Mooneyed Journeys

Upcoming April 25 Scorpio Full Moon Partial Eclipse is conjunct Saturn and North Node of Destiny.

Saturn Rx in Scorpio – in and of itself – signals a psychological trip into the past, power plays between fixed signs (full moons always oppose Sun, in this case, Taurus), yet it is also building, finishing, refining

Full Moon revelations are coming to the house of Scorpio, as this happens pay attention to your dreams – they have much to tell you.  Full Moon trines Neptune (dreams, hidden secrets) while Pluto Rx (struggle, metamorphosis) trines Taurus stellium of Venus, Sun and Mars.  Note: Pluto Rx and Saturn Rx are in mutual reception while also sextile – deep six digging in progress.  Revise, re-work, re-create, re-boot.

Authority, bonds, long-term contracts as well as love, actions taken in the name of love and how your spirit defines your comfort zoneALL are being dug up, scrutinized, tested and purified.

Keep a dream journal, record your tarot spreads, keep a notebook handy – deep insights are waxing with the moon…insights that will lead you into your future via North Node of Destiny.  As Uranus in Aries closes the square to Pluto Rx, insights will be rapid-fire – hot – incoming – bolts out of the blue.  Record them.

Some of my recent dreamscapes:

I was dreaming of kittens, lots of kittens were crawling and playing on me (I like cats, this was good).  At that precise moment, an early am email woke me up.  It was from a UK friend continuing a cat convo we had left a week prior.  Weird.  I don’t talk or dream cats all that often.

Three tornadoes (Uranus rules) outside my door; whistled and single file – safely got all pets (including the long since dead ones) into the basement, along with one of my closest friends (who appeared out of nowhere).  One wall of my house and the door were taken by the storm.  (No I am not telling you which one.)

A man I will call the Horse Whisperer was quietly helping me dig jawbones out of my ex husbands driveway.  Saturn is bones, stones and older men from the past.  I did some Samson research and this dovetails quite nicely with my astro struggles…I will leave it for another time.

May you find peace through enlightenment on your Mooneyed journeys, friends.


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