Team Gaia

Quiet time – Ben Wootten

Groovy Earth Energy at the moment with Venus, Sun and Mars all in Toro.

All are trine Pluto Rx in Cap, prior to an eclipse, so energies are in great flux, so bob and weave – stay focused, yet open.  All are sextile Neptune in Pisces, an opportunity for healing is within our grasp – both spiritual and emotional.

Mercury and Uranus sextile Jupiter in Gemini, communications may be hot and quick, great for learning and inspiration, deep breaths before laying tread with your tongue

Houses Scorpio and Toro are in peace talks, active pursuit of peace, pleasure and profits opposes the planet of thrift and restriction in the sign of what is collectively ours.

At this time I humbly ask all my readers to reduce the use of plastics, chemicals, pesticides and to please reduce, re-use and recycle.

I also ask that you pressure governments ands corporations to halt clear cutting the world’s rainforests, and to protect the wild animals living on Gaia with us.

Love our mother.  
Please help me protect her.  
Thank you.

April 25 Full Moon Scorpio Eclipse
Five of Cups
A reckoning, a releasing and recovery all in direct proportion to emotional change.
Pluto Saturn and North Node brings attention to the past – but 2 (cups) is the number of co-operation and building into form – HOPE remains, with work we can build a brighter future.

May 9 New Moon Annular solar Eclipse Taurus
The Hierophant (Centaur, Chiron – the Wounded Healer)
Using Mythology, Divine Wisdom, Tools and Training to clean, dress and stitch the wound of the past in order to heal and move into the future.  You know yourself better than anyone, heal yourSELF esteem and create your future. Venus, Mercury and Mars are the LOVE, LEARNING, and ACTION that will forge a path through difficulties.

May 25 Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius
Page of Wands
Messenger, lightning bolt through and through this cat hold the scrolls of OLD DESTINY MADE NEW on their way to you.
Think Expansion -> of Ideas, Actions, Global Communications, Higher Realms of Study, SEEING ALL THE WORLD From a Higher Perspective, a Higher Vibration.


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