Growing Souls

photo 17Mary-El Tarot

Emperor is the card I drew when asking for specific guidance on how to best handle the energies of the sky above us.

Mercury squares Pluto; opposes Uranus
Venus opposes Neptune
Moon waning, but still BIG.

Heads and Hearts are really feeling the itch to get changing.  We have two upcoming eclipses to thank for that as well.  (more on that later)

Emperor is truly a great card to pull.
Four is steadfast, solid, building.

Old man Saturn on the wheel is riding an applying quintile to Venus in Virgo.
A quintile delivers special talents, gifts, genius.

Venus is not terribly comfortable in Virgo, but she can easily break from head (Mercury) and heart (Venus/Neptune), find her place between and work it to her advantage.  
Organize the work done, plan the work ahead, one little thing after another and daily  commitment to building will produce an impressive monument of work over time.

Emperor imposes order and harmony on the four elements.
Venus finds balance, grace.

The 4th sephiroth is Chesed: Love and Kindness
Earth exists so we may experience fierce duality, learn through rich experiences and grow our souls.

Stake your claim, know your boundaries, make slow, wise expansive risks.
Practice endurance, patience and loving kindness with yourself as well as others.

This quintile begins to fade in two days time.