Draw the stroke

Full Scorpio Super Moon
shadow of the sacred Oak tree

Beware the oak, it draws the stroke
<~ lightning ~>

Oak is a sacred tree of Truth.

Zeus, Jupiter, Dagda, Perun and Thor

gods of rain, thunder and lightning

rule the oak

as do the goddesses
Diana, Rhea, Egeria, Aria

  The word Druid comes from the welsh word derwydd
which means

The mighty Oak symbolizes
strength, endurance and triumph.

Acorns are used to
mental, emotional, physical and spiritual

They are also used to ease pain.

Bless an acorn under this full moon
carry it and the spell will
draw fruition of creative endeavors
into your life.
The oak reaching great heights
also has deep roots
it symbolizes natural law that bridges
heaven, earth, and the underworld.

Quercus (Oak) is asteroid 8643
Read this asteroid for qualities of strength and endurance.
It is also your bridge between worlds.

Moon goddess Diana is asteroid 78
Read this asteroid as your sacred (oak) forest.
Where you hunt and are on target.
It is where your instincts are true.

It is your lunar protection for when you give birth.
Blessed be ~

6 thoughts on “Draw the stroke

  1. Happy Super Scorpy Moon everybody
    Quercus 16 degree Cap, trine Sun and sextile Moon
    Diana 1 degree Sag, loosely conj North Node at 5 degree Sag

    I have Diana exact conjunct natal Aries Saturn which trines Sag Mars >– >
    cool !
    How about you … ?

  2. ooooooh. now this is more me. love me some sword and sandal, to be sure, but THIS is where i flow. off to check my placements now. THANKS 🙂

    • I was just looking at some moon video I took earlier…such beautiful warm breezes and the leaves were scattering across the moon. Some of my neighbors maple leaves look to be showing up in the pic, our trees intertwine – squirrels can climb around for blocks here without touching ground. I hear them on my roof in the morning chattering and chasing ~

  3. well, this brings a smile, albeit with very little clarity. but thats ok. i am just going to meditate on the positive – and i do sense this is a positive thing, thank goodness.
    my wonderful OAK is at 20’scorpio, just 49 seconds behind my neptune.
    hugging my anchor bigtime. *big sigh*

  4. Thought of you when I read this on my Ripley’s Believe It or Not calendar…the famed Hooker Oak. (Can be seen in Robin hood starring Errol Flynn)

    Also, carry acorns for protection, strength and to ward off lightning strike.
    James Hooker Oak
    🙂 enjoy

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