skin speaks the stars

Masha Terentieva

This is such a lovely picture…so tranquil…

I was thinking of posting about skin, since I have had some people asking about it.
Since we all have skin (Saturn) or sensitive skin (Aquarius), I thought everyone might find it interesting.

Complexion is ruled by Venus and Libra.  Mars causes inflammations to the skin, Mercury and Uranus afflictions can cause damage to the nerves of the skin.  Pisces ASC can give pale skin, while a rosy complexion is both fire signs and Sun and Mars prominent.  Sun in Taurus can give swarthy complexions; aspects to Saturn make the complexion lighter or darker.  Albinism is Saturn, but also Uranus due to genetics and the eye problems/skin sensitivities that often accompany albinism.

Freckles are due to a predominance of iron in the skin (Mars rules) and Mars prominent at birth, such as Mars in the Ascendant or rising or a Mars influence or or sign on the ASC.  Mars rising in Aries tends towards a face full of freckles and fiery red hair, though there many other signs of freckles, this is the most common.   (I have Mars rising, and there are freckles spread all over me, but less than the lovely woman above, as my Mars trines my Saturn and I am Capricorn ASC.)

Curly hair is principally given by Scorpio; thick hair is given by Sun.  Straight hair is influenced by a strong Saturn and weak Mars.

Moles appear when the body part (check rulership of body) is not afflicted by Mars.
A few examples from ye olde skool texts:

::: Marks or blemishes other than moles are indicated by ASC, MC and 6th house
::: Moles are influenced by Sun unafflicted by Mars; and by the Lord of the houses above
::: Masculine sign & planet on the ASC, Jupiter on ASC = mole on the right side of the face.

Interesting, yes ?  I will be back with a little more later…