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Vampire Tarot

Q: Insight for all my readers…what evil lurks, what danger lies in the shadows of Mars/Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars/Pluto in Capricorn is men, Men, MEN as well as power, time, work and career and the power to work hard to achieve goals/climb your chosen mountain.
Note: both are square Uranus in Aries = radical shifts in perspectives – weird bolts from the blue and shocking insights.

Knight of Cups – A young man who appears poised, calm on the outside – but on the inside is intense, seething with determination.  Those who keep their secrets well guarded, are crafty and subtle.  Ruthless ambition, single-minded devotion to one goal, and one goal alone.

Judging by the image, the possibility of abandoning goals in favor of pan-like drunken/love debauchery also exists.  Too much of anything is still too much – be it sun or shadow.  Material earth-bound lesson via Jupiter.

This potent, purpose-driven person can generate mistrust, dislike and jealousy.  This can obviously be you or someone else but it is likely both.

Wagon: This Chariot carries the undead.  Incredibly apt for Mars/Pluto in Capricorn. This card is forward movement up the mountain to the fortress through forces that oppose you.
This chariot is also escaping internal forces which create opposition within yourself.

Protecting life and death and love in the midst of forces that are often out of our control.  Or are they…?…not if you believe in Karma aka Saturn (rules Capricorn).
Self-control and restriction forced to the breaking point.  This also indicates home turf/ground which Dracula would take with him to ease his symptoms.

Metamorphosis and change factors heavily, as well as night hours and what happens to your energy with the cycles of the Sun/Moon.  Note also Dracula was a animagus who could spy undetected by hiding in another form.  Who is the spy ?  You or another ?  Again, likely both.

This card can represent an unexpected package, visitor – likely a man or something work or energy related.

The star is from the Magpie Oracle, created by Carrie Paris.
Even for the undead there remains a glimmer of hope.

Gneiss Moon

Anima Iter Itineris


FullSizeRender 9The Vampire Tarot

Calling on direction for the Mars Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  

This powerful team of Mars – Pluto will be applying by 5 degrees on November 3, and felt through November 12th when it begins to fade (separate).

Ace of Holy Water
Baptism in the Tree of Life, squaring the circle (hexagon).
The physical and the spiritual meet on the material plane – pure power.

Mars is fire power and Pluto is its higher octave – spiritual power.

Mars rules bites; Pluto death.
Pluto is also REBIRTH on the material plane. (While in an Earth sign.)
Continually re-identifying your spiritual purpose/promise.


While in Capricorn we are reminded of the little deaths faced each day.
Breath, meetings, illusions and moments and yes – orgasm.
Oh God.

The number six (hexagon) is ruled by Venus. 
Six is the vibration of compassion, social consciousness and balance within flux.
Love is the sacred center of all things.

FullSizeRender 10Crux Card of Spirit: The World, 21 (3)

Purified soul at ONE with the universal force.

Four cardinal virtues depicted in tarot (Justice, Strength and Temperance) are all under the rulership (according to Medieval/Renaissance) of ONE – Prudence aka Wisdom.

Mina/Anima (latin: Soul) surrounded by earth’s bounty: half dead/thorn & half living/lush.
She represents the Fool’s (Sheroic) journey.

Swallowed by initiation (snake) into the mysteries of life/death and light/dark, Mina walked the path between living/dead and conscious/unconscious.  She gained wisdom and the inherent power that accompanies it by facing trials and tribulations during the journey of life.  Capricorn (Saturn) tests/refines – Mars and Pluto meet in this sign.

Mina escaped torment (baptism of blood/undead/soulless eternity) with her purity of heart and soul restored, symbolized by the flaming heart.  Her human knowledge gained from experience reflects back to her in the mirror.
Mina has the power to reflect upon her soul – Dracula does not. 

Spirit Crux Card encourages us reflect upon (define/know/use well) 
The Middle Path between: 


Self/Others – Family/Community


3 Exaltations

Bard the Bowman bigger

Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman

Since (obviously) Gneiss Moon Astrology is perpetually steeping in Middle Earth, of course Luke is on deck for some lovely Sagittarian archer action – his chart is loaded with rolling (transference of light) Jupiter trines – and he has 3 exaltations.

Exaltations mean the planetary placements feel harmony, their energy is clear and resonating, they are in the sign where they best express themselves.

Luke is an Aries Sun (exalted) with an early degree Aries Mars (ruling), which means he is hereby having a tidy Mars trine from Sagittarius.  High inspirational energy incoming –
welcome also to your Saturn transit on natal Uranus, voila – astrology !

Also noting Dracula Untold release perfection: Saturn in your solar 8th, Pluto in 10th with Mars conjunct natal Neptune in solar 9th.  I love seeing the work and the craft reflected in the natalverse to and from the outerverse – it is truly inspiring on so many levels.
Regarding Luke as Dracula – See the wonder of Exalted Sun opposite the dead/undead of Pluto in Libra as he says he took the power in order to save others.  That same Sun trines Neptune (martyr), squares Jupiter (lost hope).

To those of you who think I can’t see the roles these actors play reflected in their natal charts, you are dead wrong.
do see them,
and I see much, much more.
Your fatal mistake is underestimating me.

Oct 10, USA Dracula UntoldI will be there.  Trailer below, folks.

Dracula-Untold-2543Mercury and Venus (exalted) are placed in Pisces with Venus trine Scorpio Uranus within a degree.  Mercury trines his 29 degree Cancer Jupiter (exalted) within a degree and Moon (not having his deets) is within 25 degrees late Scorpio or 5 degrees early Sagittarius, in essence, trine the rolling transference of light happening between 20 degrees Pisces to 6 degrees Aries – all trine 29 Cancer.

Water trines of this caliber with a lush culminating degree Cancer Jupiter indicate a very intuitive, compassionate understanding into the deep well of human psyche, further indicated by the Mercury/Jupiter trine.  Mercury and Venus square Neptune in Sagittarius (Venus exact) with the addition of Saturn (restriction) in Virgo shows difficulty in nailing down the daily routine.  Traveling is fabulous and fun, but cannot be done from home. (Sun square Cancer Jupiter)  Culmination degree Jupiter needs to feel comfortable, in quiet, safe environs for Aries Sun to function at its best.  Small portable rituals, altars, workouts and headspace that are yours alone are the key.

Boundary sets are key here – water is yin, it intakes, is intuitive, empathic.  Note this and decide how to work the gate aka Saturnian restriction in Virgo (multi minutia) with North Node of Destiny, also in Virgo.

North Node squares Neptune, indicating restless friction re: logic and intuitive art processes that defy logic, but work nonetheless.  Also friction between inclusiveness/separateness and the subconscious healing that arrives via delineation and definition of them all as they relate to one another and how they work for you.

Defining your dream, drawing your map (so to speak) will lead you straight into your healthy future.

Luke Evans Aries
Mars in Aries…they do love a workout.  Traveling requires juggling: work schedules, life schedules, sleep patterns, etc..  Aries likes it now without fuss – Neptune in Sagittarius square Mercury and Venus while Sun opposes Libra Pluto requires a metamorphic finesse of inner and outer balance though times of relationship stress and nebulous thinking and love/money or travel difficulties.

Fill those times with creative journaling, reading books, writing music, interpretive dance, Sufi poetry – whatever, be it high qi – you tap your own thing, boost your own self-worth and work it to your creative advantage. *

New places and partnerships deliver distracting social/emotional contacts.  Much learning is to be gleaned, but strict definitions are again, critical.  Libra is others, (especially women, it is also money and trades) – Pluto placed there indicates peace talks, power struggles and transformative boundary sets re: the exchange of energy.

Tough Saturn aspects such as quincunx Mars (and likely square Moon) are forcing personal perseverance, energy conservation and emotional focus.  Also note Venus square Neptune can be escapist when working low – but brilliantly creative when functioning high qi.  See above.*

Sun square Jupiter may have a tendency to overdo either the gung ho to go thing or put the brakes on and dive deep delta into emotional navel gazing.  Find your balance.  Each has a place, serves a purpose.
To create your very best work. – use them all.

Gneiss Moon

Count Double Dooku Gem


My morning astro coffeechat & double Gemini Sir Christopher Lee.
YaY !  A double Gem (Sun + Moon), Christopher has a very powerful chart with 2 T-squares.

Focal planets : Saturn, Uranus
SoOo not exactly surprising to find him voicing an astrology vid.
Saturn is trad ruler of Aquarius; Uranus the modern – Aquarius rules astrology.

Libra Saturn Rx focal (on the strengthening critical 0 degree, also exalted – BAM !) bang on the ASC (conj N Node and Jupiter Rx in 1st) square : Mars Rx in 3rd; Mercury in 9(ruling Gemini at MC – BOOM !); chart ruler Venus (Cancer 10).  Mercury and Venus are straddling MC. 
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Oceans of Time

Bram Stoker, Irish novelist, was best known for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula.
A quick look reveals a very interesting chart, that dead on nails his most popular work.
(Solar chart without exact birth time)

This is the cool thing about astrology – once I learned it, I realized everyone instinctually gravitates towards work that is aligned with their natal chart vibration.  We do our best work in our highest natal groove – we know it inside and out – what we create is natural and free-flowing because we have lived itOur work rings like a bell of truth.

Scorpio Sun and Moon trine Jupiter in Cancer, exalted. 
Lunar longing rising from a deep well of feeling a need to be protective of and nurture women – opposing marriage (Juno) – squaring  (inner obstacle course) freedom (Uranus) and the untamed feminine (Lilith).  

Dracula is an epistolary novel, told partly in letters between the characters of the book – it is fittingly Cancerian: old – fashioned and sentimental – family letters are a familiar safe haven.  Yet, it is also the perfect foil – peeping into someone’s mail or secret sex diary and hitting pay dirt.

Bram was cracking the repression code on the prim and proper Victorian era – obviously they loved their sex, but it was whispered in secret behind the parlor door. Dracula, and all he stood for, was repressed and forbidden – so of course the women swooned.

Juno (traditional woman / marriage) and Jupiter (ceremonial marriage) form a T-Square with Pluto (death, sex, rebirth) as focal planet.  Jupiter opposite Juno in Capricorn: time, lineage, being the Big Blood Baron with a trio of brides bound (Saturn) to the master of bites through blood.

Blood is Jupiter ruled.

Bram also had an amazingly strong Venus – in Libra (rules, strong) conjunct North Node of Destiny – and Lilith the Bitch Goddess (non traditional rebel wife demanding equality) – all sextile Mercury in Sagittarius (visionary publishing); and all opposing Uranus Rx in Aries.  Animal natures is the common root that binds all earthkind, flight or fight is primal, instinctual, as is the desire to survive in whatever form we find ourselves.
Uranus in Aries: unusual biting proclivities and wearing a mask to hide an ancient evil.  Uranus in Aries opposite Venus in Libra: curious attractions and shocking love surprises.

Scorpio Chiron (wounded healer, teacher) opposite Mars in Taurus, Pluto in late Aries
I do not want to bite you.

Chiron trine Saturn in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius
I must bite you !

Mars in Toro = LoOove bite on the pulse of the throat

The Sexual Healing aspects, so interesting – the need to possess and control followed by the bite followed by complete surrender to the instincts (Moon) that overwhelm the body (Saturn).

The kicker I saved for last.
Asteroid Lucifer 1930 in Leo forms a Grand Fire Trine with Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.  Damage control : do not freak over the Lucifer asteroid –  it is the representation of the fight between good and evil within all of us.

Obviously passion and impulse reigns in fire signs.  Leo is creative romance, willpower and gambling with both.  The willing, passionate exchange of power in moments of intimacy is not only mutually revitalizing, but also mutually healing.

Bram had Scorpio Sun / Moon trine Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces – bonds of love that cannot be broken by time or space.

Bram’s kite puts a sextile between his life path of creative writing (Libra Venus, bohemian Lilith) and his visionary ideas revolving around the light and dark in all of us.

Instincts are huge (Jupiter in Moon ruled Cancer, Moon conjunct Sun in Scorpio) players in his chart, as are making intuitive connections, as Mercury (lower octave of Uranus) is trine Uranus retrograde in Aries.

Bram brilliantly depicts through Dracula the polarities of impulse and restraint; control and surrender; inner demons that create and destroy.

I want some more.
Claudia, Interview with a Vampire