Saturn in Spades

birth of a world TrepanBoubTrepanBoub

Turtle Power. 
Ruled by Moon/Pluto, both.
Slow steady burn to atmo…we’re good people.  We’re good.

Capricorn rising here with transiting Saturn trine Aries Saturn Rx. 
Saturn is building, business, career, time and restriction. 
Doing The Work. 
Responsibility for how you Use your Tools.
Karma, Justice and Perseverance.

Saturn in hard aspect delivers slow, fluctuating growth through friction.
Saturn in good aspect delivers steady, concentrated growth through ease.

Keep in mind Saturn in hard aspect is tougher, more disciplined, also concentrated via thrift simply because it is continually uncomfortable.  Authority, diplomacy, tact, justice, conservation and value are highly prized though often withheld until tests are passed. 
Saturn uncomfortable equals getting the lead out over time via hard work.

Today, in tandem with transiting Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon/Pluto trine natal Taurus Moon trine Virgo Pluto, I became curious about a highly lauded online business course, dove into research.  I wanted to test the waters, see the offerings/finances, get the time and temp so to speak.  How good is the guide..? 
Is the guide honest and true ?
Honest with themselves and others ?
What I found surprised me.

I linked Marie Forleo and Kate Northrup on know peace (Venus in Capricorn), here. 
The video linked in that post stands alone, is good, true and honest re: personal money management.  Marie’s B-School, I only investigated today, as she is amping up the sales pitch for registration in 3 days.

My research inquiry:
Is B-School of practical value/service to those who fork over 2G’s, for ‘insider’ business tips ?  Is the organization honest and reliable – delivering what was promised, and what is the customer interaction/satisfaction rate…?

Of course, visit Marie’s affiliates for their experiences, but you might also want to read these short reviews/links/comments from those participants who are not affiliates.  In the interest of research & informed opinions/decisions, I bring you Saturn in Spades.

Just remember you are your own wizard – always.
Work your own brand of magicks…Just Work.

Crawl/formulate, walk/execute, run/innovate.

peace out

Gneiss Moon

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Shiny Scepter !

pet chakras

Venus in Aquarius is opposing my late Leo stuff, so of course I am on the line this eve with a pet psychic trying to find out why my new girl cat is so neurotic fussy.

Seriously – her tail speaks volumesstiff little divining rod
When she’s tweeked the very tip only will make the teensiest jerk.
Meanwhile, sister kitty weaves sign language novellas with her fluffy gizmo.

I laughed out loud when psychic gal tuned in, totally nailed it when she said kitty is really wiggy about her paws.
Just so happens to be what I had the nerve to be touching when I got clobbered a few days ago giving a DYI demonstration of scratching the new sisal mat.

Evidently, she’s a genius, knew what to do with it.  Well, duh. ! 
My helpful Virgo attitude was way outta line and she was clearly miffed the tacky mat I delivered was subpar to the kitty cat mansion she had envisioned.



Tonight’s intel reveals she is an Imperialist neurotic kitty.
I stand corrected.
:: rolls out carpet, steps back, deep bow  :: 

Her Highnesses kitty cat clout obviously trumps my puny Venus/Jupiter/Fortuna.
Wtf was I thinking ?
*Snap out of it lady – I’m the only one with the shiny scepter in this palace.

What Leo type isn’t certain of inherent royalty by birth..?
10th house Leos are esp. ridiculously convinced of superiority.
Sharing the spotlight ? Up there ? At high noon ?  In the house of stick & stay ?
Doubtful.  More likely you’ll grow old waiting.

cat godEscorting Ms. Queenie Puss to safety during tornado warnings last summer went over equally as well as the crunky mat.  My mental image of safety in the box equaled being tossed into a boiling vat of acid in her squirrely head.
I got the drift real quick – fuck this – ain’t. gonna. happen.
Pitch in laundry room, block door.  Mischief managed, tragedy averted.
Meaning I got to keep my hand.

Pesky Uran/Plu square aggravates, accelerates this Virgos learning curves.
Saturn on Neptuner 11 squares my Leo stuff while Venus opposes it.
Mars Rx in Libra on Mercury 9. Computers & cats freak freely.

cat showersSo we here at chez luna move forward into Cardinal Cross Eclipses and hopefully a more peaceable kingdom, by starting H20 + rescue remedy, hunting up dehydrated kibble (who knew ?) and going First Class DE-LUXE all the way baby, all the way.

Meows, PurrRrrrs & Peace

mercurial minutia

Alexandra BellissimoAlexandra Bellissimo

Quickie transit illustration of my weird astro minutia.

T. waning void moon (home) in Virgo conjunct natal Sun/Ura/Plu (self, health).
Mars (action) conjunct natal Mercury. (doors)
T. Uranus (high winds) conjunct natal Saturn (cold) in 3 (doors again) which trines Mars by the backdoor (12th house Sag) which in turn Q natal Uranus.

Worked all day (fulltime gig) & night (here at GMA) Sunday with the beginnings of sore throat.  Last night (Monday), restless sleep, crazy wind gusts. We were under a weather advisory (-10 + blizzard) that I was not aware of before retiring.

I wake up early am for meds to alleviate stomach issues (moon rules) found my backdoor was flung wide open and blowing snow was all over my living room, not to mention it was very cold.  Indeed, I now definitely have a sore throat. (My natal moon is in Toro (the throat) in 4 (home).

Had I read my cards last night this 5 pentsprobably would have come up, but alas, I did not.

Yet another good reason for 2 daily draws says T. Mars on Mercury in Libra, Moon in Libra.

Noted. Lesson learned.  (Mercury)

peace + health

Let’s COLOR !

a9aee82e0dcbaf1a933b1a8a1e6d9faeMoon into Leo 5:56pm CST, USA

Celebration of MOON in The Funhouse of artistic creations.
Aka: Leo ruled by SUN !

This X-Rite Color IQ Test is a fun way to test your ability to see the color spectrum.
Move the out of sequence colors into order, see how you compare with others of your gender and age group.   I scored well, YaY !  I’ll see if I can find the vocal pitch quiz, pop it up later.

Guy at work is having a free gifts from the ladies Venus transit (trine his natal Mars), he got my free punch card espresso today, we shared my vegan zucchini bread, he has some pastries up for him later as well from another lady friend – sweet, literally – Venus rules gifts and sweet things.

Note to earth peeps: Venus is buttering up 15 degrees (+/- 5 ) of all earth signs from Capricorn where it is now by trine.  Cap, Toro, Virgo please note !

Note to earth peeps: Mars is powering UP 22 degrees (+/- 5 ) Toro and Cap by trine from Virgo, note this as well and expect incoming energies headed your way !

Crazy busy at work – all for now, longer BRILLIANT ! post tonight !
You’ll see what I mean, not ego – quoting !

Have a fab day readers
Thanks for popping in ! xo