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6th House
Natural House of Virgo
Mercury Rules
(Chiron may rule)

Personal responsibilities, daily details
work and service
 practical magick, housewitchery, cleanliness
health and diet
analyzed and categorized
neatly, succinctly and efficiently.

Virgo rules the bowels, the solar plexus
their job is to
separate chaff from the wheat
in every field, everywhere

preparation and assimilation of food
cafeterias, canning
raising livestock

civil servants, the army
the common people, working class heroes
nurses and healers

crafts, clothing, nutrition
employees, tenants

public health, physical exams
and climatic conditions that affect health
all live in the 6th house

tedious work that is both detailed and practical
pets, subordinates, maids
cleaning and harvesting

medicinal herbs and herbalists
pharmacists and drug stores

fire departments

your emotional rescue
your rescue of others in emotional distress
is all sixth house Virgo

12th house
Natural House of Pisces
Neptune Rules

The seven seas
the number seven (a spiritual number)
the cosmos, past lives
the afterworld or life after death
it is
the collective unconscious, privacy, solitude
S   P   A   C   E

The twelfth house is
where, what and how
you believe
without a shadow of a doubt

It is mysticism, sacrifice
secrets or
anything confidential or hidden

It is sneaky, it ambushes
 it blackmails, bribes and deludes

It is drugs, bootleggers
jails and confinement
oil wells

as well as assassins and mob rules

Twelfth house rules hospitalization, serious illnesses
nuns, monks, monasteries
 and morgues

Losses, misery, hoaxes
fictitious names, fraud, forgeries
self – undoing and self – destruction
all live in the twelfth house.

Prisons, pain
sleep and sleepwalking

vapors, opium, drugs and alcohol
being under the influence

Twelfth house is suicides
smuggling and subversion
escapes, loneliness
anything intriguing or beguiling

It is orphans, sailors and spies
secret love affairs
detectives, feet, elephants
and exiles

Hidden in the twelfth is
poison, plagues

and cults
as well as being
enraptured under the spell of another

Twelfth house is also
high magick

rescue and healing done
on a worldwide scale

Meditation, reform and relief work
welfare, retirement
charitable institutions
narrow escapes
are all behind the 12th house curtain

Psychic phenomena, anesthetics



“You are not just the drop in the ocean.
You are the mighty ocean in the drop.”



open field

The Key – Whitley Strieber

I just got this book from the library today, and I am loving the unusual viewpoint.  I read Communion when it was released, loved Christopher Walken in the movie, find the whole discussion and subject of alien life forms simply fascinating. I have Sun conj Uranus/Pluto on the 9th and all the far – out wacko stuff calls me like a siren song, an irresistible magnetic beacon ~

Anyway, to the new book…it is based on an encounter Whitley had with a mysterious stranger who knocked on his hotel door late at night during a book tour and wanted to talk.  The book is an account of the intriguing conversation between Whitley and who he calls The Master of the Key. Much of what I have read so far (58 pages into 239) revolves around the energetic body and meditation as the path to higher consciousness.  Here is an excerpt:

Whitley :  What are psychics ?

Master of the Key : A part of the electromagnetic field that fills the nervous system rests a few centimeters above the skin, outside of the body.  This field is an organ just like the heart or the brain.  It is in quantum superposition, the electrons effectively everywhere in the universe and nowhere specific.  It may be imprinted by information from anywhere and any time.  With it, you may see other worlds, you may see the past and future, you may see the lives of those around you. [snip]
In psychics, there is either an inborn or learned ability to balance the attention in such a way that these impressions do not cause this organ to become focused into particulate form.  The ability to control this organ can be developed.

Fascinating, yes ? ! ?  Have you read it ? Let’s discuss !
There is lots of discussion on electro-magnetics, quantum physics, and spirituality.  You will find some of my posts on electromagnetics here.
I am off to read…perfect subject matter for Venus into Pisces ! Meditation is a 12th house (Pisces rules) study.
I have Sagittarius the explorer on 12, and spiritual Neptune most highly aspected ~ wheee !
Spiritual study a cha cha !  yippie !  xo


Red List

Endangered species Red List

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.  ~The Lorax

(Transit Mars in Virgo square natal Mars in Sagittarius 12th…I speak for the trees who have no tongues.)

Amin harmuva onalle e’ cormamin~