EwanEwan McGregor

I’m doing my bit for the women’s movement. The women have always been naked in movies and now I’m just desperate to take my clothes off as much as possible.

I fight cynicism. It’s too easy. It’s really boring. It’s much harder to be positive and see the wonder of everything. Cynicism is a bunch of people who aren’t as talented as other people, knocking them because they make them feel even more untalented. – Ewan

With my love of Star Wars, Obi-Wan had to come up on deck sooner or later, but I would be remiss if I did not also mention The Pillow Book.  This movie is truly a must-see.  Terrifically bizarre and beautifully crafted, it is unlike any other.

Ewan is a sixth house Aries with Libra rising, Venus (exalted) in Pisces 5th (Placidus) square a Neptune Jupiter (ruling) conjunction in Sagittarius.  Venus in 5th square Neptune/Jupiter is driven to be highly creative in a wide variety of formats.
Moulin Rouge singing and dancing meets sparing with sabers in Star Wars.

Obiwan-SoresuNeptune is nakedness/film, Jupiter equals a lot of whatever it touches. Saturn is cynicism, Ewan’s is well aspected, earth to earth – sensible, realistic.  Ewan has an 8th house Toro Saturn trine Mars and Pluto which is staying power to the max.  Saturn in a Venus house tends to loving rather than critiquing, exalted Sun in the 6th supports this brilliantly.

Gemini moon in the 9th is fluent in communications, especially emoting.  When Ewan is screaming to a turned Anakin, “you were my brother Anakin ! I loved you.” good lord, heartbreaking.  Moon square Virgo Pluto pumps that emotive power through the roof when it is called for.  Gemini moon is versatile, flirty as well as emotionally/intellectually quick.  Jedi mind tricks. heh.  Toss in a moon trine to Libra Uranus in the 12th (conjunct Descendant from the backdoor, 12)  for an wild intuitive sense, likely an expert at reading body language, signs, tracking.

Aspirational 2Exalted Capricorn Mars (3rd) is focal point of a T-Square between a Sun – Uranus opposition that rides along the Ascendant-Descendant axis.  Ewan has a strong sense of self.  (Uranus, Sun strong; Moon elevated)  Adventure, weird experiences and likely oddball work offers find him and are fielded, frequently.  Exalted Mars focal point is a very strong work ethic coupled with a desire to communicate.

Ewan also has Sun tightly conjunct Chiron in Aries, teaching by example is given full rein.  Healing qualities are sharply focused on work and positivity while doing it.  Living each moment well is its own reward.

lwrLong way Round and Long Way Down were exploratory trips taken and filmed while he and his friend, Charley travelled the world on motorbikes: London to New York going east; North of Scotland to Cape town, South Africa respectively.

Perfect expression of Ewan’s natal Neptune (film) conjunct Jupiter (world travels).
As is his adept portrayal of a Jedi master.  Neptune (zen) Jupiter (teacher).

May the Force be with You
Gneiss Moon

snowballs chance

Never tell me the odds by OKTotallyAndy Helms

Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.

This scene popped into my head first thing when I woke up.
Mercury is statistics, counting the numbers; square Mars in Scorpio, thoughts of driving straight into likely certain death.

Likes and dislikes are Venus/Uranus

Cancer Mercury is (out-of sign) square Mars in early Scorpio and will be closing the gap over the next seven days while Cancer Venus closes the square to Uranus Rx in Aries.

Venus square Uranus
attracts the sublime radical weird
squares motivate us to reach our highest actualization
Just saying.

May the Force be with You


Wars on Kinkade Digital Art by Jeff BennettWars on Kinkade – Jeff Bennett

So…is it just me…or is life itself a tad bit incongruous of late ?
haaa eclipse mambo WoOoHOOo

I used to do framing here and there, once worked in a refurbished gristmill selling wildlife art.  So very Saturnian, yes ?
Some folks love Kinkade, ‘painter of light’, bow-legged Amish stick figures, Caucasian looking American Indians – and I’m not one of them.

As you can imagine, I was happy to move on from that gig, I’m not such a good art liar with 8th house Leo Venus/Jupes in square to Neptuner.  I would regularly get tossed questions on the value of wildlife prints and duck decoys which were so not my forte. 

Hanging in my house was the wire helmet of an art school poet, Doug, who had worn it during a legendary performance art piece when he drank his own piss.  The helmet was then handed off to a friend who created a paper sculpture with dripping flesh hanging from it in protest to a large chemical company moving into town.

So yeah, incongruous.
Part & parcel for Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto.
You get used to it.  When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
So, on to the astro…

Cardinal Cross – starring Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn
Power Steering 2 eclipses here 15th & 29
Pluto Rx
April 14 Chicago 6:47pm
April 15 Cairo 11:45am
April 15 Wellington 1:45am

war_on_kinkade_01_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmek0Seven hits of Uranus square Pluto as follows:
1. 06 2012 – Pluto Rx – 8 degrees
2. 09 2012 Uranus Rx – 6 degrees
3. 05 2013 Pluto Rx – 11 degrees
4. 11 2013 Uranus Rx – 9 degrees

5. 04 21 2014 Pluto Rx – 13 degrees 
6. 12 15 2014 Uranus Rx – 12 degrees 
7. 03 17 2015 Both Direct – 15 degrees 

Uranus transits here.
Pluto transits here.

Perfecting the square forces us to run the obstacle course in the houses they transit.
I love the switch hitting retrogrades leading up to the last meeting when both are fully operational, all pistons firing in the same direction.
I do so look forward to that.

war_on_kinkade_07_by_rolanddeschane-d6rmedkAlso of note – these eclipses are, as previously mentioned, happening in
1 Libra
2 Taurus
BOTH are ruled by VENUS.

Another spin around the Rare Venus Occultation of June 2012 is advised.
That event happened June 5, these squares began shortly thereafter on the 24th.

Second, Venus is – as of today – in Pisces for this set of eclipses.
Venus is exalted in Pisces aka ringing like a love tuning fork – universal compassion, balance, justice, forgiveness, spiritual intelligence, inspired creativity, transcendent love.

Harmony is on the horizon – seemingly illogical quirks are required resets.
Relationship rules / roles are in a mystical metamorphosis phase.

Cardinals initiate – literally, initiate. 
We’re surfing the probation/purgatory, student/teacher apprenticeship eclipse waves.

Learning curves incoming – be resilient, diligent, vigilant.
Show your QUALITY, the very highest.

peace & love
Gneiss Moon

ps. Quality, ruled by Jupiter, is currently exalted in Cancer

Skywalkers, Stargazers


Mark Lone

You knew this day was coming.
More Star Wars.
Specifically, Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker.

There are a multitude of micro/macro perspectives to be gleaned from one natal chart.

It is very similar to reading a 36 card Grand Tableau where each card lands on a house, connects to another card on another house…all forming energetic connections, a web  that begins to take shape and flesh out the bones of the story.
Shift focus onto another card, the story also shifts focus.
Reading cards or charts is akin to seeing shifting rainbow facets of a crystal prism. 

I read Mark’s natal and see Mark’s life journey.
I read Mark’s natal and I also see the journey of Luke.
I wrote about this prismatic sight before here.
Kind of like..Jedi Mind Tricks !


Mark is a Libra Sun/Saturn, Leo Moon, Capricorn rising, Neptune at MC.
North Node in Pisces further indicates work in the creative arts is a natural choice.
As does Mars/Pluto in creative Leo, a signature of creative drive/metamorphosis, particularly in the 8th.

Uranus is in Moon-ruled Cancer conjunct DC in the 7th forming the focal point of a T-Square with Jupiter Rx in Aries opposite Neptune as well as Sun/Saturn in Libra.
The need for creative freedom in relationships, both intellectually (3rd/9th axis) and emotionally (Cancer) is highlighted with this placement.  Communication is paramount with oppositions falling across the 3rd/9th house axis.

Star Wars - A New Hope (1977) Factors Commercial Poster by  Hildebrandt


One way out of that tough T-Square is Aries Jupiter trine Leo Moon – learning creative flexibility. Moon sextiles Sun/Saturn elevated, allowing a way around the mountain or(Saturnian restriction to spirit/Sun), if you will.
Another way out is a sextile from Cancer Uranus to Virgo Mercury (strong, it rules) or inventive thought, or in Mark’s case, building (Virgo Venus out of sign conjunct Leo Mars) not only a career in film, but also a rich career in voice work.

I also popped in asteroid 8958 Stargazer, for my fave scene (I’ll pop it in comments) where Luke watches the binary sunsets on Tatoonie.  Asteroid Stargazer is just what it sounds like, named in honor of amateur astronomers who love to gaze at the heavens.  Mark has Stargazer in Gemini (ahem binary) trine Neptune (film) in Libra at MC, square Mercury in Virgo (he doesn’t have to say a word in that scene, we totally get it).

milky-way-bulge-5NASA/JPL-Caltech/ESO/R. Hurt

Also of giddy note : 3 Jupiterian Jedi facts !

1 Mark’s Chiron is tightly conjunct the Galactic Center in expansive, higher minded Sagittarius and rising aka strong. 
2 North Node of Destiny in Pisces (cosmic healing) is quintile (special talents, genius expression) Chiron in Sagittarius.
3 Leo Mars is in harmonious trine to Galactic Center, quintile Fortuna in Scorpio 10, art changing how the world sees USE of personal power.

First, Chiron interp, then GC.

Chiron is the wounded healer, teacher / philosopher / healer who through learning how to deal with his own pain, gained vast knowledge in herbal medicines, ethics and fighting.  Chiron trained heroes.
Chiron in Sagittarius trains a LOT of them.
Just sayin’.

To interpret anything, you first have to know what it is.
The Galactic Center is about 27,000 light-years from Earth, (see our Sun near the Orion spur above) filled with dust, gas, 22 million red giant stars and a
supermassive black hole called  “Sagittarius A”.  Not unusual, scientists say black holes are at the center of most galaxies.

Center of Galaxy via NASAImage credit: NASA/CXC/UMass Amherst/Q.D.Wang et al. 

This Chandra X-Ray image (above) shows three massive star clusters: the Arches (upper right), Quintuplet (upper center), and the GC star cluster (bottom center), which is near the enormous black hole known as Sagittarius A.  Cool, yah ?!

A black hole is mass is packed into a tiny volume, squished to its ultimate density.  Black holes create stable deformations in the fabric of spacetime that affects matter moving around them.* Gas swirling around a black hole acts like the record needle, but instead of producing specific sounds, it produces certain frequencies of X-ray light. *First clue.
X-rays consist of electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths shorter than those of ultraviolet rays and longer than those of gamma rays.

E magsScientists think that gas particles moving in warped spacetime near the black hole exhibit two types of motions, each giving rise to a unique frequency. One motion is the orbital motion of the gas as it goes around the black hole. This produces the 450 Hz frequency. The lower 300 Hz frequency is caused by the gas wobbling slightly due to the spacetime deformations. source

To understand what happens inside a black hole, we need to invent new physics. Mathematician Juan Antonio Valiente Kroon 

ESO center_of_Milky_Way_GalaxyThe image above spans the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius, with the Milky Way’s dusty plane along a diagonal.  Surrounding the galactic center are narrow threads known as nonthermal filaments (NTFs), the most prominent of which are called the Arc, the Pelican, and the Snake. source

So how to interpret Galactic Center ?

First we are in a barred spiral, the bulge (central) stars are normally older red stars,  dating back to our galaxy’s beginnings 13.2 billion years ago.  These stars lack heavy elements needed to create planetary systems and life as we know it.*
That’s the second clue.
 mentioned frequencies scientists find shooting out of black holes above. Sagittarius A is supermassive, likely producing 300 – 450 Hz (+ ?) as well. 

The frequencies for each chakra energy center are:
Root – 256 Hz
Sacral – 288 Hz
Solar Plexus – 320 Hz
Heart – 341 Hz
Throat – 384 Hz
3rd Eye – 448 hz
Crown – 480 Hz

Of the six holy frequencies (ravi solfeggio here) 431 to 600Hz is associated with whole brain quadrant interconnectedness, connecting relationships. Sounds like a singularity  to me.*  You ?  More on chakras here.  *Third clue.

You can see from the electro-mag diagram above the visible light spectrum is just a small fraction of the information incoming that we are currently able to consciously process without technology.  Advancements in science have allowed us to communicate globally, see through matter (X-rays), presumably when conscious energy reaches gamma and upward we can experience time / space / dimensional singularity as well.*

Boiled down, my interpretation of Galactic Center is:
Information incoming/outgoing, lots more information still out there/in here.
Spacetime / mind over matter.

Curious exploration coupled with optimism.
Wisdom through experience, and all that implies.
I’ll let you stew on that last one a bit… 

Mark’s Chiron conjunct GC, Leo Mars trine, and N Node quintile ?
I see the Jedi Master plain and simple.

Mark brought the role of Luke Skywalker to life – that character, and his struggle to expand his perceptions captures the hearts, minds and imagination of anyone who has ever hoped and dreamed of learning, seeing, and being MORE.
Luke embodies the hero’s journey we all are on in some form or fashion. 
See Joseph Campbell here.
We all strive to connect cosmic meaning to everyday existence – impatiently so, which is largely why our Earth is in such a mess today – desires run rampant rather than sense.  Once Luke makes peace within himself, he begins to make peace with everyone else – he becomes the hero in his own story.

Like I said in post 7 (Solo), (Vader here) Star Wars changed my life.  As far as posts go, I am nearing a grand, I wanted to wait until the universe moved me to write this very special one.  Mars is coming to conjunct Mark’s Sun; Pisces Moon/Chiron are smack on his N Node in Pisces.  Now might be a good time to mention Mark’s Jupiter is conjunct my Saturn Rx in Aries, just like both Doctor Who and my former husband.  It is a fantastic, hopeful, buddy on tour energy that really helps me keep going in dark times, I am not surprised my first Jedi has this gift for me !

A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. 

So I promised to tell you how I see Luke in Mark’s chart.
Uranus in Cancer (separation from home, family, mother – yes Mark also moved house many times while young, see how astro switch hits ?!) Uranus also rules adoption, and Luke was secreted away to live with his Uncle Owen on Tatoonie after Leia died.  Mark’s MC – Neptune aka the hidden, also spiritual intelligence aka Jedi. Uranus rules rebels – in Cancer, Luke’s family is full of ’em.

Surprise ! (Uranus) your quirky new droid (also Ura) has a message (sextile Mercury). You don’t know it yet (surprise/ knowing/Uran), but that hot chick is your twin (Mercury again, rules Gemini) sister.

See the Yoda quote above ?
Sun conjunct Saturn in Libra (Saturn is exalted here) that is a serious commitment to justice also heehee this is so fun with Neptune at MC, Luke was prophesied (Neptune)  to be the one that would bring Balance to The Force. (Libra MC)

May the Force be with You

Use the Force

photo-3 copy 2The Philosopher’s Stone

Intent: highest qi vibration for aspects in motion

1 Scorpio Saturn trine Jupiter Rx in Cancer
2 Mars into Libra
3 Spirit

1 Tension: Trines lack tension – to gain the benefit, we must activate the energies of higher mind: revision of family, philosophies re: home, safety, women and our own fluctuation that does not work in our best interests.  We must work to shove ourselves out of our comfort zone in order to grow, transform and leave the cocoon we have become complacent in.

2 Success: Ascending towards our loftiest goals via hard work – Mars drives the entire natal chart, in Libra he aspires to beautify, re-conciliate, form bonds and contracts of peace and love – harmony and justice for all.  

3 Effort – Aim high with certainty of reaching your goal.

Mind over matter (Libra / Air; Jupiter / higher mind) set your intent – eyes on the prize !

Do or do not.  There is no try.


Count Double Dooku Gem


My morning astro coffeechat & double Gemini Sir Christopher Lee.
YaY !  A double Gem (Sun + Moon), Christopher has a very powerful chart with 2 T-squares.

Focal planets : Saturn, Uranus
SoOo not exactly surprising to find him voicing an astrology vid.
Saturn is trad ruler of Aquarius; Uranus the modern – Aquarius rules astrology.

Libra Saturn Rx focal (on the strengthening critical 0 degree, also exalted – BAM !) bang on the ASC (conj N Node and Jupiter Rx in 1st) square : Mars Rx in 3rd; Mercury in 9(ruling Gemini at MC – BOOM !); chart ruler Venus (Cancer 10).  Mercury and Venus are straddling MC. 
Continue reading


It is the “try” that is the more often counted as righteousness, and NOT the success or failure.
Failure to anyone should be as a stepping-stone and not as a millstone.

‎Edgar Cayce‬
reading 931-1
Tuesday 20
Full Moon in Aquarius

8:45pm CST, USA
So glad this popped up on twitter today, I am such a fan of both Edgar and Yoda.
Dovetails with my next interp very well, and it is also completely apt for me.:::::::::::::

The last 10+ yrs I have been re-framing my perceptions & re-framing my altitude to my highest most awakened degree possible.
still stumble. Quite frequently, in fact.

I am a Virgo, perfection is sought, but I am human; sometimes I fall short of that goal.
I have mentioned more than twice that Uranus/Pluto rules mistakes and I have them conjunct Sun in 9 aka broad daylight.
Broad Daylight.
I am – ahem – a Virgo Sun, mistakes are
frowned upon.
horrors !
I pick up, move on, plow forward with the mindset that I know less than many, and I also know more than many.
I AM what I AM and I’m okay with that.
I am an oxymoron – a student teacher.
I haven’t waited for the ok from on high saying I know enough.
I know enough already.
No one knows EVERYTHING.

Yes, I Crave More Knowledge, but I see no good reason not to teach what I DO KNOW, NOW.

If what I write doesn’t resonate with you, you may find the door and write your own blog to your satisfaction.  Thank you.
I am certainly happy to entertain ideas, or cuss & discuss opinions in comments, that’s up to you.  I will write, regardless.

This Uranus / Pluto square finds me with brain on fire, grasping concepts with all senses…think :  Quan Yin as Lord Shiva

I am working diligently to correct past mistakes, I feel them breathing down my neck, forcing life changes – but now faster than ever before with this square.
Oy !

Boho Bionic Breakthroughs

Left to right: Buddha, Merlinite wand, Piertersite and Tiger Iron globes, Obi-Wan Kenobi, 3D Sirius Black, Qui-Gon Jinn

…My wandering mind rambles to Luke sneaking into the cave on Dagobah with his saber, though Yoda said he wouldn’t need it.
Luke ends up fighting himself in the swamp cave.

His perceptions turn upside-down, hangman style, into opposition.

He sees the reflection of himself – from the point of view of the other.
(Vader, Yoda, and ultimately his own altitude)

He is thrown into peace talks with HIMSELF.

He sees the light and dark sides of the force – as they begin.
A root in HIS MIND.

He sees the real relation, the underlying theme.
That’ll twist your noodle, make no mistake.
Been there.

Fear, anger, aggression = The dark side.
Calm, passive, at peace = The Jedi way

Ponder your mirror aka your MOON and see what she reveals.

In your natal house, in your progressed chart, as she moves into Capricorn tonight and becomes full in house Aquarius.

Imagine the electrical buzz of your heart as a spot on the electrical grid that is felt by each connective spot around the globe.

A quickie story for ya while Jupes is in Cancer…

I was at the home (Cancer rules home) of my uni professor (Jupes rules college profs), and all the smarties were together having a party.  Was such a blast !  

We all ended up in the kitchen as party peeps always do – kitchen is ruled by Moon, snacks are ruled by nom nom nom.  hahaha  Ok, back to the deal… Someone leaned up against the refrigerator and got shocked.  eep !  ding Ding DING !

The fridge had an electrical short – so we did what any party crowd would do – we had the bright idea to jump the electrical charge through fifteen or twenty people.
Ya know, just see what happens !  lol

So we all gathered, held hands, had our little Kumbaya moment, the lead man touched the fridge . . . and twenty people stood watching the faces of those ahead in line for who was getting the electrical ZAP !  as it travelled along our group circle.  Fantastic yah !?  
Fun times !*
My point is – we were physically connected for the electrical jump – but we were also psychically connected for the electrical jump.

We ARE all connected
It’s just a matter of perception.

Ponder your higher heart vision as Moon Mirror moves to full in Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo.

Aquarius is the sign of higher octave perceptions and polarities.
The ONE – born of two halves that equal One GLOBAL Heart.
Leo is the ONE – born of two halves that equal the One SELF Heart.

Are you Yin or are you Yang .. ? .. introverted or expressive .. ? ..
World needs both – good thing – each being is an amalgam of both.

Are your personal drives/valves/intent/hemispheres/halves working as ONE ?
Are you on YOUR OWN TEAM ?
Are you at ONE and at PEACE with yourself ?

Might be a fab idea to ponder before lamenting over the lack of a mate.

How do we bridge self of Leo to other of Aquarius ?

In my chart they are houses 2 & 8.
What I HAVE & What I DESIRE.
What is MINE & what is OURS.
:: sharing ::

What does this Full Aquarius Moon mean for YOU in this astro ?

Find Aquarius on your natal chart – illumination will arrive in this area.

Find the house & see drop down menu for more deets.
Illumination will be delivered by some form of Leonine energy, not necessarily a Leo Sun.  Between these houses you must find compromise.

The learning curves will be in Taurus and Scorpio inner work required here, successful execution is ultra rewarding – more powerful than a trine if solved.

The golden opportunities are in Aries and Sagittarius in your natal chart, but you have to fetch them to make them work.

May the force be with you.

* chill, it was cool, everyone ok, just fun.

Yoda Spirit

Love that spellcheck inadvertently dealt me the title above.
Yods became YODAs

Aries is packed and loaded:  
Uranus 8
Sun 14
Venus 15
Mars 17
Hotter than a firecracker, that one !
Venus is swooping in on Mars
Venus Aries LOVES the CHASE

Gifts of action & attraction
peace & money

Chiron in Pisces at 11
is square
Jupiter in Gemini at 12

ya dig ?

Old vs. New
-oOo- juggling act -oOo-

Pluto in Cap vs. Uranus in Aries
swift decisions bring
Death, Rebirth

Reforge the sword
Hephaestus at 7 Gemini sextile Uranus at 8 Aries

YODAs, heh.
are the call to 
Get your Game ON
Jupiter in Gemini
Saturn Rx in Scorpio

Clearing past fixations requires deep six work
tag team
Enthusiastic, exploratory communication