try again.

Flirty Gemini Venus opposite Moon delivers any and all communications into compromise mode, especially re: money, women, relationships, the public.  The Temple of Apollo placed women at the forefront of the public, and of course, those seekers with a backing of wealth quickly were ushered to the head of the line.  Waving Plutonic power around does not always sit well with those who arrived first.

Sun is also placed in a grand trine with Neptune and Moon while opposite Scorpio Apollo – highlighting mysterious female lead divinations for the public (shared power), as well as dependable enlightened service over hundreds of years.

Asteroid Apollo indicates a place where reckless mistakes are made over and over with wild abandon – mistakes which lead to metamorphic emotional enlightenment.  It is a place of child-like curiosity, naiveté and unbridled enthusiasm for life, regardless of difficulties.

Asteroid Delphine 3218 – This asteroid (discovered 9.24.1960) features a 1 degree Libra Sun conjunct asteroid Apollon as focal points in an out-of-sign T-Square with late Sagittarius Jupiter opposite early Cancer Mars.
Power to the Women – Right On !  This indicates travelers incoming to both participate in public athletic events and receive divine guidance that brings harmonious outcomes.

Leo Uranus quintiles Scorpio Neptune – unusually creative, mysterious divinations from the gods.  Pythia lands at 0 degrees Virgo conjunct Pluto which trines Capricorn Saturn – she was in transformative service to the masses across centuries.

Late Aquarius Chiron forms an out-of-sign grand trine with Libra Venus and Mars in Cancer while it opposes Uranus and Pythia.  Women held a place of importance at this sight/site which has vast humanitarian implications – women in this sacred sanctuary changed the course of history, the Delphic Oracle spans the ages.  Oracles assist, they guide, they help shift perspectives like cosmic chiropractors. 
Think in terms of the fissure or chasm that collectively brings people together in hope, fellowship and enlightenment.

There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.  – Leonard Cohen

Think Neo – the oracle isn’t the only oracle – how about genius spoon boy in the waiting room ?!  While peeps waited on line for the oracle at Delphi, I guarantee you there were other oracles right alongside popping out gems right and left. 

Asteroid Delphine is where you desire to win, to beat your personal best, where your heroes journey, your spiritual quest draws you to like-minded truth-seekers in order to heal via fellowship. 

delphic ruins

Scientists have found that the vapors rising from the fault fissure were ethylene, a colorless, flammable gas having a sweet taste and odor which is a naturally occurring hormone in plants – inhibiting growth, promoting leaf fall and ripening fruit.

According to traditional explanations, the Pythia derived her prophecies in a small, enclosed chamber in the basement of the temple –  if the Pythia went to the chamber once a month, as tradition says, she could have been exposed to concentrations of the narcotic gas that were strong enough to induce a trance-like state.  Nat’l Geo

Oracles enhanced by narcotic gas – what a fantastic representation of Neptune !

I felt compelled to write of this prior to Scorpio Full Moon on my Neptuner, wanted it up at GMA then, only to finish today when whoa – ck it out…

Pythia is currently conjunct Sun at 28 Taurus; Capricorn Moon trines both
Apollon Rx is at 7 degrees Virgo exact opposite Neptune at 7 Pisces
Delphine is at 17 Virgo exact opposite Pisces Chiron at 17 Pisces

Cool, yeah ?
The Divenusian

Frost speak

ice divination 005

Jack Frost Divination

I am working from the backdoor, snow day tomorrow due to wind chills of – 40.
Catching up on lots of work, quiet Pisces Moon stuff.
Moon into Aries
Monday 7:45pm UTC

Here’s a quick card draw for energies, enlightenment.
You interpret, your way – like the Rorschach snow above.

Pisces Moon 002

First card is from the Osho Zen deck.
Sorrow offers a hidden gift.
It delivers alertness and times of intense transformation.

Cardinal square anyone…?
Seems very Pisces Moon, Jedi Zen Masters etc…

Second card is from Soulcards, you interpret yourself

ice divination 006
back to work
see ya

moving in betweens

For New Virgo moon 003

Your wish is within reach try to gain it.
Fortune cookie
Do or do not, there is no try.

Interesting dark moon, yes ? 
I consulted with : my garden, Archeon Tarot, Runes, Aleuromancy.
I wanted to know what we concentrate on for best New Virgo Moon results.

Thursday 5th
New Moon in Virgo
6:36am CST, USA

Ace of swords lives on the mental plane – Mercury and higher octave Uranus – communication across the electrical grid that connects us all.

The electric spark of all life forms create Human Ley Lines across the earth.
Thought, pen and sword – All are mighty.
We are co-creators.

Sun and Mercury (rules Virgo) are in navel gaze dark moon mental reset mode, esp with Sun opposite Chiron the bridge between thought and execution – wounds and the healing of them.

Sun opposes Chiron – how do we make peace with those we have wounded, with the part of ourselves that cannot reconcile hurting those we love, the imperfection of making mistakes ?

No muss, no fuss – Virgo works out the kinks quietly.
Recognize, reconfigure, RISE UP.

Much lurks underneath with Plutonian (death card) metamorphosis & Saturnian  restructuring holding hands with North Node of Destiny while in trine to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron the teacher, philosopher wounded healer, the seeker, the mentor urges us to face the wreckage, pick up the pieces and rebuild. 
Bionic steampunk – better, faster, stronger.

Virgo sees the dots, the connections in the web of life – – analyzes, invents, carves a practical path of healing by solving problems from the ground up. 

Virgos are the queens of self-improvement.
When they have that task in hand, they then mobilize forces to improve the situation, working ever outward from a center of diligent focus.

Heimdall’s Aett (change)
Nauthiz is the rune of Urgency and Need
Delays and resistance leading to strength and the power of will to overcome.
Exercise patience for survival.

Natural garden maters spoke to me of
Double bodied signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. 

Mutable in nature, they more easily move between the driven to achieve and be first in all things Cardinals – and the more stable, stuck in a rut, building, finishing Fixed signs.
They see and move between both sides, they are dual in nature.

Right now, healing and higher octaves of it are mutable and moving.
Best results are arrived at by thinking it through via daydreams and night dreams – logically, intuitively – one step or sword at a time.  Quietly lay plans that will come to meet the material plane on the New Moon in Virgo.

New Moon (conjunct Sun) trines metamorphosis and also sextiles expansive Jupiter in Cancer for a kick of beneficial new starts and expansion in home; family, feelings, public matters; structured work and achievements, goal set transformations, passionate power rebirth – penetrate deeply now where you will focus your most growth through daily rituals over time.  SEE what you want to FEEL, what you DESIRE to ACHIEVE.

Where attention goes – energy flows.

When Moon is New in Virgo – take the reins and yeeHAW


Raw Nerve

Talking boards, specifically the “Ouija or Egyptian luck-board” has been around since Ohioan Elijah H. Bond, was granted the patent on February 10, 1891.  So the Ouija is actually the boring board from Baltimore.

Ouija is a combo of the words for Yes in French and German.
A name calling forth communication – y  e  s  ?
As spiritualism grew in popularity in the mid 1800’s, so did the talking board – via ‘home circles’, or séances, table tipping, tapping / rapping ghosts, etc…

At an antique store I once saw a séance chair. 
It was wicked cool.
It was a small box with a teeny tiny stuffed wingback chair with an itty bitty light at the foot of the chair.  There was a carved indent in the chair arms where the photo of the loved one would sit.  You know, gotta make spirit comfy for the séance, and all … interesting gadget, haven’t seen another since.

No money for a Ouija or freaky séance chair…?  Spirits aren’t picky…my old roommate at uni would rip little pieces of notebook paper, write the alphabet, spread them out on a table and use a glass like the pic below.

Voila instant Ouija.

She was an Aquarius, when we would use it, that sucker would be moving it out –
! snap !  The connection with the other side was strong with us.

Most of my experience came with my friend in High School, who like me, wanted boy info on the sly.  We experimented with it, sometimes we would get good info, sometimes gibberish – it just depended on who was coming through.  Maybe we had a non spelling Neanderthal Man on the line ?  …who knows ..?  lol.

We would always ask personal questions about the spirit, their family, background, how they crossed over – that sort of thing.  Three reasons – one, curiosity, two, politeness and three, who are we dealing with here ?   Not necessarily in that order, mind you.

One stand-out session, we fell deep into conversation with a spirit, the connection grew stronger and the planchette was moving superfast, the letters tumbling forth in a rush.

That was the night Ouija predicted my future relationships. 
All of them.
The names came pouring out like a waterfall…it was so weird…much of it didn’t make any sense to me at the time.  Now I KNOW what it was talking about.

The one that was most telling was the name of the senior track star in my school.  You guessed it – sexy Sagittarius. (Sag rules thighs, running)

I was a freshman at the time, and didn’t give him a serious thought, he was out of my league.  We never spoke, it was a ridiculous notion that sprung forth from the talking board.
Yeah, whatever.
Fast forward about 10 years into the future, we are at the same party, he is staring at me from across the room and boom – we’re hitched.

Back to the Ouija…
Names were not all we got…we also got – you guessed it – the other polarity of Uranian spirit communication. 

Positive and negative is ALL URANIAN – so count on it – you are gonna get both.
Like it or not.

Saw that comin’ didn’t ya…?

Touched a raw nerve on the talking spirit board, we did.

Soon, sex and cursing became the focus topics, LOW energies were released, raucous and running rampant.  Who or whatever we were talking to got hellaciously pissed off –  %#$@*& Volcanic Curses  &#^% came spewing forth, the planchette  moved faster and faster and flung itself off the board several times.

It” was obsessed with communicating the evol.

Screw that – we’re outta here.
We ditched it – we had better things to do than sit around getting cursed at by some dead freak show.  …And besides, track star dude hadn’t asked me out…and all those guys…everything it talked about… it wasn’t true anyway.



Question Girl

Several years ago at fest-i-val, I was hangin’ out with one of my westies (Herd- west coast branch) who was dosed.  I should have figured, but didn’t, I was happy to see him and was asking how he had been doin’ since I had last seen him. One too many inquiries and I was dubbed “Question Girl”.  lol

It made me laugh.  It makes me laugh now too – because now I KNOW I am Uranian.
 Sun conjunct Uranus elevated, biggie Neptune in 11, Mars in 11 quintile Uranus
…and, I also have Mercury at MC.

Mercury and Uranus are the octaves of QUESTIONS –
lower and higher, respectively.

Mercury is inquisitive – Uranus is curiosity run wild !

Find Mercury and Uranus in your chart:
you will question everything of that house  / sign / aspect.

One thing about the talking board, any question is fair game – we’ve dialed the other dimension.

Hello ?
 H   e   l   l   o
omg hello who is this?

Don’t remember the name of who came through the first time I used the board, what I do remember is this – because yes, it ALWAYS comes to this – we didn’t consciously move the planchette.

My very first experience was a double-blind.
Lemme explain…I was around 11 years old, I had NO IDEA what day my brothers birthday was.  My Mom didn’t know what I asked because I DIDN’T TELL HER – it was a silent question.

When she answered “you asked your brother’s birthday” – my jaw dropped. whoa.
We have communication.

Holy &$%@ !!


Sun, Merc and Mars are in Aquarius ya know.

Automatism: We are moving the planchette, but don’t realize it.

Technically termed, ideomotor response.  Similar to automatic writing – the answers come from our subconscious – the board becomes a tool, a medium for our psychological meanderings.

Spiritualist:  These messages are straight from the beyond, the spirit world, another dimension, from those beyond the veil, the dead who are somehow still living.


Modern Ouija

^ This one is for sale, click through for the link.


boring board

I remember my first Ouija board.

My Mom gave it to me. She is Cap Sun, Scorp Moon, 2 grand trines, a kite with Venus opp Neptune, plus a mystic rectangle and a T-square with Uranus as focal point.
ha, yeah.

I was not quite a teenager, had never seen one and thought what kind of lousy game is this ?  One piece – ?  Boring !  She saw the look on my face and began to explain. She told me to ask a silent question that she would know the answer to.  Ummm..what …?

So I humor her, ask the board SPIRITS what is my brothers birthday.
Long story short.  They were right.

Of course then I grow a noggin FILLED with questions that need answered IMMEDIATELY and she has to get up and make holiday dinner.

Uh – !  Hello !
Drop the tool to open the door of the spirit world in my lap and walk away ?!
 Uranians. lol.
I was carrying it around all day pestering her.

Her early Aries Uranus opposes all my curious late 9th house Virgo junk (Sun/Ura/Plu stellium).
…more later…

Happy Virgo Moon all