Let’s COLOR !

a9aee82e0dcbaf1a933b1a8a1e6d9faeMoon into Leo 5:56pm CST, USA

Celebration of MOON in The Funhouse of artistic creations.
Aka: Leo ruled by SUN !

This X-Rite Color IQ Test is a fun way to test your ability to see the color spectrum.
Move the out of sequence colors into order, see how you compare with others of your gender and age group.   I scored well, YaY !  I’ll see if I can find the vocal pitch quiz, pop it up later.

Guy at work is having a free gifts from the ladies Venus transit (trine his natal Mars), he got my free punch card espresso today, we shared my vegan zucchini bread, he has some pastries up for him later as well from another lady friend – sweet, literally – Venus rules gifts and sweet things.

Note to earth peeps: Venus is buttering up 15 degrees (+/- 5 ) of all earth signs from Capricorn where it is now by trine.  Cap, Toro, Virgo please note !

Note to earth peeps: Mars is powering UP 22 degrees (+/- 5 ) Toro and Cap by trine from Virgo, note this as well and expect incoming energies headed your way !

Crazy busy at work – all for now, longer BRILLIANT ! post tonight !
You’ll see what I mean, not ego – quoting !

Have a fab day readers
Thanks for popping in ! xo

fun & games

Transit Venus conjuncts my Leo Venus
I want some fun and games
YaY !
join me ?

I have seen it
yes I have
tiny bit of movement below for those who
can’t see stereograms

for those who require the electric
or just LOVE IT like me
this one’s
for you

want more ?
see funhouse in drop down menu

This has been your
Mercury ::: Uranus

perception ::: reception
octave activate

exercise for this evening
Thank you.