Switch 625


Scorpio Neptune (rules guitars) as apex of a kick ass kite.
 Neptune opposite Sun in sensate Taurus.

Moon, Mercury, Venus in Aries all square Jupiter in Capricorn.
Venus and Mercury square Saturn in Capricorn
Shy, speaks through music
gung-ho to go guitar style 

Neptune sextiles Pluto in Virgo
shreds precisely
Neptune sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn
big dirty crescendo riffs
Jupiter and Pluto trine Taurus Sun
gritty guitar assaults the senses

Earth manifestation trine.
huge (Jupiter) creative (Sun) inner power (Pluto)
 Neptune trines Pisces Mars.
born to be a musical pioneer

Neptune square Uranus in Leo which trines Venus.
off planet stellar creativity

trendsetting talents, genius expression
Pisces Mars quintile Jupiter in Capricorn
visionary musical gunslinger
wore his guitar low near his knees
(Capricorn rules knees)

Capricorn Saturn quintile Scorpio Neptune
(Saturn sextiles Pisces Mars)
mystic man building musical monuments

thinking of you Steve
on this
Full Scorpio Supermoon
Neptune girl
Indy Circle

2 thoughts on “Switch 625

  1. The sun, the moon, the darkened sky
    The morning dew reflecting in my eye
    The rising mist, the dampened earth
    Are just reminders of what life’s worth

  2. Phil Collen answers 20 questions about his friend, Steve.
    Meet some guitars, style speak, etc…


    I would have been one of the ten, obviously !
    peace out

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