Wanna ride ?

Your spaceship is ready !

Sun moves to conjunct Jupiter in Taurus lending all matters you choose to create a super giant boost.
Jupiter is the greater benefic, expansive and visionary.

Taurus is Venus ruled : think art, love, money and steady work towards peace of mind.

Gemini Venus is trine Saturn Rx in Libra : Air to Air : thinking and balance.
Clear the corners & feng shui your brain.
Freewheeling, good time Jupiter is taking both luminaries for a ride soon.

Venus is quintile Mars, everything magnetic, creative and attractive is moOving OUT and kicking it UP into high gear !

This is the sweet hitchhiker aspect !   WOoOoHOOoo

Daydreams and night dreams are infused with hope and abundance and with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, the past is rooted and morphed, made fresh and new.

Jupiter is quintile Pisces Chiron : an open door to healing wounds and easing pain
raise the vibration of another – generosity – your vibration will be raised as well

Might want to hone up on Mudras here, as Chiron governs on an esoteric level, the hands and the ability to develop therapeutic touch. (Garudas) 
Moon in Sagittarius (the house of Jupiter which is quintile Chiron) is opposite Gemini which rules hands.

Moon enters Sagittarius – tonight 8:39pm CST, USA

Moon is coming to conjunct North Node in Sagittarius (Jupiter rules) so insights gleaned during Full Moon worthy of sharing, will be. 

It is destiny.

Ocean or Orbicular Jasper is a hexagonal (trigonal) stone of the element Earth.
embrace the blessings, joy, new horizons & ideas

Ocean Jasper eases and soothes the negative mind and enhances joy and abundance.  It helps enhance meditative states and stimulates the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra.  It aids working and speaking effectively with groups of people, brings relaxation as well as emotional and physical (cellular) healing. 

Interesting ‘Ocean’ Jasper has such Jupiterian qualities as Jupiter is traditional ruler of Pisces, yes..?

…may blessings be upon you…

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