mercurial minutia

Alexandra BellissimoAlexandra Bellissimo

Quickie transit illustration of my weird astro minutia.

T. waning void moon (home) in Virgo conjunct natal Sun/Ura/Plu (self, health).
Mars (action) conjunct natal Mercury. (doors)
T. Uranus (high winds) conjunct natal Saturn (cold) in 3 (doors again) which trines Mars by the backdoor (12th house Sag) which in turn Q natal Uranus.

Worked all day (fulltime gig) & night (here at GMA) Sunday with the beginnings of sore throat.  Last night (Monday), restless sleep, crazy wind gusts. We were under a weather advisory (-10 + blizzard) that I was not aware of before retiring.

I wake up early am for meds to alleviate stomach issues (moon rules) found my backdoor was flung wide open and blowing snow was all over my living room, not to mention it was very cold.  Indeed, I now definitely have a sore throat. (My natal moon is in Toro (the throat) in 4 (home).

Had I read my cards last night this 5 pentsprobably would have come up, but alas, I did not.

Yet another good reason for 2 daily draws says T. Mars on Mercury in Libra, Moon in Libra.

Noted. Lesson learned.  (Mercury)

peace + health


Moon Mercury Mars Meditation

The secret of the receptive
Must be sought in stillness;
Within stillness there remains
The potential for action.

Sun Bu’er (1119-1182, China)

Full Moon at 18 degrees Virgo March 8, 3:39am, CST USA

Moon conjunct Mars Rx in Mercury ruled Virgo 
Mercury conjunct its higher octave, Uranus
Mercury and Mars Rx in mutual reception 
Void Moon begins at time of full moon, moon enters Libra March 8, 10:50pm, CST USA

Void moons are traditionally a time of inner contemplation and inaction, a time when the moon is adrift without an anchoring aspect until it reaches the next sign.  Emotions, instincts and sensitivities are susceptible to fuzzy logic.  Void moons operate similar to dark moons and are a wonderful time to replenish the spirit.

Power, inspirations, communications and emotions are shifting energies during this Full Void Moon.  Om Mani Padme Hum.

in peace~