3 Exaltations

Bard the Bowman bigger

Luke Evans as Bard the Bowman

Since (obviously) Gneiss Moon Astrology is perpetually steeping in Middle Earth, of course Luke is on deck for some lovely Sagittarian archer action – his chart is loaded with rolling (transference of light) Jupiter trines – and he has 3 exaltations.

Exaltations mean the planetary placements feel harmony, their energy is clear and resonating, they are in the sign where they best express themselves.

Luke is an Aries Sun (exalted) with an early degree Aries Mars (ruling), which means he is hereby having a tidy Mars trine from Sagittarius.  High inspirational energy incoming –
welcome also to your Saturn transit on natal Uranus, voila – astrology !

Also noting Dracula Untold release perfection: Saturn in your solar 8th, Pluto in 10th with Mars conjunct natal Neptune in solar 9th.  I love seeing the work and the craft reflected in the natalverse to and from the outerverse – it is truly inspiring on so many levels.
Regarding Luke as Dracula – See the wonder of Exalted Sun opposite the dead/undead of Pluto in Libra as he says he took the power in order to save others.  That same Sun trines Neptune (martyr), squares Jupiter (lost hope).

To those of you who think I can’t see the roles these actors play reflected in their natal charts, you are dead wrong.
do see them,
and I see much, much more.
Your fatal mistake is underestimating me.

Oct 10, USA Dracula UntoldI will be there.  Trailer below, folks.

Dracula-Untold-2543Mercury and Venus (exalted) are placed in Pisces with Venus trine Scorpio Uranus within a degree.  Mercury trines his 29 degree Cancer Jupiter (exalted) within a degree and Moon (not having his deets) is within 25 degrees late Scorpio or 5 degrees early Sagittarius, in essence, trine the rolling transference of light happening between 20 degrees Pisces to 6 degrees Aries – all trine 29 Cancer.

Water trines of this caliber with a lush culminating degree Cancer Jupiter indicate a very intuitive, compassionate understanding into the deep well of human psyche, further indicated by the Mercury/Jupiter trine.  Mercury and Venus square Neptune in Sagittarius (Venus exact) with the addition of Saturn (restriction) in Virgo shows difficulty in nailing down the daily routine.  Traveling is fabulous and fun, but cannot be done from home. (Sun square Cancer Jupiter)  Culmination degree Jupiter needs to feel comfortable, in quiet, safe environs for Aries Sun to function at its best.  Small portable rituals, altars, workouts and headspace that are yours alone are the key.

Boundary sets are key here – water is yin, it intakes, is intuitive, empathic.  Note this and decide how to work the gate aka Saturnian restriction in Virgo (multi minutia) with North Node of Destiny, also in Virgo.

North Node squares Neptune, indicating restless friction re: logic and intuitive art processes that defy logic, but work nonetheless.  Also friction between inclusiveness/separateness and the subconscious healing that arrives via delineation and definition of them all as they relate to one another and how they work for you.

Defining your dream, drawing your map (so to speak) will lead you straight into your healthy future.

Luke Evans Aries
Mars in Aries…they do love a workout.  Traveling requires juggling: work schedules, life schedules, sleep patterns, etc..  Aries likes it now without fuss – Neptune in Sagittarius square Mercury and Venus while Sun opposes Libra Pluto requires a metamorphic finesse of inner and outer balance though times of relationship stress and nebulous thinking and love/money or travel difficulties.

Fill those times with creative journaling, reading books, writing music, interpretive dance, Sufi poetry – whatever, be it high qi – you tap your own thing, boost your own self-worth and work it to your creative advantage. *

New places and partnerships deliver distracting social/emotional contacts.  Much learning is to be gleaned, but strict definitions are again, critical.  Libra is others, (especially women, it is also money and trades) – Pluto placed there indicates peace talks, power struggles and transformative boundary sets re: the exchange of energy.

Tough Saturn aspects such as quincunx Mars (and likely square Moon) are forcing personal perseverance, energy conservation and emotional focus.  Also note Venus square Neptune can be escapist when working low – but brilliantly creative when functioning high qi.  See above.*

Sun square Jupiter may have a tendency to overdo either the gung ho to go thing or put the brakes on and dive deep delta into emotional navel gazing.  Find your balance.  Each has a place, serves a purpose.
To create your very best work. – use them all.

Gneiss Moon

8 thoughts on “3 Exaltations

  1. ok never heard of him BUT, I was with a guy for a while who looked like he does in the bw picture.
    Leo Sun, Cancer rising, Aquarius Moon, Neptune in Scorp, squaring Sun/ Moon opposition Mars in Libra squaring ascendant trining moon. Jupiter in Aries. oh was he a character, and oh was I easily swayed. Very magnetic and very sure of himself and unforgettable. 🙂

    When I think male Aries actor, I think Russell Crowe, Warren Beatty. when he was young, wow, Aries Sun, Moon in Scorpio….

    thanks for the introduction

    • Lucky you !

      Luke was also Apollo in Clash of the Titans & Aramis in The Three Musketeers, Zeus in The Immortals.
      It is my pleasure to introduce you to the men of Middle Earth. He is not the last.

      • Have not seen these either, but always happy to become acquainted. For awhile I was watching anything with Jude Law, Sag Rising with Neptune on Ascendant, Cap Sun, Mars in Scorpio. Those fiery types often bald early I am afraid, but hey I am a fool for Neptune and Sag in some combo 🙂

      • haaa Mars in Sag 12th house sign represent !
        Jude had a meaty scoundrel role in Contagion, foil to his sweetheart in The Holiday. Def see his Sag/Cap/Scorp in Closer. Sharp brutal blade of truth, very hard to watch !
        Former husband had Sag stellium, also lost hair early and it wasn’t me pulling it out, surprisingly. lol

      • So you understand 🙂 I liked Closer, great acting and interesting storyline. I tend to attract men with either Sag rising or Cap rising for the most part. The Caps keep their hair. Cancer rising men have beautiful hair and eyes, but they are moody and cranky and can be babies. It is what it is! Maybe you did such an excellent portrayal of Mars in Sag persona because you are living it. You really nailed it 😉 good nite

      • Understood. Can pick a centaur out of a crowd without even trying. Though this has been the year of Aries popping out of the woodwork, Uranus TaDA !
        Nailed it, well thank you. Mars trine Saturn 3rd reins in the signal on occasion.

  2. Thanks Gneiss for bow and arrow pic. A couple of nights ago Dr. Who and Clara in 12th. century Merry England with Robin Hood and his merry bowmen. The new Dr. just happens to be a master archer as well. Mars in Sag bring it on!
    Congratulations on dealing with your addictions, I love your dream. Looks like such a beautiful, poetic imagery of a Guide and Hall of records being shown through beautiful cards.
    Thanks heaps for the 29^ Cancer info. This * so activated this year.

    • Hello ! I knew you would love that 29 degree bit !
      Thank you and agreed on Hall of Records.
      Stone & running water – alternation between building & healing. Spot on for GMA.
      I have heard mixed reviews of The new Doctor, will have to look up my link on Doctor post and watch – esp knowing master archer ! I have always found it takes me a few to settle in to a new one. Except for David, he was instantaneous. heehee
      Archer apt for The Doctor who is tantalizingly Jupiterian xo
      Must dash – Running/mowing my yard, is getting dark so early now 6:08 and app. 4 fingers.
      cya xo

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