Question Girl

Several years ago at fest-i-val, I was hangin’ out with one of my westies (Herd- west coast branch) who was dosed.  I should have figured, but didn’t, I was happy to see him and was asking how he had been doin’ since I had last seen him. One too many inquiries and I was dubbed “Question Girl”.  lol

It made me laugh.  It makes me laugh now too – because now I KNOW I am Uranian.
 Sun conjunct Uranus elevated, biggie Neptune in 11, Mars in 11 quintile Uranus
…and, I also have Mercury at MC.

Mercury and Uranus are the octaves of QUESTIONS –
lower and higher, respectively.

Mercury is inquisitive – Uranus is curiosity run wild !

Find Mercury and Uranus in your chart:
you will question everything of that house  / sign / aspect.

One thing about the talking board, any question is fair game – we’ve dialed the other dimension.

Hello ?
 H   e   l   l   o
omg hello who is this?

Don’t remember the name of who came through the first time I used the board, what I do remember is this – because yes, it ALWAYS comes to this – we didn’t consciously move the planchette.

My very first experience was a double-blind.
Lemme explain…I was around 11 years old, I had NO IDEA what day my brothers birthday was.  My Mom didn’t know what I asked because I DIDN’T TELL HER – it was a silent question.

When she answered “you asked your brother’s birthday” – my jaw dropped. whoa.
We have communication.

Holy &$%@ !!


Sun, Merc and Mars are in Aquarius ya know.

Automatism: We are moving the planchette, but don’t realize it.

Technically termed, ideomotor response.  Similar to automatic writing – the answers come from our subconscious – the board becomes a tool, a medium for our psychological meanderings.

Spiritualist:  These messages are straight from the beyond, the spirit world, another dimension, from those beyond the veil, the dead who are somehow still living.


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  1. Seems I was about 11 when my family introduced me to the board.. I had good and bad experiences.. but the bad ones left me freaked, so my hands are forever off the board. Spiritualist theories rule here. The dead keep on living.

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