skin speaks the stars

Masha Terentieva

This is such a lovely picture…so tranquil…

I was thinking of posting about skin, since I have had some people asking about it.
Since we all have skin (Saturn) or sensitive skin (Aquarius), I thought everyone might find it interesting.

Complexion is ruled by Venus and Libra.  Mars causes inflammations to the skin, Mercury and Uranus afflictions can cause damage to the nerves of the skin.  Pisces ASC can give pale skin, while a rosy complexion is both fire signs and Sun and Mars prominent.  Sun in Taurus can give swarthy complexions; aspects to Saturn make the complexion lighter or darker.  Albinism is Saturn, but also Uranus due to genetics and the eye problems/skin sensitivities that often accompany albinism.

Freckles are due to a predominance of iron in the skin (Mars rules) and Mars prominent at birth, such as Mars in the Ascendant or rising or a Mars influence or or sign on the ASC.  Mars rising in Aries tends towards a face full of freckles and fiery red hair, though there many other signs of freckles, this is the most common.   (I have Mars rising, and there are freckles spread all over me, but less than the lovely woman above, as my Mars trines my Saturn and I am Capricorn ASC.)

Curly hair is principally given by Scorpio; thick hair is given by Sun.  Straight hair is influenced by a strong Saturn and weak Mars.

Moles appear when the body part (check rulership of body) is not afflicted by Mars.
A few examples from ye olde skool texts:

::: Marks or blemishes other than moles are indicated by ASC, MC and 6th house
::: Moles are influenced by Sun unafflicted by Mars; and by the Lord of the houses above
::: Masculine sign & planet on the ASC, Jupiter on ASC = mole on the right side of the face.

Interesting, yes ?  I will be back with a little more later…


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  1. Interesting! I have Mars on my first house and i have some freckles, but a friend of mine haveving Capricorn ASC and Mars in 1st house has none! I knew curly hair might be also given by Leo…but i’ll check what you said about the Scorpio influence.
    Thank you for this interesting post!

    • Hi kaali ! I think it is interesting too, at one point I compared some celebrity moles, but it is hard given photos are so often flipped in the press. It drew my interest because my Mom and I have identical left eyebrow moles. Weird, huh ?!

      Also I have very sensitive skin, Neptune most highly aspected in Scorp 11.
      Definately yes on the Leo hair thing. Bon Jovi is on here and he is a 5th house Pisces Sun, so it can show up in a variety of ways, fun to investigate them, yes ?!
      I have a ton of curly hair with (Venus/Jupiter) in Leo on 8th.
      You are welcome, let me know what you find out… Astrology – the world’s largest survey continues, lol !

      • First off, my apologies for all the spelling errors above.
        My typing skills are atrocious with my chart ruler Saturn Rx (restriction) on the 3rd house (of dexterous, agile Gemini) … in Aries, Saturn falls, and mine is retrograde as well. The ideas are solid, the typing not so much – I wrote quickly over lunch. Trying to funnel Uranian bolts onto the keyboard as quickly as they come pouring in proves to be a hurdle I am still wrangling with.
        Thanks for your patience, and on with the show…

        At bit more on body marks…
        – malefic planet a little above, or a little below the ASC = a mark or mole high up on the face
        – malefic falling lower below the horizon = a mark near the middle of the face; lower still means the mark is on the bottom of the face or neck.
        – feminine sign and planet rising = mark on the left side of face

        Taking this a little further, I have Cap ASC (feminine rising) Saturn Rx in 3. Two prominent scars on my left hand.

        Dimple in the chin = Venus strong at birth. (Certainly fits Viggo -under actors in drop-down- and his Libra stellium, and my brother, who had a 2nd house stellium) Venus also rules dimples in cheeks, my ex husband had a 2nd house stellium and fits that bill.

      • Hello Gneiss Moon and thanks for your reply. From my point it’s a long story with the moles but what i found from my trip in India was surprising. Some of them can find out from your moles the planetary position from your chart. For instance one having a mole near to the belly button can show a planetary position in Cancer, like Mars in Cancer ( in indian system) or Cancer rising or any other significant planet aspecting the ASC. Extending i thought if we would know more on this we could use the moles location even for rectifying the time of birth for a natal chart.
        I got some documents related to moles and planets and i would like to share them with you if you want, just let me know how.
        Related to your and your Mom’s eyebrow moles, makes me think of a similar Moon in Aries or eventually Taurus in western/vedic astrology.
        Looking forward to knowing more from you!

      • Very interesting, thanks for sharing ! I would love to hear more, thank you for the kind offer. my email :
        Another oddball astro thing: my Saturn Rx ruler in 3rd trine Mars in 11 ::: I often crack my knuckles to release the CO2. This buildup may be caused by loose ligaments both of which are ruled by Saturn and Mars. (see link below)
        As far as the matching moles , my mother has Uranus in Aries. It is in Mars house and a weird coincidence….so maybe..? haha

  2. very interesting. ive always found fire signs to have especially rosy and glowing complexions (especially leos of course haha). i also noticed capriocorns and aquarius’ tend to have sensitive skin. another trait with scorpio women i’ve noticed is that they tend to be the palest in their family and also have widows peaks and long noses.

    • Hi Saturniandreams
      My Mom is A Cap with sensitive skin. Interesting about the widow’s peak… I have one, am pale with a long nose. I am not a Scorp, but big planet in Scorp squ 2 planets in 8, Pluto aspects both luminaries. Plus I love the dark. I know a few Scorp risings, they all have half closed eyelids with a sexy come hither look.

      • yes heavy scorpio influence definitely shows that mysterious seductive look. i only know one person with scorpio rising and she definitely fits that description. her sun is in leo so she has alot of spunk, but she is so laid back and chill, very scorpion effortless. your post inspired me to write a little poem and i don’t write poetry! tell your mom i know how she feels, im also a cap with sensitive skin

      • Wonderful it inspired you to write !
        While at uni a girl said she was afraid to ride the elevator with me…! Once she got to know me she described me as a real pussycat. Now I laugh knowing my astro – is purrrfect ! Leo on 8 with benefics !

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