THE Queen

Catwoman by Adam HughesAdam Hughes

Venus in Leo is a stage-driven, dramatic, warm-hearted show-pony.  She shines brightly, filled with creativity and regal flair due to influence of the Sun.   The thing to understand about this Venus is the prep behind her – backstage is the beginning – calculation and creation takes place long before she hits the stage for the big show.

This is a powerfully imaginative Venus who enjoys games, laughing and having fun.  Artistic and original, Venus in Leo has the dignified power of the Sun behind all self-expression.  She is charming, graceful, warm-hearted and kind, this placement of Venus is loyal due to the fixed nature of Leo.

Venus in the sign of Leo is pleasure-seeking, they play long into adulthood and need little encouragement to bust loose with some flamboyant scheme for creating fun.  This Venus is friendly and warm, and their penchant for play attracts the favor of children, they have an endearing quality and tend to be kind of goofy.

Leo Venus is generous, and under good aspects – she joyfully shares her charms and creativity.  Under difficult aspect this Venus can be vain, proud and self-centered, overly concerned with upstaging everyone else and being the whole show.

This Venus is in love with love, craves elaborate demonstrations of affection, constant praise and worship.  They crave excitement and large-scale stage-production style romance.  They in return give the same magnificent gestures to their mate, with pride and affection.  It is of utmost importance to remember they insist upon being Numero Uno in their mates love life – anything less will greatly offend their pride- put others above them at your own peril.

This Venus will attract money and wealth in the fields of the creative arts, beauty, fashion, social graces and entertainment.  Their earning potential is pronounced when they are able to freely and creatively express themselves in the lead role.

Venus in Leo doesn’t want to be A Queen she wants to be THE Queen.


Wondering why this sexy cat o nine image ? 
Answer here.

Cat Women

Meet new black kitty.
 Gorgeous, still very skitterish around me.
Grey kitty warmed up first. 
Food lady is nice.

Seems cat dreams are in the air of late…I dreamed of a herd of cats at my mother’s house, I picked a blue one.  Then soon after a reader commented about her dream of a black street cat – so this cat post was born.  Yes, another cat post.  Venus IS in Leo after all.

Astro cats

Check out my previous post about Norse goddess Freia, asteroid 76.  Two sacred cats (gifts from Thor) pulled her Valkyrie chariot onto fields of battle where she collected men slain in war.  She is the goddess of love, a powerful protectress, a nature deity.

Bastet, or Ubasti, Egyptian cat goddess is asteroid 4257.  Ubasti is the warrior goddess who protected the lower Nile, the Pharaoh and Ra (Sun God).  She has been called upon since the Second Dynasty for blessings of fertility and protection from thieves. She is also associated with scent, or pleasant ointments.  When her temple was excavated they found the mummified remains of over 300,000 cats.  Bastet is the mild eastern sun associated with spring.  Her name comes from the root bes, meaning fire. She embodies qualities of both the sun and moon – she draws opposites together.

Ubasti in the natal is a place of fertility, sensuality, sexuality and it is where you are a fierce protector of that which you hold sacred, particularly family and home.

Check out asteroid Sphinx 896. The Sphinx is a keeper of secrets, a guardian with the body of a lion, the wings of a griffon (in Asia), and the face of a human.  The Sphinx posed riddles to travelers on the road to Thebes, if they answered wrong, she devoured them.
Sphinx in your chart is where you must face challenges, where you guard yourself, your life.  Sphinx is also where you guard secrets, mysteries and knowledge which will only be revealed as the time is right.  Those of you familiar with Edgar Cayce know the Hall of Records is reportedly buried under the paw.  More here.


Gorgeous image, yes ?
Egyptian lion goddess Sekhmet is asteroid 5381
.  Sekhmet is a destroyer goddess, derived from sekhem, or power, and khem which means dark chaos that gives birth to light.

 In the natal chart, Sekhmet represents the transformation of death into wisdom and enlightenment – she is the scorching sun, she is the renewal gained from suffering, the fire that burns the enemy.  She is healing through death and rebirth akin to Plutonic and phoenix energies.  She is power, magic and strength.

This image amuses me, my 8th house Leo stuff squares biggie Neptuner on 11th.
I have a plethora of ye olde skool dream interp books, most of which harp on about how cats are bad luck which I don’t buy for a second.

If you like cats, they are good friends, allies and totems – then dreams of them brings good luckTo my fancy, dreaming of cats indicates Leo stuff such as positivity, self-reliance, creative problem-solving, romance, fun and BIG LUCK.

Curious cats, Sphinx is conjunct my Moon, opposite Sekhmet & Bastet which conjunct my Neptuner.

peace out kitty cats

Bling Bucks

Mark Wagner

Trade / Balance.

I have seen all sorts of bills in my day.
Venus into Leo and I am writing about $$ vanity & money $$

Glamorous greenbacks.
Currency clout, bling bucks…
Wondering who is on the $10,000 bill ?

I have Mercury in Libra at MC, where does our money go (public is Libra, 7th) and what does it communicate ?
How many slang terms for Moola ?
This one cracked me up, a funny moment in a double shift that brought a big grin.
I still have it, I do have Venus in Leo 8th after all.

These are all over the place in Iowa, since NORML is going strong there.

Then there are the Where’s George bills – enter the serial # and track the movements of Venus all over the states.  I tracked one as far as the local pharmacy, before that it was in Georgia somewhere.  I was curious where it had been.  I have Aquarius (curiosity) on 2nd, Venus in Leo (curious cat on 8th of research) conjunct Jupiter (long distance travel).
Venus sure does get around . . . (soz, couldn’t resist !)

How is your cash FLOW ?

Look at Venus.
Look to how Venus is aspected:
trine (harmonious); square (tense, difficult); opposition (dealing with others) or sextile (opportunities).

What is going on in your Earth houses – the wealth triad, the material plane ?
See Oprah below (2nd, 6th, 10th)

Look at Second House (personal earnings)
Look at Eighth House (joint finances)

Have a peek at Margaret’s chart interp, she has great $$ aspects.

Also note Oprah Winfrey’s natal Grand Air Trine: Sun, Mercury, Venus in 2nd house Aquarius, trine Jupiter in Gemini 6th, trine Neptune in 10. Pluto in Leo 8th opposes all her Aquarius, squares her Mars in Scorpio (focal planet in T Square).  Oprah is a powerfully driven businesswoman, using her unusual gift for communicating.  She is the queen guru of pop culture talk show healing on a mass scale.



Venus in Leo !

Spotlight on swagger, confidence, a strong center of friendly attraction (Venus), zen cool and poise.  Being okay with letting it all hang out and being your SELF.  The Pleasure Planet meets the house of gambling, fun, risk and romance.
Pictured above is my girl cat doing her best Jabba impersonation.

I can’t read the words Jabba the Hut without doing the laugh (Venus rules laughter) to go along with.

Poor kitty, how undignified – the Jabba comparisons, but she is a goofball, kind of a ham.
She’d be cool with it.
Her brother is the real *DIVA*.
(sadly, not pictured this time)

This is new grey kitty . . . grey kitty has adopted us.
Grey kitty has got his bravado (Leo) going full blast against pacifist neighbor kitty.
I had to police this little drama.  
Nip it in the bud.

Strangely enough, grey kitty appeared after a powerfully secretive local man passed away.  Rumor was there were 20 + cats on the 3 story (formerly posh) property – property with no kidding, about a zillion trees (one planted every 5 ft or so).  He was a drinker, I waited on him once at the gas station I worked at – sold him a gallon of Vodka in the early am with one teeny breakfast juice as chaser.  (Neptune rules liquor & gas, secrets)

Why I mention, you ask ?  

I have Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo (cats) on the 8th house of death, square Scorp Neptune in 11th (Uranus rules 11th, and adoption, my Uranus is conjunct Sun, rules Leo)

Venus in Leo brings dramatic powerful friends – possibly rivals for the spotlight or open enemies – 7th house (Libra) rules.  
Sun is vitality, Venus rules balance and what you / we have. Everyone is unique (Sun) and has personal gifts and traits to offer in order to enrich the whole.

Equal partners, equal rights.

Peace out !


fun & games

Transit Venus conjuncts my Leo Venus
I want some fun and games
YaY !
join me ?

I have seen it
yes I have
tiny bit of movement below for those who
can’t see stereograms

for those who require the electric
or just LOVE IT like me
this one’s
for you

want more ?
see funhouse in drop down menu

This has been your
Mercury ::: Uranus

perception ::: reception
octave activate

exercise for this evening
Thank you.

halls are alive

ta DA !
Venus into Leo

The halls are alive with the sound of music !

At my day job, nearly everyone
spontaneously :: bursts :: into song
at the drop of a hat
or the
wink of an eye
the acoustics in the stairwells are fabulous. 

:::: I love it !  ::::

Mercury is conjunct Sun in Virgo
Moon is now in Gemini

Gemini Moon
delivers the urgent need to
convey and relay

Moon  is sextile fresh Leo Venus
from the house of communication.

Incoming !
You have mail from
the houses of Gemini and Leo

as Venus closes the trine
to Uranus Rx in Aries

 high-speed insightful communiques
will fascinate you

? ? ?
will it be
newsy news about
cash, creativity or love crush 
? ? ?
All 3
? ! ?

Whatever it is you can count on one thing
it will need some elbow grease
as Venus closes
the tense square to Mars in Scorpio

*make it work *


Emelie Schäfer

This wiki photo looks like my friend . . . who is carousing since the stars are out . . .

Thursday September 6

9:48am CST, USA
Venus into Leo

Pffoomph up the drama-rama mama !

Romance, creativity, play and social strut yer stuff will be pouncing and bouncing around the room !  Charm, grace, singing and dancing and expressing our hearts desires . . . oh this WILL be fun !   Venus has a tendency for generosity in Leo, this is good – just know money can slip right through the fingers in fun-lovin’, good time gambling Leo house.  

Picked up an interesting book tonight that recommended putting cat’s whiskers into the glovebox for vehicular safety and smooth rides.

Hmph !  Who knew ?!

Whiskers are ‘feelers’ – obviously intuitive and perceptive.  Cats use them to navigate, gauge distances and feel air currents so they don’t get stuck in tight places or crash into things.

Cats are also sneaks, so this may come in veeery handy for me – just sayin’ !  lol.

Cat whiskers help them get around more easily when the sun sets, darkness falls and they are out hunting.  Whiskers operate similar to horns on larger animals.  (Horns on totem animals operate as psychic antenna)

I just happen to have 2 cats, two whiskers and one rusty old dodge truck –
I am soOo doing this !

 oxo lotsa Leo lux cool cats oxo

. . . rRrrpurrrRrr . . .