FullSizeRender 3Druid Craft
Rune made by my hands from an oak on my property.
Fond of Acorns, Oaks, Druids and asteroids ?
Read Draw the Stroke.

Today’s quick pull is to shed light on the hidden aspects between this full Virgo Moon and the incoming Solar Eclipse at 29 Pisces here.
I have particular interest (my Sun is opposite at 29 Virgo) but this question is for everyone.  I chose to shine a light around the corner into what we cannot see but need to between these aspects.

The World:  Fulfillment, completion and dancing for joy because of it !

This I find so interesting…because our lives go ever on and on, the learning continues and space opens up with each generation.  Pisces knows no boundaries, nor Virgo if they nitpick projects to death.

Completion is relative.
To be precise: we have completed one phase of many.

So much we do not know – SO MUCH !
Yesterday, a fossil was found in Ethiopia which pushes the arrival of Homo on the East African landscape back almost half a million years, to 2.8 million years ago.
Even at that, the human lifespan is just a blip on the timeline of Earth and even less so in regards to Precession of the Equinoxes. < Watch, stunning.

Rune: Algiz
An elk, a shield – protection.
This rune symbolizes a connection to the Gods, an Awakening.
Call on yours if you need to.

Follow your instincts and channel energy into crafting your shield.
Whatever that means to you.

Elk is incredibly personally relevant to me WoW, soOo many dreams including one last night. See Virgo Full Moon post.

carving the spirit free

Charlie TerrellCharlie Terrell

Full Moon 14 Virgo
March 5 Chicago 12:05pm
London 6:05pm
March 6 Tokyo 3:00am
Wellington 7:00am

Full Moon in Virgo opposes Sun/Chiron in Pisces highlighting peace talks between the deep subconscious wound and the need for practical healing via logical, precise daily analyzation.
Chop wood, carry water.
Mercury opposes Moon/Jupiter today while Sun/Neptune quincunx them.
Change of habits, re-organization is needed.  Focus on feelings and regeneration – metamorphose habits/character traits that self-sabatoge.

Full Moons are Sun Moon promises.  New Moons signal quiet growth from intent; Full Moon fruition is harvest.  Full insight via the compare and contrast of what we asked for and what was delivered and how we feel (Moon) about it.

During New Moons we (conscious – solar / subconscious – lunar) are side by side looking into the world:  two FEELS more like ONE.  Instinct and will are a team, setting intentions for growth during the coming lunar cycle.

During Full Moons two FEELS more like TWO, because we are at odds with the other side of ourselves, at odds with the reflection of self, at odds with the OTHER.  (Full Moons are always opposite Sun) Instinct and will are in peace talks, they are AWARE of their separateness.  Understanding, illumination and growth is at a peak – knowledge courses in from all sectors.

Hope or Jettison.
Spirit of Change.
Peace talks signal reboots across the wheel where your house Virgo meets house Pisces.  Virgo – Pisces axis here.
Obstacles are found in houses Gemini and Sagittarius.  Change is made easily in mutable signs – work it !  Think universal vs personal healing, meditation vs daily routines, logic vs beliefs – the symbiotic middle ground via thought patterns, mental re-boots, polarity shifts.

Be inventive !

This brings to mind the edge of the knife (Mars/Venus/Uranus), carving away at the hidden spirit (Sun/Chiron Pisces) that is waiting to be born within the wood.  Venus has moved on from Mars and will move on from Uranus by the time Full Virgo Moon arrives, but by transference of light they all trine (Uranus exact) Leo Jupiter – surprise inspiration, love/creativity and the gift of quiet grace.  (Jupiter Rx)

Note that Mercury is out of shadow the day before Full Moon, crystal clear concepts are dawning – Mercury is exalted in Aquarius until March 30 when it whizzes into Aries. (edit: March 12 Pisces, rather) 

Know also on March 14, taskmaster Saturn moves Rx at 4 degrees Sagittarius until August 8 when it moves direct at 28 degrees Scorpio. Late Leo (and all fixed signs) people you have my empathy, but we have to go back and get something we seem to have forgotten.

We are also heading into major changes with two incoming eclipses:
Solar Eclipse 29 Pisces March 20
Full moon Lunar Eclipse 14 degrees Libra April 4
More on that soon.

Gneiss Moon

photo 30Wild Wood Tarot

Quickie one card draw for energies to focus on up to 26 degree Full Virgo Moon for highest good delivering brilliant manifestations.  

3 Vessels – cranes/birds, thoughts, play and communications high with Moon Full in the sign of Mercury-ruled Virgo.  
Cultivate gratitude for all that is good.  
Good fortune and return after migration.  Fellowship and celebration of gifts.

Three is a number of creativity, growth and increase, change for the better in realms of Mind, Body and Spirit.
Cups indicate compassion, forgiveness, strong instincts.  
Expansive heartspace, feeling the micro in the macro and vice versa, being one with all that is.

photo 31Wild Unknown Tarot

This draw is the crux of what will carry us to
New Moon at 9 degrees Aries
Sunday March 30
Chicago 1:45:00am
Tokyo 3:45:00pm
London 7:45:00am

Excellence in creative realms, love scenarios, brilliant mystique surrounding artistry.  New Moon/Sun are conjunct Uranus in Aries which is of course squaring Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.  

Leading up to New Moon, Venus will begin to trine Mars Rx in Libra from Aquarius.  Brilliant juggernaut brainstorms are on the horizon that will lead you to your destiny – Mars is conjunct North Node.

Actions previously taken will be revised and balance will be the key to your success.  Note swans indicate grace, intuition, balance and self-esteem.
Consider these things as full moon dims and is reborn anew in Aries.





Sunday March 16
Chicago 12:05:00 PM
London  5:05:00 PM       
Tokyo Monday, March 17, 2014 at 2:05:00 AM
Full Moon 26 degrees Virgo

Full Moon illuminates house Virgo: health, (mental, physical) organization/efficiency of daily routines, as well as practical service to others.  Opposition lies with Sun in House Pisces, global healing, sacrifice for the greater good, spiritual health and idealistic service to the whole.

Find balance between the two – collect correlations, explore options, seek understanding.  In event of an emergency, put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then the person next to you.

Full Moon is ruled by Mercury (in Aquarius) which is trine (Mars and) North Node in Libra.  Destiny tip-off: use balanced thinking, speech, be clear, be direct – follow suit with actions. Moon grows to full in sextile to Saturn Rx in Scorpio.   Use your own voice.  You are the only one alive who can.  Speak your viewpoint of the world clearly, succinctly.

Uranus is moving to perfect the square to Pluto in Capricorn while also square Jupiter in Cancer (which in turn opposes Pluto).  I found what I was looking for in the Jupiter Rx whirlpool (thank goddess) if you did, you will also begin to apply those newfound feel-good philosophies with more gusto now – starting within the realms of home, family and where you feel secure – slowly moving outward from there.

Pluto renovates the fort in old school Capricorn changing all we deem USEless into the USEful. Home and Career and wherever house Capricorn and Cancer land in your chart are getting metamorphosis big time – as well as house Aries where things are getting more than a little weird. (Uranus)

Uranus (in Mars-ruled Aries) is the wildcard innovating changes and perspective shifts 24/7.  This full Moon highlights balanced health & communications.  Thoughtful ponderations & changes surrounding both.
Where House Virgo lands in your natal will be further highlighted.


nitty gritty trench wench

Tonight’s lovely MoOon rising at the end of my street, as I turned home.

Virgo Moon peeps are diligent hard-working folks.  Due to the influence of Mercury, they have a tendency to be high-strung; sorting, planning, organizing, cleaning and busy work tends to calm them.  They are led by a strong desire to serve others, they feel a responsibility towards health and welfare of others.  If you are sick and Virgo  hasn’t heard from you in a timely manner, they will be calling to check on you – ready to fetch groceries, meds, make soup, you name it.

They are practical, down to earth and ready to lend a hand if needed.  In fact, Virgo moon people need to feel needed, which is a direct result of being service driven.  (Virgo rules civil servants, nurses, nuns.)  They are excellent at anticipating the needs of others – Mercury sees the info exuded, sorts the facts, gets right to the nitty gritty working for the desired outcome.

They are quick-thinkers that want progress on the material plane, they are reality-driven, more so than emotionally driven – Moon in Virgo means feelings are analyzed – improved, then released.  They want to be appreciated for their mental faculties far over and above looks and status.

Worry, nitpicking, lack of self-confidence, not to mention a changeability that is part and parcel of Mercurial thinking can be downfalls for Virgo Moons.  They need to beware of overly critical thinking, over thinking – period.  If Virgo Moon can let go of eternal vigilance on details, relax and go with the flow. . . .seeing the big picture can be quite liberating.

Virgo Moons practice practical magick through housewitchery – cleaning the corners, fluffing the linens, organizing and scrubbing the environs – ending with a dash of wildflowers on the table afterwards.  Quietly ambitious, they accomplish much without fanfare – they work well with others or alone (mutable).  They are health conscious, conservative, quiet, reserved, humble, reliable. 

blessed be

Looney Lunar Information Glut

Neptune’s Tomb, Paul Lehr

Monday 18
Sun into Pisces 6:02am CST, USA
Saturn Rx 11:02pm (11 degrees Scorpio)
until July 8 (4 degrees Scorpio)

Saturday 23
Mercury Rx 3:41am (19 degrees Pisces)
until March 17 (5 degrees Pisces)

Sunday 25 * edit: MONDAY 25, soz !
Full Moon in Virgo 2:26pm (7 degrees)
Venus into Pisces 8:03pm

Wheels turn and changes are upon us…
Apologies for being late with this – I was having a bit of a breakdown breakthrough  transit myself.  Two Toro Moons opposite Saturn (my ruler, nearly Rx) with Pluto coming and going.  Tower card showed up a couple of times, fun weekend.
So on to what’s up in a nutshell…

Sun into Pisces is a dream paradise vacation in the la la land of mystics, soothsayers, inspired artists of all kinds, healing, vivid dreamscapes – both waking and sleeping. 
Pisces have such a lovely energy … they are sensitive, compassionate – thinking in terms of inclusiveness and cosmic consciousness. 

Negative people and energies can be toxic to the Pisces psyche.  They are sponges picking up vibrations of whatever is around them; one reason they – more than any other zodiac sign – need to cultivate friendships with hi qi sensitives like themselves.   Spiritual intelligence is strong with Pisces Suns, they are transcenders who are highly intuitive, and sacrifice for the greater good.  [ Low qi Pisces can be delusional, escapist, impractical, prone to addictions, timid and deceptive.]

Saturn Rx brings inner revisions of structures, achievements, goals and responsibilities; in Scorpio, Saturn Rx delivers re-working and transforming the power that drives the building.  Saturn likes it lean and clean – Scorp house is keen to formulate re-birth.

Saturn Rx in Scorp is also an aspect of re-defining relationships – with authority and men, particularly older men, or fathers.  note: Saturn is re-applying to an exact sextile with Pluto in Cap – mutual reception with metamorphic Pluto – take the opportunity presented – transformation and metamorphosis is imminent and supremely supported  re: the above – count on it.

Mercury Rx in Pisces is primo for subconscious revisions of how we flow through our lives and perceive and relate with the cosmic ALL ONE.  Mercury is thinking, messages, communication, perceptions and self-expression of all kinds.  Mercury Rx in Pisces spins a fantastic tale of the ultimate spiritual quest in the final frontier – our minds.
Oy – in tandem with Saturn Rx in Scorp the house of the unseen mysteries – honey we are going deep sea diving in the SUBsubconscious … this oughta be good.

Full Moon in Virgo has our feelings in opposition to a googob of Pisces: Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mars and Mercury Rx (re-applying conjunction to them all).  In addition, Moon at 7 is opposite Sun at 7 – both in square to Jupiter in Gemini at 7 degrees.

::: any planet near 7 degrees (+/- 5 degrees) you will be feeling this Moon ! :::

That makes ginormous thinking / chattering Gemini Jupiter the focal point of the superhighway Lunar information glut.   haha lucky Jupiter makes me visualize cloverleafs on the freeway…

What do I mean by that ?

Full Moon saturation illuminates Mercury-ruled Virgo house – information and messages are most certainly incoming to all Virgos – and Virgo sorts by nature.  Pisces Sun absorbs and Gemini is the revolving door of factoids.

Mercury Rx on the 23rd, Full Moon on the 25th means the brainpan is shifting and popping – times near stations are often bumpy.  Keep in mind – Mercury is dualities, rules Gemini and Virgo.

Note: Uranus (polarities) is quincunx Moon just prior to Full, so expect a weird emotional message to pop in re: actions, men or powershifts that will change your thinking and emotions revolving around some long-standing structures.

Also note:  Pisces 19 degree Mercury Rx re-applying to 18 degree Mars puts them in trine to 19 degrees North Node of Destiny in Scorpio as Saturn Rx retreats from a conjunction to NNode.  Authority, an older figure or crumbling structure of some kind retreats to lick its wounds via a re-applying trine to Chiron, Sun and Neptune in Pisces.
 It is meant to be…go re-read Saturn Rx if it freaks you out.

Adaptation, improvisation.

We will feel Full Moon emotional tug of war / peace talks in these areas:
what we think / how we perceive
how we act upon it / how others react to us
are we healing / inspiring to ourselves and others
what does our spirit desire / what is our life work – are they compatible

Happy Trails…
May the force be with you


Moon Mercury Mars Meditation

The secret of the receptive
Must be sought in stillness;
Within stillness there remains
The potential for action.

Sun Bu’er (1119-1182, China)

Full Moon at 18 degrees Virgo March 8, 3:39am, CST USA

Moon conjunct Mars Rx in Mercury ruled Virgo 
Mercury conjunct its higher octave, Uranus
Mercury and Mars Rx in mutual reception 
Void Moon begins at time of full moon, moon enters Libra March 8, 10:50pm, CST USA

Void moons are traditionally a time of inner contemplation and inaction, a time when the moon is adrift without an anchoring aspect until it reaches the next sign.  Emotions, instincts and sensitivities are susceptible to fuzzy logic.  Void moons operate similar to dark moons and are a wonderful time to replenish the spirit.

Power, inspirations, communications and emotions are shifting energies during this Full Void Moon.  Om Mani Padme Hum.

in peace~