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Erda tree of life
Today I am concentrating on our Mother, Earth.
In Old Norse, she is Erda (also known as Jörd, Fjörgyn, Hlódyn). 
The ancient greeks knew her as Rhea or Gaea (Gaia). 

Asteroid Gaea 1184
Asteroid Erda 894

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I have written loads of Gaia posts click here for more.
I am a dirt-loving Earthgirl through and through – anxious for warmth so I can dig it.

Erda is the norse goddess of the Earth.
She is
often associated with the Three Norns, the spinners of fate who
 guard the Well of Urd aka Weird’s well (well of destiny) at the base of Yggdrasil, the great ash World Tree of Life.  The well is a holy place where the Aesir (Asgardian Gods) often gathered.
Growing from the well, Yggdrasil
stands at the center of the cosmos and holds the Nine Worlds – humans, gods, and all other beings live in its branches and roots. The goddess Erda waters it from the well of her wisdom. We live on Midgard (fourth world), aka Middle EarthWe are linked with Asgard (first world, home of the Aesir) by The Rainbow Bridge aka Bifrost.

Yggdrasil dwells within the heart of everything – micro and macroworlds. 

Erda is the Great Mother, the single living organism supporting all beings on our planet.  She breathes life, has heart, soul, grows and changes like humans – only at a much slower vibration.

The name Earth originates from the 8th century anglo-Saxon word: erda which means ground or soil.  Earth is the only planet whose name in English is not derived from greco-roman mythology.  Cool, yeah ?

Erda, a seer knowing origins and outcomes, often helped Wodon (Odin) who would seek her advice regarding the future.   She is the bender of fate to those she favors, she is a primordial teacher, a living being.  Erda’s ties to fate and divination* led many to use the Earth herself for omens and signs, portents of the future – animals, birds, clouds, the oceans and more.

See Divination in drop-down menu above for loads of augury.*

Not surprisingly, my Gaea is at 29 Leo conjunct Venus/Jupes in 8; my Erda in Scorp exact quincunx Sag Mars at the backdoor – I have definitely experienced my share of weird earth energies. For starters here. Travelling around on the Earth has taught me so much – at each location my experience has been transformative in accordance with the earth energies present in the rock below me.

Asteroids Erda and Gaea obviously represent your connection with the Earth. 
They indicate in which ways you are practical, skilled, also slowed.
They show how and where you ground yourself.
In synastry, they show how and where others ground you.

nornen34Strudwick: A Golden Thread

Three Norns; or spinners of fate derives from to whisper, or whisperer.  Old Norse for a practitioner of magic is norn (lower case n).  They can be found spinning and weaving webs of fate and carving runes into the trunk of Yggdrasil – in these ways they preside over life, death, destiny, the fate of all beings, Divine and Mortal. 
The Norns were often depicted in three stages of womanhood. Verdani as a young maiden, Skuld as mother, and Urda as a crone.

Past: Urd – what was
Presence: Verdandi – that which comes into being
Future: Skuld – what shall be

This Norse study led me to contemplate what is the difference between fate & destiny ?
Fate is divinely preordained, fixed.
Destiny, we have the power to shape.
(Love the one word answer to the ? given on the web: faith.)

Asteroid Destinn 6583

I mentioned study, one of the pages I found had some really great info re: fate, destiny & time from someone far more learned in Norse mythology.
I share it here, with a link.

In contrast to the Greek concept of fate, in ancient Germanic beliefs, all beings who are subject to destiny have some degree of agency in shaping their own destiny and the destinies of others – this is the dew that falls back into the well from the branches of the tree, accordingly reshaping the past and its influence upon the present. All beings do this passively; those who practice magick do it actively.  There is no absolutely free will, just as there is no absolutely unalterable fate; instead, life is lived somewhere between these two extremes.  source

Loving that viewpoint !
Norn time is as follows, which I also find fascinating…

Here, time is cyclical rather than linear.
The present returns to the past, where it retroactively changes the past.
The new past, in turn, is reabsorbed into a new present, whose originality is an outgrowth of the give-and-take between the waters of the well and the waters of the tree.
  (source link above)

Asteroid Destinn is just what it sounds likeDestiny.
attracts grand meetings on par with what it contacts in your natal.

eg. Destinn conjunct Mars: fated men, actions, aggression, power, competition

In synastry it indicates someone is your catalyst via that contact planet
eg. Mars conj Destinn synastry – someone changes your actions/plans/direction
Composite Destinn indicates coupled power to change the world at large

Yet another Home Run for astrology !  
Destinn is at 8 Cancer in exact trine to my natal Erda.

Currently Erda is at 24 Taurus opposite Saturn at 23 Scorpio.
Gaea is at 25 Aries applying to South Node (my natal NNode).
Brilliantly accentuates the incoming Cardinal Cross energies !
It is (far past) time we take care of our Mother Earth.


standing on new visions

photoTarot of the New Vision

Strange cards to pull for what are we leaving behind with the Scorpio Eclipse.
Pulled these just before I read there has been a quake off the coast of Japan.
Eclipse in water sign of Scorpio – this is known to happen at times.
Typically, water sign eclipses are associated with water events, but since Pluto (in Cap) is Lord of the upcoming Scorp Eclipse while in mutual reception with Saturn (in Scorp), an earth/water event.

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Mirror energies

Mountain formation – Boom !
Entirety here.
Gaia is an amazing place to live…human life span is but a blip in geological time.

I recently read Time Warped – a fantastic look at human perceptions of time (Saturn), memory (Moon) and the future (Neptune/Uranus).
Neptune as emotional future; Uranus as intellectual future.

I loved reading that those who are able to look further into the past are also able to look further into the future.  One ability mirrors the other – fascinating, yes ?

Saturn is my chart ruler and my Moon is in Toro 4, exalted and in its natural house, Neptune most highly aspected.
I have had weird experiences with time, memory and earth energies, so this next bit about 12 pairs of Earth Nodes/Nulls aka Time Capsules piqued my interest.

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Goals for a witch

Know yourself
Know your craft
Learn and grow
Apply knowledge with wisdom
Achieve balance
Keep your words in good order
Keep your thoughts in good order
Celebrate life
Attune with the cycles of the Earth
Breathe and eat correctly
Exercise the body
Honor the Goddess and God


Saturn (10th house) rules goals

Monday July 8

Saturn direct
4 degrees Scorpio
12:12am CST, USA

New Moon
16 degrees Cancer

2:14am CST, USA



bodies of water

Ginormearth I LOVE this pic.
Map (Mercury at MC) freak.
Click on pic twice and use the scroll bars to find your neck of the woods.

How much of the Earth is water…?

About 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water, but water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers.
More info at USGS


Truth. Macro, ALL ONE.
Truth. Micro, ALL ONE.
WE not ME – Micro example.

You Captain your ship.
The micro team inside of you.

Pic above is a human kidney cell, under a microscope.
Libra rules the kidneys.

Credit: Ke Xu Harvard University

How much of the human body is water…?


The human body contains about 100 trillion cells, some of which are 70 percent water.(This percentage varies with cell type)

Wanna peek inside the world of cells ? this is wicked cool, I love it !
There is an ocean inside of us – how cool is that ?!

Health tip from akashic records guru Edgar Cayce, the man who had a biggie Pisces (water) stellium, and channeled remedies from the beyond…

Drink PLENTY of water.
Make it obligatory for self to see that at least two to three GLASSES of water are drunk between each meal – not AT meals.

from Cayce reading 92-1

Below is the quickie guideline, obviously + / – depending on what you are doing. If you are at higher altitudes, packing weights on a scorching midsummer day drink more. daily water intake:::::::
We are what we eat. 

Ingesting too much in the acidic (red orange) spectrum grounds the body in the root chakra, making physical (digestive) needs paramount, the body slows down as more energy is used to process food.

Ingesting (easier to digest) activates the third eye and crown chakras, making intuition sharper, opening the gateway to higher dimensions.

Human blood pH is 7.356

 If you were wondering about the acidity of the waters of the Earth, here you go – courtesy of NCEAS, the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. ocean_acidification_zpsd21c1db5

What is our global water sitch..?… about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has diffused via chemical exchange, which creates carbonic acid, thereby increasing the acidity of the water.

Historically seawater was 8.2 pH, since the industrial revolution it has dropped below 7.8 pH.

Ocean pH industrial revolution
This chemical exchange disrupts carbonate ions, which are what shell-building animals like coral need to create calcium carbonate shells. With less carbonate available, the animals need to expend more energy to build their shells.  As a result, the shells end up being thinner and more fragile.  More info at the Ocean Acidification Network.

Water Science for the Aqua Moon

Team Gaia

Quiet time – Ben Wootten

Groovy Earth Energy at the moment with Venus, Sun and Mars all in Toro.

All are trine Pluto Rx in Cap, prior to an eclipse, so energies are in great flux, so bob and weave – stay focused, yet open.  All are sextile Neptune in Pisces, an opportunity for healing is within our grasp – both spiritual and emotional.

Mercury and Uranus sextile Jupiter in Gemini, communications may be hot and quick, great for learning and inspiration, deep breaths before laying tread with your tongue

Houses Scorpio and Toro are in peace talks, active pursuit of peace, pleasure and profits opposes the planet of thrift and restriction in the sign of what is collectively ours.

At this time I humbly ask all my readers to reduce the use of plastics, chemicals, pesticides and to please reduce, re-use and recycle.

I also ask that you pressure governments ands corporations to halt clear cutting the world’s rainforests, and to protect the wild animals living on Gaia with us.

Love our mother.  
Please help me protect her.  
Thank you.

April 25 Full Moon Scorpio Eclipse
Five of Cups
A reckoning, a releasing and recovery all in direct proportion to emotional change.
Pluto Saturn and North Node brings attention to the past – but 2 (cups) is the number of co-operation and building into form – HOPE remains, with work we can build a brighter future.

May 9 New Moon Annular solar Eclipse Taurus
The Hierophant (Centaur, Chiron – the Wounded Healer)
Using Mythology, Divine Wisdom, Tools and Training to clean, dress and stitch the wound of the past in order to heal and move into the future.  You know yourself better than anyone, heal yourSELF esteem and create your future. Venus, Mercury and Mars are the LOVE, LEARNING, and ACTION that will forge a path through difficulties.

May 25 Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius
Page of Wands
Messenger, lightning bolt through and through this cat hold the scrolls of OLD DESTINY MADE NEW on their way to you.
Think Expansion -> of Ideas, Actions, Global Communications, Higher Realms of Study, SEEING ALL THE WORLD From a Higher Perspective, a Higher Vibration.



Freydoon Rassouli

Well this has certainly been an interesting set of transits . . .woke up this morning five minutes after I am supposed to be at work.  Safe to say Scorpio boss found this Toro Full Moon a tad disagreeable to his Sun.  Toro just shy of full  Moon opposition was sliding in between Sun and Saturn the boss planets  opposite in Scorpio right when I woke up.  Seriously.  Can’t make this shit up.

Venus popped into Libra (my MC – career) opposite [omgwhattimeissit !?! oh fuq I’m late] Uranus the awakener in Aries, the Mercurial Trickster just bounded into Sagittarius and a square to Neptuner the sleeping princess aka good morning astrology !

SoOo…this is gonna be quick.  I was running errands, the wind picked up, walking meditation kicked the brainpan into high gear, some clarification on yesterday’s post and some new quickies…
First of all, didn’t want to give the impression that D.C. or NYC or anywhere else in the east needs a good energetic clean anymore than anywhere else on earth.

Second of all, to all you rockstars who would rather not be tossed in a heap with ‘rockstar politicians’ : if you are working high Neptune – you aren’t.  If however; you want your money for nothin’ and your chicks for free – that’s low Neptune and puts you in the creep heap.   * See Duff McKagen for young days toxic low Neptune metamorphed into older, sober, buff Duff working his high Neptune helping other musicians.
What I did mean by cleaning is :

Gaia is TCB ( takin’ care of business ).
She IS 70 % water, after all – intuitive, emotional and she IS communicating.

The Vishuddha is the throat chakra – it is blue, Mercury rules.

Mercury squared Neptunian seas the moment it entered Sagittarius, the sign of visionary teaching and SEEING the UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

Gaia IS alive – she is just vibrating much more slowly on the electromagnetic spectrum than humans.  See Pangea and earth evolution on a former post here.  This superstorm hurricane Sandy is helping to keep the oceans thermohaline circulation working properly – it has to keep moving or we’re all screwed.

GAIA IS IN CHARGE of cosmic checks and balances – she is flat out showing the boss planets Saturn conjunct Sun in Scorpio WHO REALLY HAS THE POWER.

Not governments, not corporations rife with greed, not politicians, not the famous ‘reality’ show bullshit advertisement avalanche we are buried in – none of it.

It all comes down to accepting our place in the fabric of earth time – humans are but a teeny weenie blip in earth time.  There have been FIVE MASS EXTINCTIONS on this planet.   Humans have managed to do more damage in far less time than any other species on earth – ever – in 4.6 BILLION years.  Sobering, yes ?

Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception = POWER CONTROL on EARTH


Venus in her home – the sign of love and balance – Libra
She is applying to Pluto the metamorphic transformer of desires
She opposes radical inventive Uranus

Pluto is the fulcrum upon which our future swings


She’s what we went back for.
Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius.
Saturn rules earth.

Scientific progress must go hand in hand 

 om mani padme hum