Triquetra / Tripod of Life / Borromean rings

The number three symbolizes growth, creativity and self-expression.
Three is ruled by Jupiter,
it represents the first stage of growth begat from the intermingling of opposites to produce a third independent energy.  

Three is a number of increase, development, social contact, entertainment and play.  

Three people are gifted with the energy of flowering, exploration, and they are frequently the life of the party.  Threes thrive in the fields of education, they are joyful, intellectual, communicative, hopeful and destined for success if they are careful not to scatter their energies too far and wide.

Threes are loving, affectionate and generous, which leads to popularity and achievement in their chosen field of work.  Due to their creative vibration, the three life path is common among creative writers, poets, actors and musicians.

The tripod of life symbolizes the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Three is a very spiritual number associated with the Trinity of many religions:
Babylon ::: Anu, Baal, Ea (Heaven/Earth/Abyss)
 Egyptian ::: Khepri, Ra, Atum (Sun; Rising, Midday, Setting)
Christian ::: Father, Son, Holy Spirit  (God, Jesus, Resurrection)

Three is an odd number giving it a yang energy, which indicates change.  Threes are very inspirational to others, but they need to guard against being easily distracted, unorganized and overly generous – their creative energies work best when honed and focused.  Threes tend to be very versatile, they are good salespeople, broadcasters, creators and they love to ingest and redirect information of all kinds.


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    • Thank you ! I listened and it sounds dolphinesque. ( whale is mentioned in the link ) From the article: Chorus is an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth’s radiation belts. This is what the radiation belts would sound like to a human being if we had radio antennas for ears.

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