practical pitch

Moon in Virgo

Energy clearing is the magickal logic behind Virgo’s daily house-witchery of organization and cleanliness.  Driven by a need to analyze and perfect, Virgo focuses on improving the daily routines of universlings via health, work and service.

Virgo rules civil servants, pets and herbalists, domestication of animals for help with field work.  Interesting to note gardening is ruled by (Moon house Cancer) 4th – but the gathering of advice, tips, phases of the moon best for planting, weather lore for use by all via an almanac – very practical 6th house Virgo.

Virgo is the most likely sign of the zodiac to check in on you, lend a hand, be helpful and actually enjoy sweating the small stuff.  Multi-tasking minute details are their forte, they are able to compartmentalize and achieve many goals at once.

They tend to be perfectionists with infinite reserves of remaining calm cool and collected, though it would be wise to note, if transgressed, they will not hold their tongue.  The discerning eyes / ears of Virgo are attentive to what you do not say as well as what you do.

Virgo Moon filters everything emotional through the lens of logic and practicality.  Reserved and overly critical – feelings are subject to intense scrutiny rather than allowed to flow unimpeded by thoughts of right or wrong. 

Emotional waters of Virgo Moon are subject to churning over the gristmill of intellectual purification again and again.  Routine chores give their hands something to do while their brains wander.  Their strong work ethic is rooted in peace of mind through keeping busy.  Mercury rules Virgo, it needs to keep juggling; Moon rules fluctuation and change, both of which endow Virgo Moons with lively minds and vivid imaginations. 

Plant your thought seeds early with this one, let them sit with an idea, tend it, water it  – if it grows with the moon, you’re IN.  They change their minds frequently as new emo information crops up, be aware of this and prepare a new practical pitch from a fresh perspective, rinse, repeat.