snowballs chance

Never tell me the odds by OKTotallyAndy Helms

Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.

This scene popped into my head first thing when I woke up.
Mercury is statistics, counting the numbers; square Mars in Scorpio, thoughts of driving straight into likely certain death.

Likes and dislikes are Venus/Uranus

Cancer Mercury is (out-of sign) square Mars in early Scorpio and will be closing the gap over the next seven days while Cancer Venus closes the square to Uranus Rx in Aries.

Venus square Uranus
attracts the sublime radical weird
squares motivate us to reach our highest actualization
Just saying.

May the Force be with You

gotta Roll with it baby

List of Seven – Les Edwards

Well, this has certainly been an interesting week. . . lots of nifty little oddball surprizes PoPing up all over the shop.
Mail ? !  Yeeees. 
 Hawks circling, phones and interwebs buzzing with messages outgoing & incoming !
Most bizarre.  I love it !

We are under a Sagittarius (heading into dark) moon, with Venus hours away from the Capricorn party – – Pluto, Mercury, Sun and a tidy little applying square to Uranus.

This show’s not over yet, babes – and it’s bound to get tweaked a little weirder in the coming few !  So head’s UP !

Keep your eyes on the summit not the steep grade below.

Pisces Chiron square Jupiter Rx in Gemini.  Early degrees of your mutable signs are getting a double shot of reconfiguration juice – like it or not, here it comes. 

Chiron is sextile Pluto – spread your wings and fly baby !

Set yourself free.
Lay down the shiny object and back away slowly.

Capricorn rules matter.
What matters ?  What really matters ?
Not sure yet . . ?
Wondering how you are gonna get right ?  Heal and move on ?
It’s cool. . .
we’ve got Jupiter Rx grinding the Gemini gears workin’ that shiz out.  

Jus’ sayin’.  Chill.  It’s comin’…

Cardinals ? 
Well, you all get to do what you all do best – initiate changes !
Fling yourself into the fray – & – figure it out on the fly !

Obviously Capricorn and Aries houses are under strain – NO PAIN, NO GAIN.
Personal metamorphosis par excellance * pinkies out PRIMO * in early degrees of these signs.  Inner struggles are causing MAJOR GROWTH SPURTS.

Capricorn is packin’ a punch at the moment.  
Aries ? – who the hell knows what’s goin’ on in there ?!
Uranus is in da house !

Fair Warning !

Aries house is PingZinging oddball messages to house Libra – better pack a lunch bigtime peace talks in progress.  Float like a butterfly baby, bob & weave.

Cancer is up to bat in the Seagoat school of Hard Knocks – hey battah battah  swing battah !!  
This Cappy pitcher is packin’ : Pluto, Mercury, Sun and here comes Venus.
Step up to the plate – retreat is not an option.  Channel pass – agg emotional wranglings into workable daily step-by-step progress. Progress is progress – keep at it.  Take a swing – reflect, evaluate – repeat.  Knock it outta the ballpark !

peace out & happy dark Moonie to y’all. 

Friday 11
New Moon 21 degrees Capricorn
1:44pm CST, USA