Raw Nerve

Talking boards, specifically the “Ouija or Egyptian luck-board” has been around since Ohioan Elijah H. Bond, was granted the patent on February 10, 1891.  So the Ouija is actually the boring board from Baltimore.

Ouija is a combo of the words for Yes in French and German.
A name calling forth communication – y  e  s  ?
As spiritualism grew in popularity in the mid 1800’s, so did the talking board – via ‘home circles’, or séances, table tipping, tapping / rapping ghosts, etc…

At an antique store I once saw a séance chair. 
It was wicked cool.
It was a small box with a teeny tiny stuffed wingback chair with an itty bitty light at the foot of the chair.  There was a carved indent in the chair arms where the photo of the loved one would sit.  You know, gotta make spirit comfy for the séance, and all … interesting gadget, haven’t seen another since.

No money for a Ouija or freaky séance chair…?  Spirits aren’t picky…my old roommate at uni would rip little pieces of notebook paper, write the alphabet, spread them out on a table and use a glass like the pic below.

Voila instant Ouija.

She was an Aquarius, when we would use it, that sucker would be moving it out –
! snap !  The connection with the other side was strong with us.

Most of my experience came with my friend in High School, who like me, wanted boy info on the sly.  We experimented with it, sometimes we would get good info, sometimes gibberish – it just depended on who was coming through.  Maybe we had a non spelling Neanderthal Man on the line ?  …who knows ..?  lol.

We would always ask personal questions about the spirit, their family, background, how they crossed over – that sort of thing.  Three reasons – one, curiosity, two, politeness and three, who are we dealing with here ?   Not necessarily in that order, mind you.

One stand-out session, we fell deep into conversation with a spirit, the connection grew stronger and the planchette was moving superfast, the letters tumbling forth in a rush.

That was the night Ouija predicted my future relationships. 
All of them.
The names came pouring out like a waterfall…it was so weird…much of it didn’t make any sense to me at the time.  Now I KNOW what it was talking about.

The one that was most telling was the name of the senior track star in my school.  You guessed it – sexy Sagittarius. (Sag rules thighs, running)

I was a freshman at the time, and didn’t give him a serious thought, he was out of my league.  We never spoke, it was a ridiculous notion that sprung forth from the talking board.
Yeah, whatever.
Fast forward about 10 years into the future, we are at the same party, he is staring at me from across the room and boom – we’re hitched.

Back to the Ouija…
Names were not all we got…we also got – you guessed it – the other polarity of Uranian spirit communication. 

Positive and negative is ALL URANIAN – so count on it – you are gonna get both.
Like it or not.

Saw that comin’ didn’t ya…?

Touched a raw nerve on the talking spirit board, we did.

Soon, sex and cursing became the focus topics, LOW energies were released, raucous and running rampant.  Who or whatever we were talking to got hellaciously pissed off –  %#$@*& Volcanic Curses  &#^% came spewing forth, the planchette  moved faster and faster and flung itself off the board several times.

It” was obsessed with communicating the evol.

Screw that – we’re outta here.
We ditched it – we had better things to do than sit around getting cursed at by some dead freak show.  …And besides, track star dude hadn’t asked me out…and all those guys…everything it talked about… it wasn’t true anyway.



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