Pontificating & Propogating

200-3Mars into Sagittarius
September 13
4:57pm Chicago
10:55pm London
September 14
9:57am Wellington

Mars in Sagittarius is perpetually on tour, roaming wild and free, in pursuit of happiness and adventure.  This Mars needs freedom to explore all facets of life.  They are the high-spirited seekers full of curiosity and enthusiasm for reaching new horizons, they are the happy-go-lucky pranksters who love to have fun.

Jugglers of concepts and ideas, they love to wax philosophical on any and all subjects: intellectual, environmental, physical, spiritual – for them nothing is too sacred for clever conversation.  Everything they SEE requires comment in some form or fashion for they value getting to the innate truth at the core of all beings.  Note also, they know how to stretch the truth to fit their needs – mutable !  Just sayin’. 

Risk-taking rides shotgun to adventure, that’s why you can usually find them goofing at a party regaling a crowd with hilariously vivid descriptions of wild drunken/dosed days and nights.  This Mars seeks to learn via experience.

Mars in Sagittarius is the archer of action/fire signs – how well they hit the bulls-eye depends on aspects to Mars in the natal as well as transits and progressions.  Mars in Sagittarius is akin to a satellite dish on a good day – taking in and putting out a wide array of broad based intel.  Desires focus on long-term goals and far-reaching vision.

While Aries Mars competes to be first and Leo Mars creates from within, Sagittarius Mars is mutable and learns in tandem with others.  Sagittarians like ‘far out’ people for in them they see an abundance of life in a myriad of forms and expressions – the learning possibilities are endless. . . this is the National Geographic Mars.

Neither shyness, shame nor savor faire register a blip on Sagittarius Mars radar. They are known for Tourette’s style blurting in mixed company.  These folks will be the ones saying and doing what everyone else is only thinking about saying or doing.  For this reason, Mars in Sagittarius is a teaching & preaching placement further defined by house placement.  In my experience, explorative open minds always deliver the best teachers & preachers because they are quick to approach a diplomatic understanding.

Mars in Sagittarius teaches what they learn – pontificating and propagating their optimistic philosophies and perspectives like Johnny Appleseed.  They have an innate faith and confidence that their outbound energy will find its destination and they will reap abundance. 

Not all who wander are lost.
Peace out
Gneiss Moon

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