Time-release Love

photo 18Quantum Tarot

Reading to focus on High Qi energy of the now. 
Interp is going to be a bit short, day job is nutzo at the mo.
This card is Centaurus, Chiron aka Knight of Pentacles.
Immediate visual of Luke Skywalker.  
Elliptical galaxy Centaurus A is contained within.
Skywalkers, Stargazers here.

I immediately noted Mars is separating from Saturn in Scorpio, near to venturing off into freedom-loving Sagittarius on the 13th (USA).  Kim Falconer brilliantly noted Mars/Saturn as an energy akin to Luke/Obi-Wan – impulsive action/considered action.

Also noted is the current Jupiter square Saturn while Jupiter trines Uranus.
This is much the same Luke/Obi-wan energy, the urge to bolt and gather more experience vs. the urge to stay and gather more learning.

Mars into Sagittarius with Uranus in Aries is wild & free as a bird.  Scorpio Saturn conjunct Mars training will now be tested.

Jupiter (fire/fire) square Saturn (earth/water) wants to play but conserves.
Wants to travel/learn – and does so – but with a much more clipped, focused energy than their normally expansive wide angle lens satellite dish spouting/receiving both near and far.

Jupiter (fire/fire) trine Uranus (air/fire) is rapid fire brain expansion from all sectors.  
Note to self: there will lots of incoming notes to self.  These are heady aspects.

Self altitude adjustments are in progress.  

Toss in Mercury/North Node of Destiny applying opposition to Uranus (octaves of communication – see pentacles link above) and there are signs and synchronicities everywhere & when – open your ears and eyeballs, folks.
Everyone and thing around you is lining up to signal you to your destiny.  
Or perhaps your density.
Or maybe both. lol.

Lastly, the card drawn is to signify Chiron the wounded healer, your light in dark places.  Slow steady wisdom and progress through observation and experience.
Student/teacher mentorship is very au courant.
Chiron is in exact trine to Part of Fortune now; tomorrow it opposes.
Healing is in progress, always, large and small.
Learn; take what you need, move on.

Keep your eyes peeled.
Stop, Look and Listen.
Considered Use of Force.

Mars into Sagittarius
Saturday 13
4:57pm Chicago