Vesica piscis

Vesica piscis as seen on the Chalice Well, Glastonbury.

Two is the second deliberate act after creation, or building into form.
Two is ruled by the Moon.  Two symbolizes co-operation, tact and diplomacy.  It is the fork in the road, the reflection, and the decision.  Two is choice, partnership and it corresponds with the Lovers card in your tarot deck.  

Two is receptive, impressionable, fluctuating and imaginative.  Twos are slow in nature and warm in temperament.

Two represents duality and polarity :

yin ::: yang
female :::: male
yes :::: no
you :::: me
right :::: left
dark :::: light
true :::: false
goddess :::: god

Two life paths need to guard against being overly timid, gullible, unstable, secretive and duplicitous.  Twos are sensitive and perceptive, instinctually driven to expand and grow.  They work well with others, like hanging out in groups and are peacemakers who naturally strive for harmony.  They tend to shy away from leadership positions, preferring instead to be out of the limelight in a supporting role.

Two symbolizes a time of waiting for the seed of the number one to germinate, it is a time of nurturing small growth, showing patience during slow development. Twos are instinctually receptive to the arts, they find peace and beauty in harmony and balance.