seed of life and love


The Seed of Life is a stage before the Flower of Life which produces the Fruit of Life. The Fruit of life is the blueprint of the universe; it contains every atom, molecular structure, life form and eventually everything in existence. The Seed and Flower are heavily associated with the Biblical prophet Enoch and the Archangel Metatron that Jewish mystical medieval literature states that Enoch became.  The seed of life was completed on the sixth day of creation.

The six sided hexagon is fashioned by bees in honeycombs – it is the most efficient form of storage with the least amount of materials.

Water crystals freeze into hexagonal shapes.

Water memory of the word Eternal.
Masuro Emoto

Water memory of the words Thank you.

Six is both the sum (1+ 2 + 3) and the product (1 x 2 x 3) of the first three numbers, for this reason, 6 is considered ‘perfect’.

The six days of creation in Genesis parallels the sum 1 + 2 + 3;  on day 1 light was created; on days 2 and 3 Heaven and Earth were created; on days 4, 5 and 6 all living creatures were created.  The 7th day was a day of rest.

The number six is ruled by Venus, giving six the vibration of compassion, social consciousness and balance within flux.

Those with life path six want to maintain harmony in the self, family and community at large – they are creative, loving healers and seek to be of service.  This is a number of adjustments – sixes make great counselors and teachers, who walk the path of truth and justice.

Sixes are here to learn personal balance – how to avoid over-sacrifice and a tendency to try to save the world.   Blessed with an abundance of creativity, charm and charisma, sixes are well-liked and have many friends.  Having an innate talent for business, they are savvy in the fields of material supply and demand and money comes easily to those sixes who use these talents.