Not all who wander are lost.

Federico Bebber

Aries Uranus as focal point of a T-square with Cancer Sun & Capricorn Pluto.
How are we all doin’ with that one folks ?

All of the 3 are at 8 degrees – whoa.
Regeneration and metamorphosis. 
*snap*  (Tardis Door opens) 

The cosmic dredge is in full force with Sun Cancer as part of T-square: clan issues, tribe mind and how can we work as a team when all I really want is you outta my face ?

What is moving underneath the surface of still waters…?  Waxing Moon in Scorp adds a dark zing  to the edge of the knife blade that is pruning the past relentlessly.  Supercharged Arian growth is pulling out all the stops while the gunk rolls and churns up to the surface for air.

Virgo Mars is moving to activate Pluto as well, so zen is primo deluxe real estate.
Life as racquetball is the new zen.
Define and find your bliss, or define it as you bushwhack your trail ~> learn how to juggle, ricochet hits from the blind side, create a new sport, pick up a new skill set – whatever you need to, but this astro is demanding full throttle growth, make no mistake.

Jupiter is conjunct S Node and Venus and they are squaring Neptune retrograde.
*my natal chart is a blinking, buzzing pinball machine of late *
Seriously people, if I can make it through this astrohand of cardsso can you.

Appreciate the small moments that ring like a bell. 
Connections of synapses between like minds. 
I met an Aquarian tonight who knew the ins & outs of retail chit-chat…we hit it right off, of course !  I passed him the astro ball, and being a curious Aquarian, he caught it and ~ swoosh ~ right through the net.  cool.  Pssst… buy the yo-yo, Iron Man soon.  :O)

Nick Veasey 

Uranus rules X-Rays.  Pluto rules vacuum tubes.
X-Rays = high voltage electricity passed through a vacuum tube; through resisting substances which causes efflorescence.

See through to the heart / crux of sticky situations.  
No, I don’t mean Scorp Moon psychic spying, I mean personal insights.
Neptune, Pluto and Chiron Rx are creating the vacuum (passive stance) while Uranus shakes it loose and Mars in late Virgo wields the blade – who honestly has the TIME to engage with fuqtards at the mo ?
Firing on all cylinders – a bit busy – cut to the chase.
For those sending pass-agg messages : Game plan here is locked, loaded & on schedule – I am doing it MY WAY.  ya dig ?  O&O.

X-rays cannot penetrate the earth’s atmospheric gases. (Uranus rules both)
Aura strength is determined by sextiles and trines to Uranus.
Currently, Uranus sextiles the benefics Venus and Jupiter in thinking Gemini.

We are all doing etheric bodybuilding at the mo –  personally AND Earthwide.
Octaves of thought, communication, and intuition are in trine.
Left brain & Right brain are operating from a heart based perspective.

Our Aura is Growing.


6 thoughts on “Not all who wander are lost.

  1. All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.

    – J. R. R. Tolkien

  2. Hi there again! I am curious to know what you think about the T square with Mars focal point, squaring Mercury (Taurus) opposed to Neptune( Scorpio). If you like to debate please let me know so i can give you more details.

    • Scorp Neptune is elusive, it fogs and dissloves what it touches. Toro Merc needs to have dependable honest communications. Slow and steady. Mars will operate best if Neptune is honest and transcends the lower vibe of Scorp. Power play and manipulation possible – high qi : aspect of steady inspired actions & communications

  3. Zing zing zing…let the bells ring.

    I love the images. They take my breath away, breathe.

    Your words are perfect and resonating. I started reading this last night, feeling stunned on the couch, trying to space but my partner wanted chat. I got as far as: ‘ all I really want is you outta my face and laughed out loud. Stress dissolved. I relaxed into my evening with him.

    I am feeling the Sun, Uranus, Pluto as being caught tight in a cat’s cradle. Too many demands and so I am shedding them as much as possible. Let it all go and be a tuning fork for now.

    I was amused that the time the Uranus /Pluto was exact a retired radiographer, I was sharing a couch with in a cafe, was giving me his view of life and x-rays. This soon opened up into a lively discussion with everyone around debating the nature of our current times. Strangers gathering together for a meaningful moment in time.

    Love the quote. When Sun, Pluto, Uranus lined up we had the most incredible frost that lasted half the day. We were held in a white winter wonderland or wander-land.

  4. Laughing at the timing, haha glad I could help !
    Awesome, the Tuning Fork , lovely audio-visual. I have been quietly working much of the day, listening to my late degree tr. Mars on natal Sun that needs to organize and cull. Moving furniture into studio, and getting ready for more big time changes over forthcoming vacation. What a coinky-dink you were also talking x-rays….I love it ! I always wanted a pair of specs when little so I could *see* bones ! Your frost sounds so lovely, weather just broke here – has been near 100 degrees all week. Just in time so we could all swoon from heat + squares, lol !

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