Necessity Moon

entropy_by_doomburg-d55pxhfAsher Dumonchelle

We spoke all night in tongues,
in fingertips, in teeth.

Robert Hass

I once knew a significant demarcation in my life.
Sleeping before & Awakening after
No more.
Knowings spiraled, wove within me, my DNA.
Genetics, mutated.

As dawns light rose again and again
I fell with the darkest nights
 I learned.

Clarity struck infinitely bridging past and future
Now is Then is Will Be
Unified Electrical Neural Heart Energy Grid
nanonet neoterics

  Tesseract – tried, tested, true.
Traditional transcendence 

Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Feelers find, fuse auras freely in the aetheric realms

 Pinpoint, meet, match – boundaries blurred, restored

Love Transcends

Gneiss Moon

Saturn is necessity, Moon is Mother
Uranus is invention, Venus is Love
Pluto is Divine Will and Superhuman Growth


Not all who wander are lost.

Federico Bebber

Aries Uranus as focal point of a T-square with Cancer Sun & Capricorn Pluto.
How are we all doin’ with that one folks ?

All of the 3 are at 8 degrees – whoa.
Regeneration and metamorphosis. 
*snap*  (Tardis Door opens) 

The cosmic dredge is in full force with Sun Cancer as part of T-square: clan issues, tribe mind and how can we work as a team when all I really want is you outta my face ?

What is moving underneath the surface of still waters…?  Waxing Moon in Scorp adds a dark zing  to the edge of the knife blade that is pruning the past relentlessly.  Supercharged Arian growth is pulling out all the stops while the gunk rolls and churns up to the surface for air.

Virgo Mars is moving to activate Pluto as well, so zen is primo deluxe real estate.
Life as racquetball is the new zen.
Define and find your bliss, or define it as you bushwhack your trail ~> learn how to juggle, ricochet hits from the blind side, create a new sport, pick up a new skill set – whatever you need to, but this astro is demanding full throttle growth, make no mistake.

Jupiter is conjunct S Node and Venus and they are squaring Neptune retrograde.
*my natal chart is a blinking, buzzing pinball machine of late *
Seriously people, if I can make it through this astrohand of cardsso can you.

Appreciate the small moments that ring like a bell. 
Connections of synapses between like minds. 
I met an Aquarian tonight who knew the ins & outs of retail chit-chat…we hit it right off, of course !  I passed him the astro ball, and being a curious Aquarian, he caught it and ~ swoosh ~ right through the net.  cool.  Pssst… buy the yo-yo, Iron Man soon.  :O)

Nick Veasey 

Uranus rules X-Rays.  Pluto rules vacuum tubes.
X-Rays = high voltage electricity passed through a vacuum tube; through resisting substances which causes efflorescence.

See through to the heart / crux of sticky situations.  
No, I don’t mean Scorp Moon psychic spying, I mean personal insights.
Neptune, Pluto and Chiron Rx are creating the vacuum (passive stance) while Uranus shakes it loose and Mars in late Virgo wields the blade – who honestly has the TIME to engage with fuqtards at the mo ?
Firing on all cylinders – a bit busy – cut to the chase.
For those sending pass-agg messages : Game plan here is locked, loaded & on schedule – I am doing it MY WAY.  ya dig ?  O&O.

X-rays cannot penetrate the earth’s atmospheric gases. (Uranus rules both)
Aura strength is determined by sextiles and trines to Uranus.
Currently, Uranus sextiles the benefics Venus and Jupiter in thinking Gemini.

We are all doing etheric bodybuilding at the mo –  personally AND Earthwide.
Octaves of thought, communication, and intuition are in trine.
Left brain & Right brain are operating from a heart based perspective.

Our Aura is Growing.


purple haze

A friend of mine once told me he could tell I was in a good mood because he could see purple lights around me.

He was a cool guy…quiet…known for being pretty zen (he showed up as Gandhi one Halloween), so not too surprised he could see my aura.

In the right light I can see a faint haze of color around people, and Ravi Shankar had an aura I could see plain as day.

Kirlian photography , also called corona (aura) discharge, is a high voltage, contact print photography. The process is simple. Sheet film is placed on top of a metal plate, called the discharge or film plate. The object to photograph is placed on top of the film when High voltage is applied to the plate momentarily to make an exposure. The corona discharge between the object and discharge plate passes through and is recorded onto the film.  When the film is developed you have a Kirlian photograph of the object.

Interesting isn’t it, that the organic mushroom looks much more lively and healthy ?!  Raw foodies won’t be shocked to see raw uncooked veggies seem to have the best auras.
It was also noted that where an amputated finger had been removed, the aura of the missing finger still showed up in the photo.  This lead me to a fascinating article by Rupert Sheldrake concerning phantom or amputated limbs still having a connection with the physical body.

I recently had a computer reading that is called Aura photography, but is more a bio-scan of stress levels.  It will shoot out a color report of your ‘aura’ – complete with graphs and scales of how active each chakra in your body is.
I had a few bucks to blow, and I was curious to see what was up.
What- are you kidding me- ?!  If it’s weird, I’m in !  lol.

So of course, I had to experiment with some crystals and stones in the photo to see if it changed anything.
I am holding a very clear blue fluorite and a lodestone (bottom left), which changed the intensity of color a bit.

I intentionally fuzzed out the pic so the colors are the focus, so to speak.
(Snowy Owl mask for Pluto transiting my 1st…)

It appears I have a high-frequency aqua-marine aura.
A scored of about 90 out of 100, meaning my aura travels farther than most.  Maybe you have seen it out & about…?
50 on root chakra, 60 in sacral, 80 solar plexis, 90 heart, 95 throat, 95 third eye, 90 crown.
Primary colors: blue = depth, green = manifestation
I am drawn to blue and green stones, Neptune (blue) squares to Leo (heart, green)  I feel they fortify me somehow, it’s hard to explain, but they feel good.
Recently I grabbed a pyrite for a few days when I needed grounding, (it is carved in a heart shape-ha irony !) and it was soothing. Keep in mind Saturn (rules rocks, earth) rules my chart.
Despite the fact that I am full of earth, I am constantly trying to guide my Neptune, so I keep crystals all over me and my house and I feel it helps.

I am also glugging quite a lot of my homemade clematis essence (helps to ground dreams into reality) that I specially harvested during the last Pisces full moon.

Aquamarine aura means compassionate, peaceful nature, easy flowing relationships.
Giant Neptuner ? ~ bingo!
Also of note with further reading I see it is the color most indicative of polarities.  This I find very interesting, as I have been told by an intuitive that I AM here to learn about polarities.  That lodestone I am holding in the pic – magnetic.
My Uranus is oriental, conjunct Sun and Uranus rules magnetics and polarities.
My Mercury is at Mid-heaven and Mercury is dualistic.

What color is your aura ?