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There are moments of clarity daily. They open me up with a breath and keep me calm. They feed me the answers. And they hold me lovingly. They are gospelstitches.
My childish ass has got to let them heal. This feud I’m having with myself isn’t even original. But it is thick and rooted.

Here’s to today, slowing down, suspending judgment, and breast strokes through chaos.

Buddy Wakefield


I recently read this book, loved it – sharp blade cutting straight to the bone.  Efficient use of personal power – healing mind, body, heart and spirit via focus + work.
No whiners.
No excuses. 

Scorpio Saturn Rx trines Cancer Jupiter trines Pisces Chiron – all water signs.
Intuition reigns the reins – easily.
Water houses are endings / beginnings – they go hand in hand.  Gleaning the gold from this transit takes work – Saturn is in release, reform, reintegrate mode in the house of mysterious unseen secrets, the sabotage.  Diving deep six into the psyche is not for shallow water pussies.  Destruction precedes every construction.

Our charts hold our way of seeing / feeling / experiencing life – fences and bridges.
Fences (hard aspects) slow us down, make us sweat – bridges (trines) speed us up, offer relief.   The buried treasure of this transit lies within hidden feelings, desires and beliefs surrounding both.  Build your bridges between these things.

Water houses run deep – they are the legacy of lifetimes leading up to the chronic wound that is Chiron.  Nature is your natal chart – nurture is how you experience it.
At the outset of every incarnation – a different natal blend is chosen by you – in order to learn life lessons from a different perspective.
Personal responsibility lands squarely on the shoulders where it belongs.  It is tempting to blame outer circumstances for inner failures, but that is just another excuse not to DO the WORK.

Chiron is the wound – but it is also the healing found when using your personal gifts to help the multiverse – the healer is also healed Chiron is indeed a sore spot, likely an open wound – any hard aspects exacerbate the issue.

Eg. Mercury: thinking, talking; Venus: love, money; Mars: aggression, accidents
You get the idea.

I have hard Chiron aspects except a trine to Neptune in Scorpio 11 – it is worthy of note, that same Chiron trine is the only decent aspect my Neptune has as well.  Healing via astrology & divination, the spiritual science of connections between all life – Yes.

Know your gifts, your strengths and apply them to helping others.
Do the work – your gifts / skills are yours alone, use them.  In doing this, you will feel better and end up healing yourself.
Stay focused.
Trust the process.
I started this work at GMA to heal myself, I continued to help others, NOW I do it to serve the sacred work itself.
The work has grown its own legs, which is cosmically, comically ironic to this 9th house Virgo.

What to look for in your chart to tap the gold vein of this transit ?

1. Natal Chiron aspects.  Natal Saturn aspects.  Natal Jupiter aspects.
Houses, signs – all of it.

2. Natal water houses.  They are where the action is NOW.
Eg. Mine are 3, 7, 11 – the association houses: Interaction leads to my greatest growth.
Writing, talking and being a people person
FYI: being a people person is not normal Neptunegirl vibration, and is being made more difficult by current Saturn / Neptune transits, but I see the growth potential…
I’m going for it !

peace out

Peaceful Perceptions

shadow and lightRather interesting Gemini communication lunation with Mars in Libra, eh ?
I have many things on my plate including a very busy day job, so keeping it to the point.

Scroll down for more Gem Moon info; Galactic Center via Skywalkers, Stargazers.

December 17
Full Moon Gemini 25 degrees [Opposite Sun/Galactic Center] 3:28am CST, USA

Uranus Direct 8 degrees Aries 11:40pm

See what part of your chart Gemini/Sagittarius axis lands on.

Mine, 6th/12th (natural 3rd/9th) so neighbors (Gemini) have been stepping up to the plate lending me a hand – ironically both were named Greg.  I took a drift to avoid a wreck on the way to work, so while digging myself out, Jupiter trine Saturn (luck/men) showed up (transit my Cancer 7th/Scorp 10th, respectively) and yet another Greg offered me help.

Doubles, twos, twins are likely showing up for you as well if you pay attention.

Galactic Center is conjunct Sun in Sagittarius – opposite Gemini Full Moon.
Conscious/subconscious Micro/Macro perspective shifts incoming !

Uranus direct enhances perception connections – forces all things houses Aries & Capricorn into obstacle course mode.  Inner tension revolving around work, authority, shared/personal power – action plans re: same.

Paradise MC EscherParadise, MC Escher

Love, money peace of mind and balance of all get the squeeze with Venus quincunx Moon – adaptation, improvisation – re: feelings, home, what you hold close, sacred and protect.  Follow your gut instincts here.
Balance achieved through honest communications, altitude adjustments.

Mars quincunx Neptune – actions expressed are subtle yet intense, sensual and spiritual, lovingly cutting to the chase.

Asteroid Odin conjunct Chiron – perspectives from/of the world tree, wounding that delivers global insight, healing and spiritual intelligence: culmination that arrives in nines

Quintiles (spiritual gifts, genius expressions) at Full Lunation I found interesting:
Keep in mind all enhance communications, both home & global.
Juggling between THINKING and SEEING aka perceptions.

Sun Q Chiron – healing of the spirit, awareness of wounds how to soothe them
Mercury Q Neptune – (Mercury rules Gem Moon) keen intuition, prophetic healing
Galactic Center Q Chiron – philosophical shifts re: micro/macro healing, All One
Sun Q Odin – sacrifice leading to complete shift in perception – answers revealed


home, heart & hearth


stardust horizon fireHorizon Fire

Sunday 17
Full Moon 25 degrees Taurus
10:16am CST, USA

Virgo going going gone ! 
Mars approaches my natal Pluto/Ura/29 Sun stellium + I am TOTALLY Virgo-ing out.

Yes this is a primo Full Toro Moon and with apologies for the slowing in posts, I am working out the kinks at home. I am having my family over for the grateful day for the first time in 10 years, cleaning like a fiend, a bazillion and one things to do.  Moon passed my natal Toro moon, and grows to full in my 4th aka house of home trine plenty of neat freak in 9Digging in + powered by 3 extended version director’s cuts of LotR of course.  I am soon off to drag in some wood in for TTT while I string up lights & some Star Trek ships.  YaY !

Sun is in Scorpio opposing Toro Full Moon – check where these signs land in your chart and apply the principle of balance between the house of desire (Scorpio) and the house of have (Taurus). Houses here.

Also of most fantastical groovy note is >>>>

Capricorn Pluto conjunct Venus and asteroid TARDIS time/love & regeneration.

Forgemaster Hephaestus is conjunct Chiron as it goes direct in Pisces – craftsmanship, skill in re-creating your fulcrum – that which delineates hurt from health.  Being versatile – in both communication and learning leads to understanding and balance between differing points of view.

Happy full moon all, I am off, but not before popping in this groovy tracking map of comet ISON.  Here.  Check it out – is wicked cool !  Also see pic in my twitter feed, plus star chart here for skygawkers.

may the force be with you

A+ extra credit, nomba one

Centaur Hunters

Rough lunation, full moon will square my natal Sagittarius Mars  – checked my progressed too.  Ouch. Not even going there.  fun times, ugh.

Moon is conjunct Chiron, so this post must be written. 
Chiron was a centaur by the way.  A horse, of course. lol
Chiron is known as the wounded healer; herbalist, philosopher, teacher.

I was thinking earlier, while going all Ed Scissorhands on my 7 something foot hedge, that this has been the year of Martians – particularly angular Mars peeps.  (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house are the angular houses.)  I’ve been gaining championship gymnastic status trying to please this bunch I tell ya.  My most recent run-in had me positively fuming with the  ” you’ll have to . . .blahblahblah ”  business while I was doing something out of kindness for free.   I am generally slow to rile, but this one had a hotline on my red phone – rrrrg.
I don’t have  to do anything.

We all know what that means . . . yes ? 
When game changers step up to the plate ?

Hey batterbatterSWINGbatter – they are gonna line drive the energy we have been avoiding, misunderstanding, misusing, misinterpreting, malfunctioning – right back into our faces.

Guilty as charged.

You read above I have Sagittarius Mars (it trines my chart ruler).  I have a 9th house stellium (natural Sag house) and my Venus is conjunct Jupiter (rules Sag) and my Mercury sextiles Jupiter from the 9th.  The only thing in my chart not getting a direct Sag hit is Moon and it still trines my 9th house stellium through transference of light through Pluto.

You need to know this about Sagittarius, and I am getting it / learning it about myself – even now – after all my life of running with Sagittarians.

We are blunt.

There.  I said it.
Went and lumped myself in with the sign I have sworn off dating for life.
Ye gads what irony. 

Why am I telling you this . . . ?

Do you want the truth ?

Then I am going to give it to you.  

I do not intend to come off mean, crass or cruel – but because I love you, I will give it to you straight, no chaser.   I’m not gonna blow smoke up your ass – I find it insulting when others do that to me.  ( I am perfectly aware of false flattery while someone is trying to shove a shiv in my back.  I’ve got stealth in the 12th baby, not gonna happen. )

I will not lie to you.

I will not hold back from giving you all the knowledge I can.

I will try everything I can to help you SEE  what is troubling, blinding or confounding you – because I want to help you.

…because I want to heal you…


Wanna ride ?

Your spaceship is ready !

Sun moves to conjunct Jupiter in Taurus lending all matters you choose to create a super giant boost.
Jupiter is the greater benefic, expansive and visionary.

Taurus is Venus ruled : think art, love, money and steady work towards peace of mind.

Gemini Venus is trine Saturn Rx in Libra : Air to Air : thinking and balance.
Clear the corners & feng shui your brain.
Freewheeling, good time Jupiter is taking both luminaries for a ride soon.

Venus is quintile Mars, everything magnetic, creative and attractive is moOving OUT and kicking it UP into high gear !

This is the sweet hitchhiker aspect !   WOoOoHOOoo

Daydreams and night dreams are infused with hope and abundance and with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, the past is rooted and morphed, made fresh and new.

Jupiter is quintile Pisces Chiron : an open door to healing wounds and easing pain
raise the vibration of another – generosity – your vibration will be raised as well

Might want to hone up on Mudras here, as Chiron governs on an esoteric level, the hands and the ability to develop therapeutic touch. (Garudas) 
Moon in Sagittarius (the house of Jupiter which is quintile Chiron) is opposite Gemini which rules hands.

Moon enters Sagittarius – tonight 8:39pm CST, USA

Moon is coming to conjunct North Node in Sagittarius (Jupiter rules) so insights gleaned during Full Moon worthy of sharing, will be. 

It is destiny.

Ocean or Orbicular Jasper is a hexagonal (trigonal) stone of the element Earth.
embrace the blessings, joy, new horizons & ideas

Ocean Jasper eases and soothes the negative mind and enhances joy and abundance.  It helps enhance meditative states and stimulates the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra.  It aids working and speaking effectively with groups of people, brings relaxation as well as emotional and physical (cellular) healing. 

Interesting ‘Ocean’ Jasper has such Jupiterian qualities as Jupiter is traditional ruler of Pisces, yes..?

…may blessings be upon you…

Light in dark places

Centaur – AnHellica

Recent events have turned my focus on Chiron in the natal chart.

The chart for the time Chiron was discovered (October 18,1977) reveals a conjunction between the Moon’s North Node and Pluto in Libra (14 degrees) and also a conjunction between Mercury and Sun in Libra (24 degrees).
Venus is also placed in Libra (1 degree) which it rules. Chiron’s placement is in Taurus (3 degrees) which, like Libra, is ruled by Venus.  source

In greek mythology, Chiron was the son of Kronos (Saturn/ time) and Philyra (nymph daughter of Oceanus) who was abandoned at birth by his parents.  Apollo (God of the Sun) became Chiron’s foster father, teaching him how to cultivate the creative spirit through music, divination, and the healing arts. 

Chiron became mentor to many Greek heroes including Jason, Achilles and Hercules teaching them archery, ethics, and herbal medicine. Chiron was accidentally shot by one of Hercules’ poisoned arrows.  Being a demi-god who could not die, he searched endlessly for a cure – accumulating vast knowledge in the healing arts in his search.  

In a final bid to relieve his endless suffering, Chiron ends his life by exchanging places with Prometheus, who was chained to a rock and tortured for delivering fire to humans. Chiron was later immortalized in the constellation Centaurus.  Chiron is known as the wounded healer.  In the natal chart Chiron indicates where you suffer, but also where you heal through service to others.
Cen  means center of a circle (Earth), Taur  means Taurus, the bull.
The circle  or spiritual sun = LOVE (Venus rules Taurus).
For God so loved the world…

Planetoid Chiron was discovered in between Saturn (time/ authority) and Uranus (rebellion/ freedom) and points to unconventional progress through finding union and workable solutions between seemingly disparate goals.

When reading Chiron in the natal, focus on this:
USE what you KNOW you HAVE to find BALANCE.
(Saturn, Uranus, Venus rules Taurus and Libra.)

Consider Chiron the energy bridge between the tools (Saturn) and divine intuition (Uranus).  It is preparation meets opportunity.  Chiron is the hopeful (Centaurian) risk – the gamble on love, harmony and union – faith in spiritual balance on the highest level. (Saturn is exalted in Libra)

If we USE Chiron’s vibration properly – the highest vibration of personal love (Venus  rules personal love) transcends into Neptune, DIVINE love, and healing of the spirit body which is eternal.

Energy is energy ~> conduit <~ the healer is also healed.

The vibration of Chiron is peace of mind in the physical Taurean body, and love and balance in the intellectual actions and relations with others – Venus.
Venus shares.  Venus pays it forward.
The centaur Chiron (like Sagittarius) expands the horizons, forms new philosophies and is both teacher and eternal student. Chiron is a wandering maverick, a loner who brings an awakening to – and a bridge between opposites.

Chiron the Centaur – Bloommer

Did you feel a Chronic shift lately…?

Venus in Gemini was the focal point of the recent T-Square, which also involved Mars Rx in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Venus (exalted in Pisces) was activating Neptune (which is conjunct Chiron in Pisces), soOo Earthkind received a massive influx of Venusian Full Moon Chironic energies the last few days straight from Chiron’s 8th house – enter Plutonic regeneration !   Yowsa ! 
Full Moon brings information and the days directly afterward bring dispersal of full moon knowledge…

My Chiron is in late Pisces. Gemini is not a big player in my chart, but Mercury is.
Virgo stellium and my biggie Neptune square to Venus/Jupiter were also tapped in the last few days. I have felt a very interesting vibe since the moon was full to say the least.  a cha cha

Look to Chiron in your natal and see what rules that house. Where is that planet and what it is aspecting ? That’s your KEY to HEALING.

Clues: Is it in fire, earth, air or water ? Is your KEY cardinal, fixed or mutable ?

Look also to Venus for what you HAVE that will bring BALANCE. 

Look to Saturn, where it lives and what it aspects to find your TOOLS and how to USE them. 

Look to Uranus for the REVOLUTIONARY SOLUTION.

Remember that squares are internal hurdles to healing.  Oppositions are where you have to compromise with others.  Trines and sextiles are your way out – the support group, so to speak.  Trines are an easy pre-existing energy – but you have to activate it.  Sextiles are opportunities you have to go fetch – you have to introduce the planets to each other in order to establish an energetic relationship between them.


apple of my eye

The Garden of Indun by Melukilan

“In Norse mythology, Iðunn is the goddess of apples and eternal youth.  (The story of Iðunn can be found in the Poetic Edda, a 13th century Icelandic Norse mediaeval manuscript.)
Iðunn was lured out of Asgard into the woods by Loki, which in turn, caused the gods to age.  The gods forced Loki to return Iðunn, but Þjazi, in the form of an eagle, abducted her from the wood.  Loki, finds her, and in the form of Falcon, turns her into a nut and returns her to Asgard.

Pomona ( pomum in Latin means fruit ) is the goddess of fruitful abundance, granting youth and vitality. She is a wood nymph, a guardian spirit (Numia) who nurtures and protects flourishing fruit trees. The pruning knife was her sacred tool.

Pyrus Malus

Also known as: Silver branch, Silver bough, Tree of Love
Astrological: Libra, Taurus
Medical: Diuretic.  Eating apples will aid in sleep.
Magickal: One of the nine woods best for ritual fires.  Universal love food.  To share apples with a loved one is said to encourage love and romance.  Use apple wood for love charms and amulets. note: apple seeds are poisonous.

To dream of apples is fortunate indicating increased health, earning power and love.  Apples are ruled by Venus, dreaming of them signals a change for the better.

Asteroid Pomona can be found in your natal by going to Astrodienst and entering 32.
Neptune and Chiron are currently conjunct Pomona in Pisces.  Find her in your natal to see where your life will bear delicious fruits.

I was curious about the origin of the phrase apple of my eye.  Here it is…
Deuteronomy 32:10 (King James Version, 1611)

He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye.

Pomona is in my 7th, where is she in your chart ?


the arms of the universe

Edmund Dulac

Venus will float into Pisces on Saturday 1.14.2012 at 1:47 am, CST, USA.

She will linger in Pisces until February 8th (when she will enter Aries) in the sign of her exaltation.
Venus is love, art, and the spending and earning of money.
Neptune, which rules Pisces, is the higher octave Venus. While in Pisces, Venus will be at flying high – emotionally receptive, giving and passionately inspired.

Venus is coming to conjunct Chiron, express love in order to heal ~ extend this gift not only to others, but also to yourself.

Re-affirm your unique qualities that add to the collective all one.
Be comfortable in your own skin.
Feel the dynamic spirit of life coursing through your veins with each heartbeat.

Venus is now in the decan of Venus in the last degrees of Aquarius, have you been expressing love to your tribe ?

Signs are 30 degrees, divided into 3 decantes of ten.
The decan is an added flavor the planet steeps in on those degrees.

Upon entering Pisces she will be in the decan of Neptune (0-10 degrees), then Moon (10-20), then Mars (20-30).
Expect during the Neptune decan mystical love crushes (beer goggles ?!) or fantastical art urges, the need to sing and create. During the Moon decan expect even more emotional receptivity and fluctuation, during the Mars decan – action, maybe some aggression regarding love, money and wine, women and song.

Venus is feminine and magnetic, she represents what we attract in the natal chart.
She graces your Pisces house with beauty, charm, friends, and good luck.

Think of Willie Nelson…everybody loves Willie, he’s a good guy, fabulous talent, hard-worker, helps others.
He is a Taurus Venus in 10 conjunct Sun in 9 with Midheaven dovetailing between the two (all happening within 4 degrees in Taurus).  When the government repossessed Willie’s stuff for tax evasion, his fans showed up to the auction in droves – bought it, and handed it right back to him.  That’s Venus attracting love and kindness.  Taurus motto is I have  and Willie has friends – and lots of them.

Above all, while in Pisces, Venus will restore the emotional and spiritual balance.

Go with her flow … sneak off to your secret hiding place, get cozy with a book, rest easy in the arms of the universe.
Find the wonder and peace in the infinite cosmos that surrounds you.