boring board

I remember my first Ouija board.

My Mom gave it to me. She is Cap Sun, Scorp Moon, 2 grand trines, a kite with Venus opp Neptune, plus a mystic rectangle and a T-square with Uranus as focal point.
ha, yeah.

I was not quite a teenager, had never seen one and thought what kind of lousy game is this ?  One piece – ?  Boring !  She saw the look on my face and began to explain. She told me to ask a silent question that she would know the answer to.  Ummm..what …?

So I humor her, ask the board SPIRITS what is my brothers birthday.
Long story short.  They were right.

Of course then I grow a noggin FILLED with questions that need answered IMMEDIATELY and she has to get up and make holiday dinner.

Uh – !  Hello !
Drop the tool to open the door of the spirit world in my lap and walk away ?!
 Uranians. lol.
I was carrying it around all day pestering her.

Her early Aries Uranus opposes all my curious late 9th house Virgo junk (Sun/Ura/Plu stellium).
…more later…

Happy Virgo Moon all