gotta Roll with it baby

List of Seven – Les Edwards

Well, this has certainly been an interesting week. . . lots of nifty little oddball surprizes PoPing up all over the shop.
Mail ? !  Yeeees. 
 Hawks circling, phones and interwebs buzzing with messages outgoing & incoming !
Most bizarre.  I love it !

We are under a Sagittarius (heading into dark) moon, with Venus hours away from the Capricorn party – – Pluto, Mercury, Sun and a tidy little applying square to Uranus.

This show’s not over yet, babes – and it’s bound to get tweaked a little weirder in the coming few !  So head’s UP !

Keep your eyes on the summit not the steep grade below.

Pisces Chiron square Jupiter Rx in Gemini.  Early degrees of your mutable signs are getting a double shot of reconfiguration juice – like it or not, here it comes. 

Chiron is sextile Pluto – spread your wings and fly baby !

Set yourself free.
Lay down the shiny object and back away slowly.

Capricorn rules matter.
What matters ?  What really matters ?
Not sure yet . . ?
Wondering how you are gonna get right ?  Heal and move on ?
It’s cool. . .
we’ve got Jupiter Rx grinding the Gemini gears workin’ that shiz out.  

Jus’ sayin’.  Chill.  It’s comin’…

Cardinals ? 
Well, you all get to do what you all do best – initiate changes !
Fling yourself into the fray – & – figure it out on the fly !

Obviously Capricorn and Aries houses are under strain – NO PAIN, NO GAIN.
Personal metamorphosis par excellance * pinkies out PRIMO * in early degrees of these signs.  Inner struggles are causing MAJOR GROWTH SPURTS.

Capricorn is packin’ a punch at the moment.  
Aries ? – who the hell knows what’s goin’ on in there ?!
Uranus is in da house !

Fair Warning !

Aries house is PingZinging oddball messages to house Libra – better pack a lunch bigtime peace talks in progress.  Float like a butterfly baby, bob & weave.

Cancer is up to bat in the Seagoat school of Hard Knocks – hey battah battah  swing battah !!  
This Cappy pitcher is packin’ : Pluto, Mercury, Sun and here comes Venus.
Step up to the plate – retreat is not an option.  Channel pass – agg emotional wranglings into workable daily step-by-step progress. Progress is progress – keep at it.  Take a swing – reflect, evaluate – repeat.  Knock it outta the ballpark !

peace out & happy dark Moonie to y’all. 

Friday 11
New Moon 21 degrees Capricorn
1:44pm CST, USA


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