Miraculous microdot


Bigger on the inside ?  heh.
Love this. 
If I were ever to have a set of these, this would be the one, it’s goofy.
I was thinking of Saturn (Time) into Scorpio the powerful microdot of regeneration that lies within.  HA !   TIME LORDS !

Lots up on the menu this week, folks.

Monday October 26
Moon into Taurus 6:26pm CST, USA

Toro Moon is great for good food, soft clothing, spa days and feeding all the senses – it just feels better in earthy Taurus.  Moon is exalted here – a bit more steady, less fluctuating, more stable and reliable and sensual.   Work it to your advantage !

Wednesday October 3
Venus into Virgo 1:59am CST, USA

Virgo Venus is steady, reliable, geared towards practicality, perfection and organization of money, love and all things creative.  Venus is in its fall here due to the sharp critical Virgoan eye falling on matters of the heart.  There is a strong desire to heal and serve, yet with an air of cool detachment and analyzation rather than release and surrender to the ways and wiles of love.

Thursday October 4
Jupiter stations Rx in Gemini 8:18am, CST, USA

Time to re-think all those far-reaching plans you have been exploring – turn inward and seek adventure within your own mind.  Explore your personal truths, navel gaze and have faith in your cerebral process to lead you out of your own labyrinth.  Quiet study and brainstorming are favored.

Friday October 5
Mercury into Scorpio 5:35am CST, USA
Saturn into Scorpio 3:34pm

Mercury in Scorpio delivers our sooper seekrit spy powers written in invisible ink in code.  Perceptive powers OFF THE CHARTS.  Body language will give you away if you even entertain for one second you will deceive another.  What you DON’T say gives away far more than what you DO say, and yes, please don’t forget to look at the stars occasionally while the mind does the backstroke in the gutter – this is Scorpio after all ::: I DESIRE.  Obesssions..?…might wanna check those at the door…just sayin’ !

High qi Scorpio is transformative and metamorphic – it regenerates and Rises UP !  Where’s your head at ?  Your life will follow – Scorpio is fission, the rare and miraculous.

Saturn in Scorpio is the earthy satyr frolicking in the fields of power & sex – and Saturn rules the career power house.  You know the one – has to be the best at everything and has vast reserves of patience to achieve power and Big Kahuna status over the long-term.  I soOo should not be single right now, lol !   Anyway, back to business – Saturn here is an opportunity to finesse our structures of inner super powers.  Turn that sharp focus inward to finessing and streamlining what lies in our deepest sooper seekrit mineshaft. 

Be the change you wish to see in the world.  – Gandhi

Monday October 22

Sun into Scorpio 7:14pm CST,USA

That’ll be quite the little pile-up in Scorp: North Node, Mars, Mercury and Saturn.
Later, Sun party crashes…
Yeah baby !  We will have eagle eyes in the back of our heads and intensity will be off the charts.  WoOo HoOo 

Let’s ROCK N ROLL people